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RUSH: Now, I realize something. I realize a lot of you are just pulling your hair out. You’re at wits’ end. Everything that you can. You voted for Trump, you knew exactly what he wanted to do, you wanted him to succeed. You had no idea the opposition to Trump would be this bad.

You had no idea these people would never give up — you had no idea — and so now you’re saying, “Why even bother voting Republican? Our streets are burning to hell. Democrat cities and states are being taken over by the mob, and we’re now living under mob rule in many places. People who own private property are losing it. They’re having it stolen.

“It’s being looted, you name it. Nobody’s stopping them. Nobody’s pushing back on any of this.” So you’re saying, “Why vote Republican, and why worry about Supreme Court justice nominations when they just end up betraying us?” Here’s the answer: “Because even now, there is no reasonable alternative. There isn’t anybody else to vote for.

“You certainly can’t vote for the Democrats.” Trump has to have another term. He has to have another term to keep whacking away at all of this. Find the next Justice Thomas, find the next Samuel Alito, find the next whatever. We don’t need any more Sotomayors or Kagans or Ruth “Buzzi” Ginsburgs. But you can’t quit, can’t surrender. You reelect Trump, and you keep at it.

It’s like, in a way, let’s say you’re a general manager for an NFL team. If I could, I would pick a team off the top of my head. Let’s say that you keep blowing it in the draft, that you haven’t had a first-round pick make the roster in five years. You’re just blowing every first-round draft pick. Every first-round draft choice the NFL ought to make the team.

There are that many good players in the first round. Every first-round pick ought to make team but you work for a team that’s picking loser in the first round. You don’t stop drafting, do you? You keep team building despite past mistakes. You keep trying. You keep drafting players.

You hope to get it right down the road. You may change general managers. You may change the people drafting. We’re engaged in a battle for the kind of country that we’re going to have. And I actually believe that this cultural revolution that we find of ourselves in the middle of is gonna start eating itself, which they all do at some point.


RUSH: Okay. Terry in Naugatuck, Connecticut. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Love you.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I just wanted to point that the narrative that the Dems promote that the DACA kids shouldn’t have to pay, you know, for the legal actions of their parents, but they insist that every American today — including those whose ancestors weren’t even here after, like, 1865 — they have to pay for the sins of slavery!

RUSH: Uhhh.

CALLER: We’re expected to pay for the sins of slavery that we had nothing to do with, but the DACA children shouldn’t have to pay for the sins of their parents coming here illegally?

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: It’s hypocritical, and I think it shows the difference between the Republicans and the Democrats — or conservatives. We have common sense, and the Democrats have none.

RUSH: Yes, this is a gigantic disconnect.


RUSH: Well, I mean, they don’t care.

CALLER: No, they don’t.

RUSH: They don’t care that there’s hypocrisy here. They’ve gotta move to get reparations for the descendants of slaves and they’re gonna get it or try for as long as they can, and they see no contradiction in that and suggesting whatever your point is about the DACA kids.

CALLER: Well, they keep saying that they should be given citizenship because they shouldn’t have to pay for the sins —

RUSH: No, it’s ’cause they want them to vote!

CALLER: Exactly. But the Republicans see the hypocrisy in it ’cause we have common sense. The Democrats, well, obviously must think their Democrat voters are stupid and don’t notice that they’re lying to ’em; they’re talking out of both sides of their mouth.

RUSH: So to whom would you say…? When you think and speak like this, whose minds are you trying to change?

CALLER: I just notice these things. Probably from listening to you for so many years, but I just notice the hypocrisy constantly, and they’re mocking people. They’re throwing this stuff out, expecting people to believe it, or a certain segment to believe it, and they think they’ve won. They truly think they’ve beaten back Donald Trump’s attempt to clean up the deep state, and they think they’ve won.

RUSH: Can you blame them for thinking they’ve won?

CALLER: (sigh) Well, I still have hope. I do. I mean, you got —

RUSH: I do, too, but I mean we’re talking about them. Remember, we’re not talking about rational people. This is why there is no such thing as hypocrisy. They are incapable of being hypocrites, in their own minds. They can’t be. It’s not possible. Because, you see, in their minds, they are fighting a cultural war; we represent evil.

Anything is permissible to defeat evil. There is no hypocrisy when fighting evil. There is no unfairness. There is no mean-spiritedness. There is no racism, bigotry, sexism, homophobia when fighting evil. When you’re fighting evil, anything is permitted.

CALLER: Well, you know, the one caller earlier, she had pointed out — she was from Connecticut also — that they’re being exposed. But the sad thing is, yes, a lot of things have been exposed, but the Democrats don’t care, the Democrat voters. I don’t see the polls or anything moving much on Democrat voters. They don’t care what’s exposed.

RUSH: Well, no, because there’s no experience of them ever being harmed by it, in their own perception. But the previous caller’s point was that as more of this stuff is exposed, more of the ways the Democrats and their mobs and rioters and looters with behaving — as that continues — that more and more people are going to see it.

Her point was that our position, our role in all of this now is to see to it that this stuff is seen for what it is. Not necessarily to succeed in rolling it back, because this is stuff people are gonna have to see for themselves to understand. So you’re eventually hoping this hypocrisy is seen by millions the way you see it.

And then you’re hoping that that ends up discrediting people who claim to want reparations for people that haven’t done anything to anybody, and whatever your points about the DACA kids. Anyway, I’m glad you called. I appreciate it. This is Walt in Saginaw, Michigan. Welcome. Great to have you, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Yes. It’s an honor to speak to you, Rush, and God bless you in your journey, what you’re going through. I’m your age. You know, I’m 70. You’re not quite that old, but I see so much of this as people think it’s like lazy. “All these lazy people are gonna be Democrats ’cause they want everything free.” I don’t think it has anything to do with race. I think they’re just morally bankrupt.

They have no morals. I mean, they have no self-worth, self-esteem, no reason to want to go to work and build a good life — and that’s majority of the country. They are workers. They’ve built a good life. That’s how our economy became so great in three years, because we are a working nation. (chokes up) Excuse me. It’s so disheartening to see this happen to our country.

RUSH: Yeah, I know. It’s shocking. You think it’s as widespread — this laziness and lethargy and willing to live off everybody else is as widespread — as you think?

CALLER: (garbled) and it’s not the majority, but I think it is. I think it’s the Millennials and the X Gens (sic), they’re just like, “Well, why should I work if I can get it all for free?” You know, I mean, the 3,000 years ago when they wrote the Tao Te Ching —

RUSH: I think it’s actually worse. It’s not that they can just get it for free. It’s that they think they’re owed it.

CALLER: Entitled to it, yeah, and you know when they wrote the Tao Te Ching 3,000 years ago, “When your people are starving, feed them but never give them all they want to eat ’cause they will not work,” and if people don’t work, there will be no moving forward. You’re not creating anything in life. Consuming. Nothing more than that.

RUSH: You’re absolutely right, but this would not be possible without a political party enabling it.

CALLER: Yes. I agree.

RUSH: And that is the Democrat Party seeking to profit and seeking to enrich themselves and empower themselves in the middle of all of this misery for people.

CALLER: They would rather have this country on its knees than be successful. Because if it was successful, Trump will be reelected. They want you —

RUSH: Trump — Trump — whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Trump’s gonna be reelected. Trump is gonna be reelected in a landslide. We have to redefine what a landslide is given the layout out there, but Trump’s gonna be reelected. And if you think it’s bad now… Because these people, this is 2016 again. They thought they had it in the bag, thought Hillary Clinton was gonna win in a big landslide, they’re laughing about Trump, they’re not taking him seriously.

The only thing that bugged ’em is they couldn’t figure out why the NBC Access Hollywood video didn’t hurt him. They should have gotten the message with that. But they didn’t. Now, they’re right back where they were. They think that they have convinced a majority of Americans that Trump is the reason for all the misery, all the unhappiness. The virus and all the offshoots of the virus, no sports, no school, no what have you. And they think they have convinced you to hate the guy like they do. And they believe they are cruising to a landslide and they are already making plans, they’ve already got it figured out. Do not doubt me on this.

It’s the strangest thing. They’ve got no ability to see that all of this video of the rioting and the looting and the burning down and destruction of property, this is not what the American people want, and it’s not what they’re going to vote for.

I saw a story the other day about Trump voters. And we had a caller here actually make the point. Trump voters are literally scared to tell a pollster they’re for Trump. They will not do it. So all of these polls that show Plugs way ahead, they’re not true anyway, but in addition, they don’t even know how to reach Trump voters, these pollsters, they don’t know who they are. They’ve spent four years impugning them, mocking them, laughing at ’em, making fun of them, they don’t even know where they are, who they are.

But yet they’re convinced that they have persuaded everybody that Trump deserves to be thrown out and then sent to jail. And they haven’t the slightest idea. Meanwhile, Trump voters right now are the definition of both the silent majority and the silenced majority. And Election Day is going to be their pushback.

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