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RUSH: Those of you old enough to remember the political season of 1968, welcome back — only this time, the Democrat upheaval is worse.

Today, two quick snapshots from the thousands I could have chosen. The first one is from Seattle — America’s first coronavirus headquarters, coincidentally.

On Sunday night, the mayor of Seattle, Jenny Durkan, pinpointed who’s responsible for the sickening wave of violence and property destruction that has swept American cities. Do you know who it is? By the way, these cities are run by Democrats.

Do you know who it is? She used the social media cesspool, Twitter, to issue a statement. She said, “I want to acknowledge that much of the violence and destruction, both here in Seattle and across the country, has been instigated and perpetrated by (dadalut, dadalut, dadalut, dadalut, dadalut, dadalut!) white men.”

That’s right, my friends, you heard right. All of that rioting and the looting, it’s all by white men, says the mayor of Seattle.

Got that? So here’s snapshot two, from Atlanta.

After hours of peaceful protests in downtown Atlanta, some people decided to escalate. They wanted more action. So they began smashing police cars, setting fires — and then, they ate one of their own, so to speak. They spray-painted graffiti on the big red logo at CNN. Next, after vandalizing CNN, they broke into a restaurant. I guess those white men were hungry, after all that hard work. I didn’t know white people watched CNN anymore!

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