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RUSH: We have Anna from St. Augustine, Florida, and I’m glad you called. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. A lifelong dream to talk to you. I’m 30 years old, and I’ve listened to you for as long as I can remember. I have a 5-year-old and a 3-year-old now who listen to you and who inquire about your health on a daily basis. The reason I’m calling today is that for the first time in my life I would say I am just feeling hopeless and a little defeated about the state of our country.

And I’m looking at my daughter, and I’m genuinely worried that she’s gonna grow up not knowing the America that I have known. And I know there’s probably a lot of other Rush Babies out there right now who have their own kids and probably feel the same way right now. And I just thought, what the heck, I’m in the car for a few hours, if I could just talk to you today, that you would know what to say to get my perspective back on track and offer up some hope.

RUSH: I do know what to say. I do have a suggestion. And, by the way, you’re not alone. There are many people who think that the future of the country is not going to be as bright and as good as the past. A lot of people are legitimately afraid. Many of them are parents and grandparents, like you, who are scared to death that the forces of anti-Americanism are winning and that there doesn’t seem to be any coordinated effort of my substance or power to stop them.

And the first thing to do — and this will work — turn off all television news for a week. Just don’t watch anything. I don’t care what network. Don’t watch it. You may think, “That’s impossible. I gotta keep up with things.” No. If you want to keep up with the news, find the things that you trust and go to them via websites or what have you. But do not watch televised cable news. Just try it for a week, and I will guarantee you one thing will happen. Your attitude will change dramatically.

Once you’ve shut out the primary source of fear and negativism and pessimism, once you simply prevent that stuff from getting past your boundaries and into your system, you’ll have a remarkably different outlook on every day. I’m not telling you to be in denial. I’m not telling you to bury your head in the sand. I’m saying avoid the propaganda and the people lying to you who want you to feel exactly the way you feel.

That is their objective. And then realize President Trump has limitless energy. He is a fighter. He is not going to fall to these people. He’s not going to cave. He’s not gonna give up on you. He is not gonna give up on the country. And he’s going to find people continually to surround him who have the same point of view. But I have even other things to tell you if you can hang on and wait. I gotta go a break here because of the lack of time. Hang on out there, Anna.


RUSH: So now back to Anna in St. Augustine, and I’m glad you have a little bit more time here. You are still with us. I just need to confirm, right?

CALLER: Yes, I’m here.

RUSH: Okay. To refresh if you’re just joining, you said you’re 30 years old, you have a child, and you’re worried that we’ve lost America.

CALLER: Yes, and I knew if there was anyone who could give me that hope and perspective, it would be you.

RUSH: Well, I appreciate that, and I’m gonna try. Just so that everybody listening knows, she told me in the last hour, right before it ended, that she feels hopeless about the state of the country, and doesn’t like feeling this way and wants to know if she’s right or wrong. Are the better days behind us? Just to repeat, for your own mental attitude, turn off all cable news for a week.

And I don’t say this lightly. I want you to try it. I do it. Your attitude on life is going to change rapidly when you do not subject yourself to the constant lies — and that’s what you’re being hit with. You’re being lied to. You’re being propagandized. You’re being depressed. They are purposely… The people that do news today are purposely trying to drive people like you away from your support of Trump.

They’re trying to drive you away from your support of America as it was founded. They’re doing their best to make you think that you have lost. They want you to believe that there’s no reason to resist anymore. They want you to think there’s no reason to fight, that Trump has blown it, that they are winning, and that they are going to win.

You simply have to stop subjecting yourself to this every day. That’s just the first step. It’s just the first thing. It’s an experiment. Try it and see if I’m not right. I’m not saying avoid the news. You can continue to listen to me every day. I guarantee you I will not depress you. I guarantee you I will not make you think all is lost.

CALLER: Exactly. (laughing)

RUSH: And I guarantee you I will still keep you informed multiply, but you can also read some websites that you trust. But I would literally not watch television news. I just… It may not take a full week. Try it for three or four or five days.


RUSH: There’s another thing that you have to realize. I just made a big deal in the first hour of pointing out how — and I have a piece here in the New York Post confirming it — that the lying about Donald Trump, President Trump, is out of control. It’s phenomenal. Everything you’re seeing and hearing in the news about Trump is a lie to one extent or another.

Let me tell you, I never, Anna, I never went home in the afternoon and turned on cable news. I haven’t done that in years. I’ve been doing it the past two weeks. And I am stunned, I’m telling you, I’m stunned by a number of things. First thing that stuns me is the level of stupidity, just general IQ stupidity among people in the news. Then their lack of curiosity overwhelms me. It is depressing because these are people that apparently don’t have the sense to challenge or question anything that they’re being told. I would also — do you do Facebook or Twitter?

CALLER: I don’t do Twitter. I scroll through Facebook, but I’m pretty much done. It’s just gotten out of control —

RUSH: All right. Turn it off.


RUSH: Do the same thing. Just leave it for a week. There’s plenty of stuff out there to occupy your mind. There’s plenty of things to do that don’t require using social media. The reason why this is important, they’re trying to drive you out of politics. They’re trying to make you think your vote doesn’t matter; they’re trying to make you think what you think doesn’t matter. They’re trying to make you give up, essentially, to put your hands up in frustration and say, “What I think, what I will vote doesn’t matter.”

Don’t let ’em get away with this in any way, shape, manner, or form because while you’re doing that, rest assured that Donald Trump is not giving up. He is singularly the best fighter, the most energetic, he’s indefatigable. He does not give up. He does not stop. And he’s not going to. And he realizes what’s going on.

The foundation of the opposition, Anna, is all lies. Now, a lot of people think, “Well, that doesn’t matter, Rush. They’re getting away with it.” It used to be that lies were a very weak foundation for any movement to be built on because they’re lies. I mean, eventually they’re gonna come crashing down. A lot of people think the liars are prevailing, the liars are winning, the liars are getting away with it. You don’t know that because the media is not showing you anything other than everybody who buys into this.

As far as you’re concerned, if you watch the news, you’re all alone, there is nobody else like you out there. That’s another thing they’re trying to do, is make you feel isolated. But I guarantee you you’re not. I guarantee you there are millions and millions just like you with the same fear that you have who are also thinking, “My gosh, I’m alone. My gosh, I’m the only person who thinks like I think, except maybe for Rush or maybe for Sean or Levin or whoever.”

You’re not alone. You’re not alone. You have an entire conservative media that they have not been able to ruin, dispatch, and we’re winning. In cable news, Fox is winning. It may not be exactly what you want it to be. They may be going through things that make you mad, whatever, but nobody’s giving up here, nobody’s throwing in the towel.

CALLER: I have had so much faith in Trump, and today everything just started creeping into my head and I was starting to think, you know, maybe Trump can’t handle all this —

RUSH: Why did you think that? What might be causing you to lose your faith in Trump?

CALLER: Nothing necessarily grounded on facts, just the chaos, just the chaos that seems to be everywhere —

RUSH: Chaos doesn’t end.

CALLER: That’s what I needed to be reminded of and it’s exactly what I needed to hear, ’cause I do have immense faith in Trump’s ability to lead our country forward out of this. So I greatly appreciate that reminder about his determination and his ability to lead our country.

RUSH: Let me tell you something. He called me two nights ago after the church walk.

CALLER: Hm-hm.

RUSH: He called me. He called me 10 minutes after he got back — he calls me at some of the most incredible times. Here he just finishes getting back to the White House from walking to St. John’s and holding up the Bible and he called me to check on me, he wanted to see how I’m doing. He does this every week or 10 days. And I guarantee, he was upbeat, he was in a great mood, he wanted to know — he asked my opinion on some policy things which I’m not gonna divulge ’cause I don’t have permission to.

But believe me, he’s fully engaged, and he knows the trouble spots that are surrounding him and so forth. But he’s not hiding in the bunker. None of this that you’re being told about him is true. Where were you for the first year of the Trump-Russia collusion scandal, when the Washington Post, New York Times are lying to you four or five times a day, every day, about that? Where was your head then?

CALLER: I was doing really well. I kept a very positive perspective throughout all of that. It’s just something about the current state of everything —

RUSH: Well, I know, but that’s my point. Nothing’s changed except that they’re piling even more and more on because nothing has worked. They haven’t been able to get rid of him yet. They haven’t been able to separate you from him yet. So don’t let them.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: Now, hang on one more minute. Gotta take one more break, Anna. Don’t go away. We’ll be back here in just a second and we’ll wrap it up for you.


RUSH: Okay. A few minutes left here, and I wanted to give Anna a chance to reply to all of the wisdom that I have shared with her here in this call. So it’s up to you now. You can react to the things I’ve advised you and told you. What do you think?

CALLER: It’s exactly what I needed to hear from you, Rush. I knew that I could talk to you and that you would get my perspective back in line and you’ve been such a big impact on just my worldview and literally my entire life. It’s been a dream to talk to you, so to get to talk to you on a day like today when I was in a, you know, rare place of hopelessness.

RUSH: Well, I’m glad you got through. I don’t want to sit here and in any way mislead you. I’m not telling you that there’s nothing to be concerned about. The efforts the left are making are serious, and their intent is to destroy the country as founded. And this is now not arguable. This is not a matter of debate. They are telegraphing it. They’re pretty much admitting it. They have to be stopped. They have to be opposed. The ballot box still matters. Elections have consequences.

The solution to this is as many people as possible never voting Democrat. You may say, “Rush, that’s not a solution.” It is. It’s the most available solution to us. The chance is coming up in about 22 weeks. It simply is the best solution that the American people en masse have. That is why I spend so much time trying to change minds and hearts about the truth of liberalism and the Democrat Party. I’ve been trying to warn people where they’re headed for years now. And I hope as this stuff all plays out that there are more and more people saying, “You know, Rush warned us and he was right.” I mean, that would be music to my ears. But you can’t object now.

These people are doing whatever they think they have to to tear down this country. They have been for years. That’s what open borders immigration has been about. It’s what sanctuary cities have been about. It’s what their attempt to get rid of the Second Amendment is about, folks. They’re being very up front and open. They hate this country as founded. They hate the Constitution. They want it done away with. They want the country transformed. They want a socialist or worse government. They are a minority. It doesn’t look like it because the media makes ’em look huge, but they’re a minority still.

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