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RUSH: There’s a massive rally in Atlanta, which is fine. Don’t misunderstand. I’m just telling you that apparently the virus isn’t there, because there are people swarming together — and I’m not saying they don’t have reason to. Do not anybody misunderstand. I’m just saying it’s fascinating to me how the media can urge everybody to go to one of these rallies.

Be it Black Lives Matter, be it the new CHOP demilitarized zone — well, not demilitarized zone, whatever they’re calling this thing in Seattle — or an Occupy Wall Street rally. If that’s happening, you go there! You go! You’re gonna be safe as you can possibly be. But let Trump think about a rally in Tulsa, and apparently the virus is gonna be well aware, and it’s gonna be lying in wait.

People are gonna go to that rally, and they’re gonna… (interruption) Is that Kellyanne Conway on Fox right now? You gotta be… I shouldn’t say. Never mind. I didn’t see it. I’m not saying anything.

So I want to show you the picture. Not of Atlanta. I want to show you… This is a rally for Black Transgender Lives Matter.

Brian, put that picture up. This was a swarm of people at Brooklyn Museum Plaza, and look at the headline: “Rally for Black Trans Lives Draws Packed Crowd to Brooklyn Museum Plaza — As Americans come together at Black Lives Matter protests around the country, activists have also put a lens on the lives of Black trans people.” They’re totally in favor of it!

Look at that swarm of people!

Not a shred of concern about the virus. Not a shred of concern about COVID-19 or anything. The next story… I didn’t send you this picture so don’t try to find it. There’s a picture of Trump at one of his rallies, he’s standing at the podium and there’s a crowd behind him, and here’s the caption of the picture: “President Trump plans to rally his supporters for the first time since most of the country was shuttered by the coronavirus.

“But health experts are questioning that decision.” So you see, it’s okay for BLM, Black Trans Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, whatever. It’s okay for liberal Democrats to congregate and sardine themselves everywhere. That’s so cool. That’s fine. Let Trump do a rally and, somehow, he’s going to be responsible for murder! He’s gonna be responsible for death, responsible for people getting sick.

Amazing. And, yes, I believe certain people notice it.

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