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RUSH: Last month a guy named Jason Furman, a top Obama regime economist, spoke to a bipartisan group of policymakers. He laid out what to expect when the economic shutdown is over.

The professor predicted that they are about to see the best economic data in the history of the country. That’s not good from their perspective.

Many in the group couldn’t believe it. They thought Professor Furman misspoke.

But Furman has stuck to that forecast. He expects that as the economic lockdown passes, the American economy will come roaring back at an unprecedented rate. He says we will experience a steep and quick rebound, just like Trump has said, to counter the steep and quick shutdown.

Now Politico is reporting that Democrats are dreading this scenario. They are “spooked” that even a partial comeback will put Trump in the driver’s seat for the November election.

Think about that for a minute. Here we are, slowly coming out of an unprecedented economic catastrophe. Over 30 million Americans lost their jobs. Overnight, businesses had to shut their doors, some may never come back. And what spooks Democrats? What are they dreading?

Americans getting back to work! Because that will make President Trump look good.

I’m tell you folk, these people are sick. These Democrats are pathetically sick. The country will recover from covid-19. Democrats will never recover from their hatred.

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