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RUSH: In 2005, a bunch of community activists in Berkeley, California, tried to force the local school board to change the name of Jefferson Elementary School. Berkeley was radical-wacko-leftist back then, but the idea of getting rid of the name Jefferson Elementary was just too extreme even for the liberal school board back then.

Now, how times have changed. Last week, the Berkeley Unified School District board approved a “Resolution in Support of Black Lives Matter,” and as a result of the unanimous vote, Jefferson Elementary will get its name changed. Thomas Jefferson is out of there — and the school named for George Washington, Washington Elementary, will also get its name changed.

Never mind that George Washington was the father of our country, who led America through a Revolutionary War that changed the world for the cause of liberty. Never mind that Washington did what few would do: He gave up power. They wanted to make him king, and he said no.

Never mind Thomas Jefferson’s role in writing the Declaration of Independence, his service as our first Secretary of State, or his own historic presidency. Both these men were slaveholders, and that is enough reason enough to stamp out their names.

Our history means nothing to leftists. The only thing that matters to them is erasing it. They don’t know that they really can’t.

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