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RUSH: This is Rosalie in Las Vegas. It’s great to have you here. Welcome to the program.



CALLER: (garbled) Well, I was not ever a really big fan of talk radio, and my husband would —

RUSH: Hey. Ah, ah! Could you hold?

CALLER: (garbled)

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

CALLER: (garbled) — you, but I’ll tell you what —

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait! Wait a minute. Wait. Hang on. Hang on a minute. Would you please pull the phone three or four inches away from your mouth (muffled) kind of like this?

CALLER: (garbled) Oh. Okay.

RUSH: A little more.

CALLER: All righty.

RUSH: There you go. Now I can understand you.


RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: You’re welcome. So I… You know, I was never a big… I mean, I would listen to you occasionally, but my husband would listen to you in the shower in the mornings, at night.

RUSH: (chuckle)

CALLER: I mean, it was all the time, and I just was kind of frustrated. And the last couple days, I have seen the light. I don’t know. (chuckles) It’s something. Either, I woke up or you started to say something different. I tell you what, I am no longer… I’m actually… I’m a problem-solver, so it’s been gut-wrenching to see the truth. But, wow, you are spot-on, and I see what (crosstalk) they are doing.

RUSH: Well, I wonder what changed. So part of this… I mean, let’s be honest. Part of this was resentment of your husband for having me on all the time, including in the shower.

CALLER: No. No. ‘Cause he’s entertained that way, right? No. It was great. I liked to hear solutions. But what I guess the only thing that I’m hearing different now is I believe that we have some extremists on both parties — and maybe just in all of the aspects that we deal with as far as leaders go — that there are bad actors in all of these parties. And when you start saying, “You know what? It’s a Democrat,” then I kind of think you’re labeling people. But when you say, “It’s both in both parties, you’re correct,” and now I see that you’re saying the same thing I’ve been saying, is we have extremists —

RUSH: So that’s —

CALLER: — taking over —

RUSH: That is —

CALLER: — and we’ve got to stop this.

RUSH: That’s what did it?


RUSH: All this time you thought I was singularly focused on saying the Democrats are a rotten bunch of SOBs.

CALLER: Yeeeah!

RUSH: When I included Republicans in the group, that…? Okay. Now we’re on the same plain. The Republicans are rotten SOBs, too.

CALLER: Well, not all of them.

RUSH: No, of course not. But, I mean —

CALLER: Let’s be honest about that; that’s probably far less. But there are some — you know, there’s some — and I’m sickened by it, and the more that I see the truth, I can’t believe how ignorant I’ve been.

RUSH: Like about what?

CALLER: I’m just shocked (crosstalk) about it.

RUSH: Ignorant about what? What are you thinking?

CALLER: Ugh. Well, I mean, first of all, I’ve been… You know, I’m just amazed at the corruption in the political arena. I mean, I got so sick and tired of —

RUSH: How much…?

CALLER: I’d always been taught that if you complain and you don’t do something about something, then you’re part of it problem. That’s how my family taught me.

RUSH: That’s good. In fact, it’s true.

CALLER: So I learned. I over — reached out, and at the last minute in March, I decided to run for Congress in Nevada. I did it to find out the truth. I didn’t —

RUSH: When did you decide to run? Are you running soon or have you?

CALLER: Well, I ran. I ran, and 40% of the people who heard me talk voted for me. So I realize there’s something that I’m saying which is about accountability and transparency. That’s our number one problem is we don’t know who to trust.

RUSH: Exactly. Let me ask you a quick question. How much of the…? When you watch the news during the day, how much of it do you believe? It’s not a trick question.

CALLER: First of all, I don’t watch the news because I can’t trust any of it. And I have good reason for it, because I’ve seen news clips that have said 180-degree different things coming from Italy and coming from here, seeing it the exact same day. There was some stuff said; when I heard that, I never listened to the new after that, ’cause none of it… It’s all fabricated and it’s all propaganda. It’s bias. It’s terrible.

RUSH: But now you have… You’re pretty much trust in what you hear from me on this show?

CALLER: You know what? Yeah. The last… (laughing) “I have seen the light!” Yes. I have seen the light, and I have been listening to you nonstop now, and I’m thankful that you’re speaking a language that I understand now. Whether it’s just now that I understand it, but I’m a solution person. So I’ve got solutions. I’ve been working on solutions ever since I woke up a couple days ago.

RUSH: Well, you sound like a person that would want to push back against this stuff.

CALLER: You know, I’m not so much a “pushbacker” as much as I am, “Hey, how about this idea, and let me show you why this is a different idea.” I’m not a follower. I’m kind of not (crosstalk).

RUSH: But that’s still pushback. You’re still saying, “To hell with that, let’s do this.” You’re not just a sheep out there accepting whatever’s going on, especially stuff you disagree with. So… Well, look, whatever is the explanation, I’m flattered that you’re here and that your husband and you are still together, and I hope you stay here.

I hope you stay glued to the program because the objective here is to never mislead, certainly to never deceive and never to tell you things that aren’t true. There’s no future in that. There’s no future in acquiring an audience by lying to them. When we make mistakes — and sometimes we do — we correct them, but we never purposely do that. I’m glad you called, Rosalie.

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