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RUSH: Here’s something I know, and I’m gonna repeat this. Folks, there is not a single person in this country, regardless of race or political affiliation, who did not think that the nine minutes of video of a policeman’s knee on the neck of George Floyd was absolutely horrifying. There’s not a single person I know who wasn’t profoundly angry and affected by this.

Everyone from Trump down did double time to rebuke it, to demand that the cop be arrested. I even think the cop should be charged with first-degree murder, not third, and said so. And yet that counts for nothing. It’s like, “Well, you don’t really mean it.”

It’s like David Koch, the late David Koch donated $25 million to a New York Hospital, and the nurse’s union says, “No, no,” told the hospital not to accept it because he didn’t mean it. He’s a racist and he’s just trying to buy a good name. And the nurses union trying to tell the hospital don’t take the $25 million. So how do you appease? How do you get along? How do you compromise? How do you show any of these people that you have common ground? You can’t.

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