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RUSH: San Antonio, Texas. This is Paul. Great to have you, Paul. Hello.

CALLER: Hey. Mega dittos and mega prayers to you, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you, sir, very much.

CALLER: Very great to talk to you. Say, I was just listening about your opening dialogue about the lying. And I just want to remind you of the Harry Reid comment after it was learned that the stories he had been making up about Mitt Romney and his failure to pay his tax return for 10 years. He was asked… He was getting into a car, and he was asked, you know, “Why did you do that?” and he very quietly and kind of with a silly, wry look on his face said, “Well, it worked, didn’t it?” And that’s all you ever need to know about the Democrat Party. Period, end of story.

RUSH: Well, yeah, that’s exactly right. What he’s talking about here, folks, is that Harry Reid called a press conference one day and said a friend of his told him that Mitt Romney hadn’t paid federal taxes in 10 years. So the media said, “Well, who’s your friend? What is this?” And Reid got mad. “You shouldn’t be asking me! You need to go ask Romney: Why hasn’t he paid taxes in 10 years?”

So what did the media do? They went, “Oh, yeah,” and they went and they started asking Romney, “Why haven’t you paid taxes in 10 years?” Harry Reid never had any proof. He never even had a friend. He just said a friend of his told him. The media’s off and running with it — and that was just one of many lies that they were telling about Romney.

And at the end of the election, of course, Romney loses the presidency. Somebody went to Harry Reid and asked him, “Do you have any regrets? You’re telling us all this stuff that wasn’t true about Romney,” and Reid looked at the camera and said, “It worked, didn’t it?” Here’s the difference. The difference is ever since then Mitt Romney’s been sucking up to Harry Reid.

Mitt Romney has been sucking up to the Democrat Party hoping for acceptance. He’s been part of the Never-Trump crowd. He’s been doing everything he can to undermine Trump on behalf of Democrats, despite the fact… I mean, they told lies. They tried to undercut Romney with women. Remember that notebook of women’s resumes they distorted and tried to say that Romney’s a sexist?

Then they made up a story about when Romney was in prep school, he beat up some guy with a bottle of mustard. And then he put the family dog on top of the station wagon on a family vacation ’cause he doesn’t care about animals. I mean, it never stopped — and yet here’s Romney, to this day, trying to sidle up to these guys and be their friend. That’s one thing you won’t find Trump doing.

The question is gonna be — and I know it’s frustrating because people believe the lies. A certain percentage of people believe the lies that they see. If it’s in the media, if it’s in the news, they believe it. If it’s on television, they believe it. “I saw it on TV. (sputtering) Well, I — I — I — I saw it on CNN.” Despite — despite — the American people knowing they were lied to repeatedly about Trump-Russia collusion.

They know ’cause everybody knows what the Mueller report said. Everybody knows that there was no Trump-Russia collusion. So where is the punishment? Where is the American people taking it out on the media? Well, it happens to be happening, folks. If you haven’t noticed — and you may not have, because they’re not making a big deal out of it — they’re dying.

They’re losing advertisers. Newspapers around the country are laying hundreds of people off. The journalism business, the newspaper industry is imploding. Rupert Murdoch just had to shut down a hundred newspapers in Australia. The New York Times, if it weren’t for digital subscriptions…

And the only reason they have those is people are buying subscriptions to the New York Times for the daily dose of Trump hatred they demand. That’s it. In business terms, they are in huge trouble. They’re owned by multinationals, conglomerates who have the money to prop ’em up. But the American people are tuning them out in certain respects. But they’re still there, and they’re still lying.

It’s like Anderson Cooper. This made me so mad. This made me turn the TV off. This is just stupid. Trump’s out there saying two nights ago, along with the attorney general, William Barr, to law enforcement, “You have to dominate the streets. Law enforcement has to dominate the streets.” It makes perfect sense. Law and order must dominate over people who are breaking the law and engaging in civil disorder, who are setting fires and damaging private property, they must be prevented. That must be stopped. Law enforcement must dominate.

Over on CNN, you know what that became with Anderson Cooper? Donald Trump was telling white cops to go dominate poor black supporters of George Floyd. Who’s the real thug, asked Anderson. This was a purposeful misstatement of what the president said. It was done on purpose. It was egregious and outrageous. It was studiously done. It was purposely misconstrued to say that Donald Trump was telling his people to go out there and dominate black people, dominate poor black people who support George Floyd and this is not at all what was said. There was no racial component whatsoever to Trump’s comment about dominating the streets. None.

I got so frustrated, I myself turned it off. These people in the media — I don’t care if it’s the New York Times, MSNBC, CNN, folks, the truth of the matter is that they are over the top with their lies and their outrageous, egregious commentary because they have failed, they haven’t been able to get rid of Trump, and they can’t believe it. They’re more frustrated than you are at their failure. You’re frustrated it all the lies and how they’re trying to dispirit you. They are so frustrated they can’t get rid of this guy, they can’t see straight.

Like I’ve told you, they have used every weapon they have that normally succeeds getting rid of any Republican they want to get rid of. Nothing is working against Trump. “Well, wait a minute, Rush. They might not have gotten rid of him, but they sure have damaged him.” He’s still there, folks. He’s still there. He’s still implementing his agenda. He’s still denying them what they want. And he’s not gonna give up, and he’s not gonna cave in to it.

And they’ve now had to resort to baseless lies and falsehoods that have no basis in truth or fact whatsoever. They’re the ones actually going through massive frustration. They don’t tell you they’re frustrated. Unless you know how to watch ’em. I know how to watch ’em. I can tell they’re frustrated. I can tell the CNN reporters that are doing these stories, they’re livid they can’t get rid of the guy, they’re livid he survives the lies. They tell the lie that Trump tear gassed innocent people. They think every one of these things is gonna result in Trump having to resign. I’m not kidding you.

They get up every day thinking they’re gonna have the story. Something’s gonna fall into their lap, they’re gonna report it, it’s gonna be the thing that makes Trump have to quit. And every one of these things qualifies. So when they say that Trump used tear gas and rubber bullets at innocent protesters at a church, they think people are gonna believe it, that’s the last straw. “We’re gonna join you and say Trump’s gotta go.” And yet that doesn’t happen. Instead, what does happen may take a day or two. The truth comes out.

There wasn’t any tear gas used, and there weren’t any rubber bullets, and law enforcement did not have to resort to much to clear the way for the president, which they would have done anyway for any president because it’s protocol security. So they’re thinking, “Oh, damn it. Another opportunity lost.” I’m not kidding you. Do not doubt me.

The tear gas story, the rubber bullets story, there’s gonna be one today, whatever it is, they think that one of these things individually is gonna be enough to break Trump’s back. It’s gonna be enough, it’s gonna be the last straw, whatever, ’cause cumulative effect or the individual effect of a single story, and none of it has worked yet, folks. And one way you can look at it is Trump continues to outsmart these people simply by surviving. Now they’ve gotten to the point where they’re literally having to make it up.

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