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RUSH: George Floyd. Have you heard this? The medical examiner says that George Floyd had the coronavirus at the time of his death, and that obviously could have been a factor in his difficulty breathing. No, no, no, don’t misunderstand. There’s no, no, no mitigating thing here. What the cops did was obscene. It was. Look, I understand anybody repulsed by that. I was not just repulsed. I was livid. It was so damn stupid. It was mean. Every potential negative character trait that you could associate with it, it was.

But, nevertheless, he had coronavirus. And the medical examiner also said that he was using crystal meth and fentanyl. Now, fentanyl is really misunderstood because of the way it’s been misrepresented on prime time television cop shows. Fentanyl, you’ve probably watched a cop show where the good guys, the cops, find their way into the bad guy’s headquarters, and in there is a supply of fentanyl. And then somebody mistakenly rips it open and fentanyl dust escapes from the package. And then everybody dies because fentanyl is — that’s not what happens. Fentanyl, those tiny little amounts that they were attempting to convey can wipe you out is not accurate.

It’s potent stuff, don’t misunderstand. But if it were as deadly as that is, drug people wouldn’t be cutting their heroin with it. They’d be killing their customers. Fentanyl, I’ve told you this story a number of times. Fentanyl is what Vladimir Putin and the Russians found a way to convert to use as an aerosol. And it took a lot of it, but remember 20 years ago the Chechens succeeded in taking over a church. I think it was in Moscow. And they took a lot of Moscow citizens hostage. And the Putin regime attempted to negotiate with them but they gave up after a while and they just loaded the HVAC system of the church with fentanyl, aerosol fentanyl.

Nobody had ever seen that done before. The American military stood up and took note of this because the way it kills, it stops you breathing. In fact, any drug overdose — heroin, whatever — that you see portrayed on TV is also the result of the respiratory system being suppressed. That’s what happens. And fentanyl, it doesn’t take much at all. More than what they show you on a cop show, but that’s what it does.

My point is that if he had fentanyl in his system and crystal meth and also had the coronavirus, this guy was having trouble breathing anyway, and there should have been some kind of sensitivity to that. “I can’t breathe, Officer,” and these guys didn’t even hear it, or if they did, they didn’t believe it or they acted like they didn’t believe it or whatever. It was just — I’m out of ways of describing how it affected me.

But the media is taking all of this, and now the media is trying to say, the AP is claiming that all of these protests, the anti-police protests have taken place in every one of the 25 communities with the highest concentration of coronavirus cases. And that happens to be true. Did you know that? And the Associated Press is saying that this is probably gonna lead to reinstituting a shutdown of the country because people are gonna get tired of rioting and looting, and they’re gonna go home and they’re gonna spread the virus.

In fact, rioting and looting will spread the virus even more. And then the AP says that the cops using tear gas will increase the spread of coronavirus because it makes people cough, and when people cough, they spread the coronavirus. So arresting people and putting them in jail is going to increase the spread of coronavirus. That is the point of an AP story I am holding right here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers. (interruption) What’s that? (interruption) Hm-hm. (interruption) That’s right.

If looters are spreading the coronavirus to everybody, yeah, we’re supposed to be very worried about it and we’re really supposed to hate the cops because the cops are using tear gas, and that’s making these people cough. And coughing, as you know, is the predominant way the virus spreads. And all of this, because the cops are trying to stop this, is gonna lead to another shutdown. AP. That’s the substance of this story.


RUSH: Here is Stacy, Cincinnati, Ohio. Great to have you on the Rush Limbaugh program. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Really quick before I get to my point. I have three daughters — a 22-year-old, a 17-year-old, and a 14-year-old. And to dad that called, my 17-year-old tried to convince me that the police were putting bricks out. So, you know, no, I don’t think so. And my 22-year-old, I wish I never even sent her to university. That’s another day.

But to my point. I am upset at the fact that we’ve become so complacent with our governors. I live in Ohio. I can’t go to my church. My daughter, 14-year-old who plays lacrosse, our metro parks were closed, so she had to play lacrosse indoors because of COVID. I see all these protesters. They are praying together, which is great. I’m glad people are praying with the police. They are doing the electric slide, thousands of them, outside.

So I say to all you entrepreneurs, don’t listen. There are restaurants that cannot open. My church cannot open because of the regulations. Use common sense. Do not be sheep. I don’t know what is going on with this country. And thank God for you, Rush, because I would go insane. And I just wanted to know what you thought.

RUSH: I think if they try to shut the country down again, they’re gonna have a much tougher time with it. They’re gonna have some people go along with it because there are some people that are just sheep. But I don’t think they’re gonna succeed in getting the whole country to shut down again like they did, if they try it again, people like you won’t do it.

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