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RUSH: Looks like the launch of the SpaceX capsule is still a go down Cape Canaveral. Severe weather is threatening the SpaceX launch, but the astronauts are aboard and getting ready for whatever happens to happen. This would be the first launch of an American by Americans into space in ten years. Is that right? (interruption)

With an astronaut, yeah. (interruption) You mean…? (interruption) What, we sent Obama…? (interruption) Oh, you said, “No thanks to Obama.” Yeah, they turned NASA into climate change research. No, I thought you said they launched Obama, and I missed that if that happened. But you said, “No thanks to Obama.”


RUSH: No, no, the intention is to launch these guys into orbit. This is not some suborbital test, the SpaceX launch. They’re actually supposed to launch them into orbit. If things go well, they’re gonna go colonize Mars and then come back for the rest of us and save us from climate change.

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