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RUSH: You know, it’s not just Seattle, Berkeley, New York, and other blue American cities. The insanity that we see around us has spread to cities around the world. In Liverpool, England, protesters vandalized street signs for Penny Lane.

The vandals blacked out the famous street name and spray-painted, “Racist Lane,” all because of unproven speculation that the street was named for James Penny, an 18th Century slave merchant!

Steve Rotheram, mayor of Liverpool, says that there isn’t one shred of evidence that the street was named for the slave trader. But that doesn’t matter! The mob has ruled.

So I guess we can expect that next, these history-erasing race-warriors will come after the Beatles, for daring to write an iconic song about their childhood memories of life in Liverpool. It was called “Penny Lane.” Paul, George, John and Ringo and anyone who collaborated with them will probably be denounced, for writing a song about a street that maybe, possibly, might have been named for somebody in the slave trade 300 years ago.

You know, these crazed leftists don’t give a rat’s rear end about evidence or history or anything else. The U.K. protest mobs are also demanding that statues of Winston Churchill and even Mahatma Gandhi come down!

Nothing and nobody is immune from their blind rage of the mob. These leftists… They’re beyond nuts. They are truly flirting with insanity. Do not let them suck you into it, folks.

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