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RUSH: I just saw a headline graphic on Fox News, and it said, “Trump Opposed to Defunding the Police.” Well, duh! Who’s in favor of defunding the police? Why is that even news? I know Trump had a big deal today in the Rose Garden, and he’s got his police reform executive order for safe communities and so forth. It’s a good move. It’s an excellent move.

But the idea! Stop and think: The idea that it’s news that the president of the United States opposes defunding the police? (interruption) No, this is… I’m not ripping Fox News. Don’t misunderstand. It’s bigger than that. It’s how narratives and templates are developed. Defunding the police is insane. It’s absurd. It is not mainstream. And yet it seems to be an idea that smart people are open to.

Yes, enlightened people may actually see some benefits to it. So the president comes out, makes it clear he’s opposed to it, and that’s a headline of the day. The headline of the day is whoever in heck is in favor of it? That should be the headline of the day. It’s all very subtle, folks. It’s how the Drive-By Media succeeds in characterizing what used to be normal, everyday, common sense as oddball, out-of-the-mainstream extremism.

Let me grab this guy. Kenny in Fort Myers. He’s the guy with the question. How are you doing, sir? Welcome to the program.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Prayers to you, my friend. Thank you for having me on again. I heard you preview my question, but I’m gonna ask anyway. I notice a lot of these companies are jumping on this bandwagon and they’re pretty insistent on it from full screen banners to literal an email I got from Uber insisting that they stand in solidarity, shoulder to shoulder. And I’m curious why these companies are so insistent on telling me that instead of just remaining neutral and not stirring up an obvious pot of something that is (crosstalk).

RUSH: Because they’re not neutral. Do you realize Amazon is the retail division of the Washington Post?

CALLER: Yeah, I saw (crosstalk) —

RUSH: They’re not.

CALLER: — response. He couldn’t wait to get rid of his racist customers.

RUSH: They’re not neutral. But there’s an even different answer than that. You have to look at what Black Lives Matter is. Black Lives Matter is an intimidating political operation or force. You don’t dare oppose them. People are bowing down and caving to Black Lives Matter every day. But there’s another reason for it.

Amazon needs to sell stuff, and guess who some of Black Lives Matter’s biggest supporters are? Young, white Millennials. Young, white Millennials — particularly young, white Millennial women — love Black Lives Matter. They have bought full-fledged into the idea that America’s a racist nation, that it’s incorrectable, that it is irredeemable.

They’re filled with sympathy for African-Americans who may have never been discriminated against, who weren’t alive during slavery. But they are all-in. The effort to create this massive wave-of-sympathy, it’s everywhere, and so Amazon wants to sell things to people. And if young, white Millennials (particularly women) think Black Lives Matter is the end-all to end all, then by God, Amazon’s gonna make sure they know that they think the same thing.

Do you know that at Amazon you can buy shirts that say, “Blue Lives Murder”? Amazon is selling shirts that say, “Blue Lives Murder.” Yes, they are (I saw it in the show prep Stack this morning) and they don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. It’s no different… You know, why did every automobile manufacturer jump on the climate change movement?

Why did Exxon jump on the climate change movement when Exxon’s one of the big targets? Well, once they figure out that a majority of Americans have bought into anything, they’re gonna try to meet them and be there at the same place, whether they actually believe in it or not. Everything’s marketing. Let me give an example of what I mean when we have so much caving going on.

What do you think it is when the NYPD shuts down the 600-officer plainclothes unit? You think that’s not a cave? This is a cave to Black Lives Matter. That’s a cave that’s brought about by the police commissioner and probably the mayor, De Blasio. Police officers across this country are quitting their jobs. Albuquerque, New Mexico, has decided to use social workers to handle some 9-1-1 calls.

Minneapolis, seven cops resigned from the department. In Atlanta, eight officers have resigned this month. In South Florida, 10 officers resigned from the Miami SWAT unit. In Buffalo, nearly 60 officers have resigned from the emergency response team. Cops are quitting left and right, because they know nobody’s got their back. Have you heard about the running back for the Oklahoma State University Cowboys?

Have you heard about this guy? His name is Chuba Hubbard. It might be Chuba. It’s C-h-u-b-a, Hubbard. The coach of the Oklahoma State Cowboys is a guy named Mike Gundy. The other day, Mike Gundy was wearing a T-shirt that had the graphic of the One America News Network on it. The running back said (summarized), “Unh-uh. Unh-uh. I ain’t playing. I ain’t rejoining the team. I ain’t doing anything.

“If a guy is gonna put that on his shirt, I know I’m dealing with racism. I know I’m dealing with whatever,” and he threatened to leave the team. What happened? The coach ditched the shirt and started ripping One America News Network. An Oklahoma State running back tore into the coach who was photographed in a One America News Network T-shirt.

You will kneel for this; you won’t stand for that.

You will wear a mask; you won’t wear a MAGA hat.

You will not use that playground; your silence is violence.

You will not watch this movie.

You are privileged; so shut up and sit down.

“Oklahoma State University running back Chuba Hubbard tore into head coach Mike Gundy…” The head coach! This is like a grunt in basic training at Fort Bragg telling the drill sergeant, “I don’t like the way you look. You can’t… You look like conservative. Screw you!” and the Marine Corps going along with the grunt.

“[R]unning back Chuba Hubbard tore into head coach Mike Gundy on Twitter Monday after a photo emerged showing [the coach] wearing a One America News Network T-shirt. Hubbard slammed the coach over the photo in a tweet … writing, ‘I will not stand for this. This is completely insensitive to everything going on in society, and it’s unacceptable. I will not be doing anything with Oklahoma State until things CHANGE.'”

Now, I want to read to you from another website, the story. Last paragraph: “Hubbard was right to call out [the coach]. And [the coach] was wrong to wear a T-shirt supporting a news outlet that pegs the needle to the right of Fox News…” So here you have a journalist sports website saying this coach had no business wearing a T-shirt with the logo of a right-wing news network that’s even further right than Fox News. It’s worse.

This player had every right to abandon the team and tell that coach that he wasn’t coming back until either the coach was fired, or the coach stopped wearing the shirt. “Hubbard was right to call out Gundy. And Gundy was wrong to wear a T-shirt supporting a news outlet that pegs the needle to the right of Fox News, that traffics in ridiculous and dangerous conspiracy theories…”

I will guarantee you, whoever wrote this has never watched One America News. All they know is that One America News supports Trump, and that’s all it takes. “One America News … employs a host who has called Black Lives Matter a criminal organization.” Oh, we can’t have that! We can’t have freedom of speech, and we can’t have a coach wearing a T-shirt for a news organization that had somebody there that called BLM a criminal organization.

(chuckles) “And it’s sad that the video would create the impression that Hubbard is the only one of the two men who is actually sorry for what he did, when Hubbard is the only one of the two who shouldn’t be.” So Hubbard, a player — in the pecking order, he’s a dime a dozen. If he doesn’t show up, they’ll find some other guy to play running back, I guarantee you.

Everything’s inversed here. You know, you talk about “the inmates running the asylum.” Chuba Hubbard can demand the coach not wear a shirt that offends him. Now that we have people supporting this, what other shirt might come along that might offend somebody? Once this ground is broken, then it only goes downhill from here. This is caving. No pushback.

The coach recorded a video saying, “Sorry. I didn’t mean to offend anybody” and took the shirt off. The sports journalists are upset. They each released a video, Chuba Hubbard and the coach. But somehow the coach’s video comes off as more responsible than the running back’s, and that’s not fair. That’s just not fair. This is so convoluted and cockeyed that it is difficult to accurately describe this and its impact.


RUSH: Donald in Columbus. We’ll do the Buck Sexton stuff in the next half hour. How you doing, Donald? Great to have you here.

CALLER: Thank you very much, Rush. I appreciate being here. I spent 15 years of my life in sworn service. I spent 37 years teaching police officers clear across the country, all levels. I want to share a point of view with you about this problem with what’s going on with police departments and what’s been offered and why none of it’s gonna work. But there is a solution, and I just wanted to share that with your audience.

RUSH: Okay. I’m intrigued. What’s been offered and why none of it’s gonna work. What are you talking about there?

CALLER: They currently, and have been for over 180 years, operating on what’s basically called a semi-military command, control system of management. And they have not changed that. Not in any demonstrative form. It’s focused on trying to control conduct and behavior of officers who work independent of any supervisor, and they have to make decisions about their behavior and their conduct often with not a whole lot of time to process the information. And that has caused, in my opinion, the cause of the cultural problem.

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait. The cause of the cultural problem is training that results in a bad police culture?

CALLER: No, it’s not the training. It’s the system of management they use, the semi-military police command, control model creates a culture that basically — as a matter of fact, the name of the departments they’re calling them are law enforcement officers. And they’re really appeasers. They really used to be peace offices, because peace is the purpose for police. And without peace, there can be no civil society. So they go to a call, particularly if it gets out of control, and they’re gonna operate on basically the system, their environment that they grew up in and were trained in. And that’s enforce the law.

At the front of their mind, at the subconscious level there has to be something else triggered, and it has to be the reason why they’re there. Police exist to keep the peace. And if they approach the situation with that triggering their behavior rather than enforce the law, it would change the whole dynamics of the culture of police departments. It’s really not that difficult —

RUSH: So the objective should be to keep the peace, not enforce the law?

CALLER: No. Law enforcement is what they do. What they do is not their purpose for doing it. Law is one thing they do, but it probably doesn’t take up 10, 15% more of a regular officer’s day. Most of their officers are there to present an appearance of peace, to present an assurance of security and protection.

RUSH: Okay. Okay. I think I got it. I think I got it. I appreciate the call, Donald. He’s in Columbus, Ohio.

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