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RUSH: The president soon will be signing his executive order on safe policing for safe communities. They are setting up a Rose Garden ceremony even as we speak. I don’t know, I haven’t decided if we’re gonna join that in progress, also called JIP’ing it, J-I-P, a little broadcast inside lingo, or if we’ll just wait and summarize it as it goes. Depends on when it starts and what’s happening at the time.

Folks, it was five years ago, well, actually five years ago and a day, five years ago yesterday Donald and Melania Trump rode the escalator down Trump Tower and announced his candidacy for the presidency. I’m sure you remember the cacophonous reaction of the Drive-By Media, mainstream Republicans, who could not believe what they had heard, who said, “This has to be a joke. This is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. You can’t possibly expect to actually get elected after what he just said about Mexicans? There’s no way.” But it was I, El Rushbo, the next day, after having studied the entire Trump announcement, told all of you in this audience…

RUSH ARCHIVE: This is gonna resonate with a lot of people, I guarantee you, and the Drive-Bys are gonna pooh-pooh it. They’re gonna relegate it to the carnival characteristics of the campaign … Do not misunderstand this. It is gonna resonate.

RUSH: And people have asked me, “When did you start taking Trump seriously?” I took him seriously that day, folks. He had toyed with running for office numerous times before in the Reform Party. He left the Reform Party ’cause David Duke was in it, didn’t want any part of that. But he had toyed with the idea of being in politics, and China was a primary issue of his, how stupid, he believed, that our trade relationship was with China.

So I knew he was serious. There were some people, “Nah, he’s not serious. This is a marketing campaign. He knows this isn’t gonna work, Rush. People like Trump don’t come out of the outside anywhere like this and actually get elected. He knows he’s not gonna get elected, Rush. He’s setting up a new media empire, or he’s trying to promote The Apprentice or whatever is going on.”

I said, “No, no, no, no. Do not misunderstand what’s going on.” And then two weeks later, when the first polls came out — I don’t know if you remember that — but those first two-week polls showed overwhelming support for Trump. And I just smiled. I just smiled ’cause I knew it. I knew it was gonna resonate. I knew who the people that were gonna vote for Trump were at the time. I knew why they were gonna vote for him. I knew then what he represented to them.

And as Ric Grenell said a week ago when he was on with Tucker Carlson, we played the audio sound bite yesterday, Washington is no longer about Democrat versus Republican. Outside the country people still think it is. But what our country has become about is Washington versus the rest of the country and whoever is perceived to be running Washington.

Now, the Democrats think they do. The Democrats and the left think that they run Washington. And that is the battle. The people who think it’s Republicans versus Democrats — there’s some element of that which is true because elections, you know, are constituted between the two parties, but that really isn’t what all of these roiled controversies in America are really about. In fact, we are in the midst of a cultural revolution, first and foremost. And not so much a political revolution.

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