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RUSH: Here’s Kate in Fairfield, Connecticut. Great to have you. Hello.

CALLER: Hey. It’s an honor. I just wanted to comment on your remarks about why do we do it, why should we just not vote our Republican and why don’t we give up? And the reason is, this just might be our place in history where we expose them, and we might not be winning today, but we have to expose them and their dirty deeds.

RUSH: Well, you know, this is a fascinating theory, because as host of this program, I have been waiting — and I’m not exaggerating. I’ve been waiting… This cultural rot has been happening for 30 years. It been happening since the sixties, the modern era of it. It’s longer than 30 years, and I have been waiting for this magical moment where most Americans finally realize what a cesspool the Democrat Party has turned the country into.

What a cesspool American morality has become, what a cesspool the American left is turning our culture into — and it hasn’t happened. We continue to descend further and further. We’re now below the gutter. We are so low that when we look up, we see a filthy gutter. That is how low our culture and society has fallen, and still there isn’t any pushback.

Still, the Supreme Court comes out earlier this week and throws in transgenders and gay people into the Civil Rights Act of 1964 where none of that was ever under consideration, and nobody pushes back against it. Nobody pushed back against gay marriage, at least after the initial pushback. They were cowed. So I think you have a point. We haven’t reached bottom yet. At some point, we will.

There’s gonna be a point before people, I am convinced, are going to say, “This is insane! No more of this.” I don’t know what it’s gonna take, and I don’t know how long it’s gonna take for all that to happen, but your belief here that it is our place in history to continue to expose this and to explain it to people is a good point.

CALLER: I think that’s just where we’re at. I mean, we endured the W. Bush generation where we didn’t understand why he wasn’t fighting for us. Well, now I think we know why.

RUSH: Why?

CALLER: Because I think he’s a moderate enough where he’s a part of the system — and I was a big supporter of him. So I just think it’s now time that we say, “Look, this is what it is. We have to stop pretending that America… (chuckles) We have to start fighting for what we actually believe in and is morally correct and shining the spotlight.”

RUSH: Well, let me… There’s a lot here that’s gonna have to be beat back. One of things… The constant references in the past four years to the deep state, that’s a relatively new thing. There have always been people who have believed that there’s a private cabal of powerful people that are insulated and their actions and positions are not determined by elections and so forth. They have ultimate power.

But for the most part, for most of my life, the American people have trusted their government. They’ve trusted the National Weather Service. They’ve trusted FEMA. They’ve trusted every institution. They trust the FBI. They’ve trusted presidents. They trusted everything. It was the toughest thing in the world to convince average Americans that there might be something corrupt about their government.

They did not want to believe it. So it’s a relatively new branch of the progress here, new branch of the project, to try to convince people of the existence of this deep state, who’s in it, and what their express purpose is, and that — contrary to their beliefs — the deep state doesn’t exist to make your life better. It doesn’t exist to protect your freedom of speech.

It doesn’t exist to give you a roaring economy where you can have a job and a career and make something out of yourself. The American system does that. These people are in it all for themselves. Anyway, I gotta take a break. I have more to expand on that to make the point, but I’ve gotta go because of time. Thanks, Kate.


RUSH: Yeah, I’ll betcha some of you were intrigued by the idea of sending missionaries. We joke about journalists needing visas to go to places like Missouri and Indiana, places where conservatives are. It’s not… This is not a farfetched idea. If you take the religious aspect of it out — at least of your titling. Our last caller was Kate from Fairfield, Connecticut.

She said that it may just be that our purpose — our spot in history, our position in time here — is to expose an alternative by virtue of who we are, how we live. You know, our morality code, our virtues. It may be that our purpose is to provide an alternative. Because, folks, no question it is a cultural revolution that’s happening with a political attachment to the Democrat Party which is seeking ways to benefit from all the chaos.

But it is going to eat itself.

Go back and look. The Cultural Revolution in China eventually ate itself. They start killing each other. The French Revolution, the same thing happened. (In fact, Victor Davis Hanson has a piece on that today.) But her observation that it may not be our time or our purpose to actually change minds — actively — rather than just be who we are and let who we are be seen as an alternative when this rot starts to literally consume more and more of these people, ’cause what they’re doing cannot work.

What they’re doing cannot lead to prosperity. It can’t do anything but the opposite. It’s destroying free speech. I know it’s tough. “You mean we’re just supposed to sit around and let this happen?” Well, no, but getting in their faces and arguing with them about it may not be the way to go — and, remember, they are not the object anyway. It’s voters.

And they’ve scared the hell out of people.

At any rate, I found this piece today by Angela Kelley. (Why didn’t I put this in the right order?) It’s at American Greatness. Yeah, Angela Kelley. And the headline is: “The Democrats’ Corruption of America’s Inner Cities,” and her theory is that conservatives are going to have to go into deep blue American cities and states like missionaries in order to claim them back from the hells they have become.

I looked at this, and I laughed at it, because it’s something… We joke about the media needing visas to go to states in America they are totally ignorant of, and I stopped and thought about it. If you take the religious connotation around missionaries out of this, then it may make some sense. And the only reason I’m saying take the religious connotation out is because if you start calling yourself religious missionaries, you’re already lost.

These people have their own religion, and it is climate change or one of their other issues that’s part of their revolution. They’re fed up hearing about God! They hate that you have God. They hate that you have faith. They hate that you believe life is bigger than yourself. They hate that you believe your soul can be “salvationed,” can be saved.

They hate the idea that there is eternal life, but to get it you have to believe in your God, and they don’t want to have to do that. They don’t believe there’s anything but life on earth. And they think they can defeat death with General Nutrition health stores or whatever cockamamie thing. They’re genuinely lost, angry, left out Looney Tunes.

But if you look at this definition of missionary: “One who attempts to persuade or convert others to a particular program, doctrine, or set of principles.” If you use that definition of missionary… Well, it could be something to talk about. Conservatives divert money from think tanks to support people who agree to go into these foreign countries now.

So why not have these missionaries actually go into deep blue cities and states in America and live there and start talking to and trying to educate the people on ideas to solve problems. Remember that YouTube video (I played the audio for you a couple days ago) of a Black, African-American woman talking to a stunned white Seattle liberal female, telling her things she had never heard in her life?

We linked to that. We linked to the video at RushLimbaugh.com, and if you saw that, you saw this African-American woman who was not threatening; she was simply explanatory. And it was clear she was telling this Seattle liberal babe things the Seattle liberal babe had never heard. And the Seattle liberal babe appeared to be at least curious about some of it. So I don’t know. It might be worth the effort.

I do know this: That nothing else seems to have worked. I don’t know of one effort that has been founded, rooted in defeating these people politically that has worked. Donald Trump is the closest thing to it, and it is working. I think one of the reasons these people are all so insane and getting crazier is Trump — and you know why? You ought to be more grateful for Trump than you even know.

Because no matter what kind of disappointment he gets — no matter what kind of pushback, throwback in his face he gets — he just turns around and keeps coming back at them and for them, and one of the reasons — and I’ve said this before. One of the reasons they were so insane is because by this amount of time your average Republican has given up and gone away and apologized and renounced Republicanism and renounced conservatism.

These people haven’t come close to stopping Donald Trump. They haven’t come close to damaging Donald Trump. Now, some of you might say, “Oh, yeah, they have. Have you seen the polls?” Do you know what the polls are? Trump’s back up to 47% in the Rasmussen. He’s been down to 41% in this poll just a week or two ago. Trump is climbing back in the polls; now sits at 47% approval in the latest Rasmussen poll.

The Democrats are not going to like that. But the reason why this intrigues me is you’ve heard me say this. I’ve been on this for two weeks now. Everything that every Democrat, particularly minorities, is complaining about today, they’ve been complaining about for 50 years. They have been depending on and voting for the Democrat Party for 50 years to fix all this, and nothing ever gets fixed.

The Democrat Party does not have the answers. The Democrat Party does not have the solutions. If they did, there wouldn’t be any anger anymore. There wouldn’t be any frustration. There wouldn’t be any charges and cries of racism and bigotry. Democrats would have fixed it. The Democrats do not have the answers. We do. That’s the key.

That’s what’s frustrating. We have the answers to make their lives better. We have the answers to make their families more secure. We have the answers. We can tell them how to improve their lives. But we don’t have any credibility with them because of the way we’ve been impugned and destroyed credibility-wise by the media for so many years. But we do!

We have the answers. The Democrats don’t. The Democrats in all these blue states and cities, they have the power to implement any fix they want. They don’t know what to do. It is an ongoing demonstration of failure. And at some point these people are going to see this. How long do you think it’s gonna be before they figured out what happened to George Floyd happened in a Democrat city, in a Democrat state with a Democrat police force?

They can try blaming us for this all they want, and their leaders will try. But if there are people who have, shall we say, infiltrated these places and they’re not in any way very noticeable, they’re just kind, ordinary, everyday people going about their lives. They just have a different way of looking at things. They sit down, they chat with people. No stress, no pressure, no pointing the fingers, no name-calling. It’s interesting to ponder.

Now, Ms. Kelley here says an interesting little sentence: “Despite all of these Democrats,” and their ongoing failures and mistakes, “the number one factor stopping real progress in inner city,” Democrat states and towns, “is Republicans. If Republicans can’t figure out how to speak to minority voters, it is pointless to discuss alternative solutions.

“President Trump has been the first ‘Republican’ in years to really talk to minority voters and also work to pass bills that directly affect them. We need others willing to seize that momentum and work to demonstrate that Democrats have done nothing for the inner cities but hurt them.”

And, man, is that ever true. You want to talk about frustrating. The Democrat Party is an ongoing demonstration of failure. People have been whining and moaning and complaining for 50 years, the Democrats have been promising, we hear you, we hear you, we’ll fix it, 50 years. Nothing changes.

Another pull quote from the story. “If Republicans can actually begin having constructive conversations with minorities and inner-city residents, these are just some of the many conservative ideas that can and will help inner cities if implemented.” And then there’s a list of things here that, for the purposes of this discussion, the missionaries, quote, unquote, could tackle.

One of the objectives would be to increase self-sufficiency, self-reliance. Now, the left pooh-poohs this, and they always have, and they get mad as hell when you talk about it. And they say things, “Easy for you to say.” Why am I not allowed to say it? It worked for me. I had to rely on myself. I did not rely on you. And I didn’t relying on your government. What’s wrong with relying on yourself? But it’s a direct threat to the Democrat Party’s existence, self-reliance is.

You talk to people about self-sufficiency, you talk about what will happen to them, you talk about how their life will change, how their self-worth will expand, how their own place in life will have more meaning, how their appreciation for their hard work and achievement will be seen by others and what it will mean to their families.

Self-sufficiency can also lead to being properly educated. Learning to work, finding out what you love, let your passion be your guide. “Finish the border wall on the south and begin one on our northern border to help lessen drug trafficking and gang infiltration. … Seek out corruption in our governance by demanding transparency of all inner-governmental dealings.” That’d be a tricky one to do because a lot of these people, that’s their sole benefit in life.

You drive by a state courthouse, drive by a federal building, you’ll see lines of people, lines of people. They’re showing up to sign the latest form to qualify them for the latest government program ’cause that’s all they know, and that’s what the Democrat Party is to them. So talking to them about the corruption inside that federal building or state building is gonna be a tough sell, because that state building, federal building is the source of their income or their livelihood.

“Increase policing in heavy crime areas.” Anyway, the list is long and it’s got many things here in it that do promote the kind of values and morality that serve everybody. Things that used to define the American society and culture at large, until the sixties came along and the whole concept of morality and religion fell under attack. And now you’re not allowed to define morality for anybody. Today morality is an individual choice. “Until you’ve walked in my shoes, you can’t talk to me about morality. You’re a white supremacist, dude, you can’t tell me about morality. You got white privilege, man. You can’t tell me about morality.”

But you see, morality is universal. Moral values for humanity are universal. They work regardless the tribe, the race, what have you.


RUSH: I’m sorry. One more thing before getting back to the phones. I want to run down some of these states and the mayors and the governors and so forth just to give you an idea here of the God awful reality. The largest cities in the states — many of them still locked down, by the way — but where all of these malcontents have located — New York, state of Washington, Washington, D.C., Minnesota, pick ’em, the largest cities in these states have been run by Democrats for years.

In Los Angeles, mayor Eric Garcetti’s a Democrat. State attorney general, Becerra, a Democrat. Secretary of state Alex Padilla, Democrat. Lieutenant governor, Democrat. The governor’s a Democrat, New York City mayor is a Democrat, obviously. State attorney general, Letitia James, Democrat. Secretary of state, Democrat. Lieutenant governor, Democrat. Governor obviously Democrat. Washington, D.C., mayor, Democrat. The last Republican mayor in Washington, D.C., served in 1910. The D.C. attorney general, Democrat. Chairman of the city council, chairman pro tempore, Kenyan McDuffie, all Democrats.

Nine of 11 council members are Democrats. The other two are left-leaning independents. Philadelphia, mayor, Democrat. The city’s last Republican mayor served in 1952. I was 1 year old. Pennsylvania attorney general, Democrat. Secretary of state, lieutenant governor, governor, Democrat. Minneapolis has not had a Republican mayor since 1961. Well, they had a Republican who served one day in 1973, but threw him out. Mayor, Minneapolis, Jacob Frey, Democrat. State attorney general, Keith Ellison, secretary of state Steve Simon, lieutenant governor, they’re all Democrats.

Baltimore and Oakland have not had Republican mayors since the sixties. It has been more than 100 years since Newark, New Jersey, had a Republican mayor. So the point is if the Democrats had answers to all of the problems in the inner city, don’t you think we would have seen them? If they’ve got the answers to the problems, they are not using them. They are keeping it to themselves and they are continuing to have roiled and fractured populations and cities.

They don’t have the slightest idea. They haven’t the slightest idea how to stop the rot and the deterioration that’s happening to both people and property in their states and cities. And they are demonstrating they haven’t slightest idea how to fix it. And it makes perfect sense that all this rioting and unrest is happening in these places ’cause that’s where the promises have been made.


RUSH: Springfield, Missouri. This is Chris. I’m glad you waited, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hi Rush, longtime listener, first-time caller, and mega prayers for you, sir.

RUSH: Thank you. Thank you very much.

CALLER: Yeah, I love the idea of the religious idea of somebody going in as a missionary. But if you look at any religious organization, they find natives to train up to deliver that message. And I think it’s important, you know, for the conservative movement to find those voices in the wilderness, quote, unquote, who have that experience in those communities. So the lady in Seattle who was delivering that message and delivering it in a powerful way to the liberal woman, it’s not enough just to hand clap and, you know, give a thumbs up “like” on a Facebook post. We have to circle in with those people and support them and find them, help them grow that movement and be more than, you know, just a cheerleader.

RUSH: Okay. So, first place, I made it a point to take the religion out of the missionary — I used the word because the author of the story did because “missionary” has a specific definition. And what “missionary” means to most people is Christian workers going to Africa and South America to spread the word of the gospel to people who haven’t heard it.

Well, that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about stealth citizens. Their job is that of a missionary, but they are going there to present an alternative way of looking at life and values and things to people in these blue states and cities who maybe have never heard any of this. I’m not talking about thumbs up on Facebook or any of that.

CALLER: No, I agree.

RUSH: Are you suggesting that the black woman in Seattle was not effective?

CALLER: No, I think she was very effective. And that’s my point. We have to find those people within the community, for example, the black community who have that belief system and help them in their deliverance of the message to that community. You know, there’s obviously a lot of suspicion over the years that has built up to, you know, to, quote, unquote, outsiders. And if we can find those people who believe that we believe from a conservative standpoint and help come in and support them, you know, and help find —

RUSH: So what you’re saying is if you’re gonna go into a predominantly African-American inner city in a blue state, you gotta find African-Americans that are gonna be your missionaries. Therefore, you gotta train them, you gotta convert them to conservatism first, but you, the missionary yourself, as a white person can’t do it ’cause you’ll never succeed?

CALLER: Not en masse. I mean, you can succeed, but you’re gonna be much more effective by finding those people who either already believe in that community what you believe or, again, can make those converts who can then take the message much deeper than you can within those neighborhoods.

RUSH: Right. Well, perhaps. That could be a factor. I mean, I know that in my own experience, it’s worked both ways. My whiteness has worked against me in talking with black people simply because they think I don’t get it, I’m a cracker, I can’t possibly know what I’m talking about. In other times it has not been an impediment. But look, folks, I don’t want to get caught up on the worried “missionary” because “missionary,” you can’t, no matter how hard I try I’m never gonna be able to get people to forget the religious component of missionary. And this is not a form of religious outreach.

All it is is an attempt, as I understand her idea, it’s an attempt to get people who appear to be just average, ordinary citizens — they’re not media people, they’re not spies, they just live there, and they’ve got an entirely different point of view about things, and they position themselves strategically to encounter people at restaurants, diners, wherever, and just start having conversations and presenting the alternative way of looking at things to people.

And we tried everything else. We’ve tried mass media bombardment. We have tried outreach enterprise zones. I can’t even remember all of the attempts that have been made. It seemed intriguing to me. And it’s something I would like to do. I’m too famous. I can’t do it. I couldn’t be stealth anywhere I went. Snerdley is saying I do it every day here by virtue of being behind the Golden EIB Microphone.

But there’s nothing stealth about it. There’s nothing stealth about it. I mean, everybody that listens either is suspicious of me or applauding me, whether they know what I’m about. I’m talking about people who you wouldn’t suspect of being part of any kind of movement of anything. They’re your neighbor. They live halfway around the block or halfway on the other side of town or what have you.


RUSH: Look, I want to thank everybody for their suggestions on words other than “missionary” to use. I’ll tell you something else we gotta do. If we’re serious about this — just an idea we’re talking about — you can’t use the word “conservative.” “Conservative” is the biggest trigger in all of social media. That label has got to go. It is got to go.

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