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RUSH: Hey, Mr. Snerdley, did you sign up for HBO Max today? (interruption) Well, no. Well, it’s free if you’re already a subscriber to HBO Now, which is their streaming app for your phone, your iPad, Apple TV. But what they’ve done is HBO Max instead of HBO Now. They’ve added everything HBO has but the Time Warner library, the movie library.

They’re on their way to trying to become Netflix, and they’re gonna end up creating their own original programming and so forth. But if you’re an HBO Now subscriber, which means you’re paying 15 bucks a month, then it just converts automatically over to HBO Max. It costs you nothing — and if you subscribe to HBO as an Apple channel, then it’ll work.

The HBO GO is an app that uses your TV provider like DirecTV or Comcast or whatever, that does not convert up to HBO Max. You’ll end up having to pay, but… (interruption) No, I just wondered if you had it. It’s the most expensive streaming service out there now, even more expensive than Netflix, and it’s like the third streaming service that AT&T has.

You know, they have a streaming service like a cable box, like YouTube TV is. Now this. It’s fascinating to me how the streaming market continues to get more populated — and stop and think of this: Nobody has been creating any new television content since the latter part of March. You have your favorite television series on network TV; they didn’t complete their full seasons.

Many of them had to stop at episode 20. They couldn’t finish. Everybody shut down because of the coronavirus. By the same token, they usually kick up the fall series, start production in July. They may not be able to start up. There isn’t gonna be any new television programming in who knows how long. Do you watch the TV show on NBC called Blacklist with James Spader?

It’s a great show, and the way they did their season finale is they animated about 20% of it rather than scrap it. They had about 80% of it on film, and rather than scrap it, they animated, and then mixed the animation in with the actual filming that they had. It was really clever, as far as… You know, TV critics thought it was lame and so forth. But it wasn’t. It was really, really well done.

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