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RUSH: I want to get to the phones. Vinny, formally of New York, now seeking refuge in Wilmington, North Carolina. Hey, Vinny, how you doing, buddy?

CALLER: Hey, Rush, mega dittos to you and your family. God bless you. You know, Rush, I was telling Mr. Snerdley I did something for the first time in my life yesterday, and I bought a gun. And I’m not a gun lover. I believe in the Second Amendment, and I believe in your right to bear and carry firearms and hunt, you know, to your content. But guns never fascinated me one way or the other. But I have to tell you, I think that as a society we’ve crossed a line and it’s no longer Republican versus Democrat. It’s not just politics anymore. I feel as a white male that I have a target on my back painted on by the media.

RUSH: Vinny, you sound different than I’ve ever heard you.

CALLER: Well, I’m shaken up by this, to be honest with you. I’m not pleased that I had to do this. As I said, I’ve never shot a gun. I don’t own a gun. Nobody in my family has. And for me to do this, it took a lot for me and my wife to come to this decision.

RUSH: Let me give a thought. You’re in North Carolina. I just saw a picture in Fayetteville, North Carolina, cops all took a knee in front of the protesters. The cops took a knee in solidarity with the protesters. That’s what taking a knee means. The cops are fully armed and they look like they’re loaded for bear. What do you think of that?

CALLER: I don’t know what to say or what to think or what to do.

RUSH: Well, that’s true. It’s unfair because I kind of hit you with that and that’s not what you called about. Vinny, if you want, hang on. Because I am out of time for this segment. If you want to respond to that, think about it, we will. If you want to move on, that’s fine too.

Gotta go.


RUSH: Now, let me get back to Vinny, because I kind did Vinny a little trick. I asked him to comment on something he didn’t even know about before he was finished saying what he actually had called about.

So, Vinny, we’re back to you now. You say you’re scared, and I can hear it in your voice. You got a gun, you never thought you would get a gun, you’re not nervous having a gun, you never thought you would be scared enough to go get a gun, but now you’re scared enough and you’ve got a gun. That’s where we left off with you.

CALLER: Well, sure, more so for my family and of course for myself, but, yeah, I feel I’m a target in some respects that blacks feel they’re (unintelligible) the police. I feel like they’re marked by the Democrat Party, by the media, by minority groups, by Hollywood. I mean, even by young white Millennials who are running around looting, breaking, destroying, hurting.

You know, I feel that I’ve been backed into a corner when I hear terms like “white supremacy” and young people that I know talking to me about my white privilege, which I don’t even know what the hell that means when I think of how I grew up and where I grew up and what I grew up with and without. I feel at this point we’ve crossed a line in this country, and it’s almost feels like it’s turning into survival. And, yeah, what you said a few moments ago about a civil war, yeah, I’ve thought about it a lot. And, you know, I’ve thought about, well, maybe the country should be divided in two. Maybe they should be on their one side of the country and we should —

RUSH: Yeah, but, you know, I’ve thought about that, I’ve thought about that. We’ve run that whole, okay, let’s divvy it up. It wouldn’t work because the left would end up having to cross the border into our part of the country because theirs would be like their blue states are now. It wouldn’t work. Vinny, I appreciate the call. I really do. I’m glad you held on.

Folks, Vinny used to be from Queens. And now he’s in North Carolina. And I remember Vinny’s calls in the past. Vinny was a guy with… let’s just say testicular fortitude. Vinny was a guy with verve and bravado, and he was confident. He was confident the left was gonna go down, the left was gonna be defeated, he was confident that, if necessary, the American people were gonna rise up at some point and put a stop to this insanity.

And you know what I hear in his voice now? It sounds to me like Vinny has kind of gotten sad ’cause he doesn’t think any of that’s gonna happen. That’s why he’s scared. And I wouldn’t blame him. I can’t tell you the number of columnists over the years that I have read at various websites and blogs who’ve pointed out, “Well, we’ve got 90% of the guns. You let them try this, and they don’t know what’s gonna hit ’em.”

Well, they’re out there trying it. They’re not just trying it, they’re out there doing it, and there isn’t any of this uprising that has been promised or forecast. Yeah, yeah, I could name names, but that’s not the point. I don’t want to name names. I don’t want to get into feuds with people. That’s not what I do.

I’m just telling you there’s a lot of people who never thought the American people would be this tolerant. The thing to keep in mind is we’re talking about people in blue states. They’ve already been turned into docile people who accept whatever they’re told, whatever is demanded of them by the authorities and by the state because they totally believe in government and the state. I don’t know what percentage. And it’s a wild guess, but my guess is that there aren’t a whole lot of gun owners in blue states, in the cities.

We may be surprised. There may be a bunch of secret blue state liberal gun owners who don’t want anybody to know they’ve got guns, but that would be the surprise to me. NRA could probably — I don’t know if they have data to that degree. I know they do city to city, who owns guns and so forth. But it’s not a surprise that there wouldn’t be an uprising in blue states. Look, blue states have been economic hellholes for I don’t know how long. And the people that live there just accept it or leave.

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