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RUSH: Everybody’s jumping all over Trump. I got a headline here on Drudge:

“Twitter Apologizes for Trump Tweets.” This is about Trump tweeting that Scarborough murdered somebody, and a lot of people say, “What is Trump doing? Why is he punching down? Why is he wasting time on Scarborough?” I have no idea, folks, but I’m just gonna tell you something: Everybody’s acting so outraged that Trump would accuse Scarborough of murder.

What about what Trump’s been accused of for three years? Treason, being a traitor, lying about all kinds of stuff. Flynn! What they have done to Donald Trump and his family! Maybe Trump’s just dosing out some medicine. “Okay, Joe, how does it feel?” ‘Cause Scarborough’s been one of the guys on that network that has been promising and assuring everybody that Trump’s a traitor, that Trump is a Russian agent.

And if Scarborough didn’t say it, here comes an endless parade of guests who would be happy to say it. I don’t know why Trump is doing it. You know, Trump is Trump. But these people in the media act like they have a free ride. They can say whatever they want about anybody, but don’t you dare be critical of them. Don’t you dare respond to it! Don’t you dare impugn them.

And then, if you do, they’re gonna come after you. Trump is not the kind of guy that just sits there and takes this stuff. Yeah, I wish he wouldn’t punch down. I wish he didn’t care. But he does. So he’s gonna do what he does, and, if you take a little time, you can understand it.


RUSH: Look, there’s Kayleigh McEnany. Kayleigh McEnany, the new White House press secretary, is getting beaten up by the media for simply doing her job well! You know, the media has behaved like a bunch of kindergarteners, a bunch of spoiled brats, and nobody complains and talks about how childish they are, how damaging they are, how unprofessional they are. All she does is throw it back at them, and she throws it back at them politely.

She has a velvet-glove way of nuking them. So now they’re out there saying, “What she’s doing is outrageous. What she’s doing is damaging. I have never seen anything as counterproductive as Kayleigh McEnany.” All that means is that she is as effective as she can be. (interruption) Well, no. I was the featured speaker, keynote speaker at one of Brent Bozell’s events. This must go back three years, maybe four. It was in Washington. It was his awards dinner where they hand out awards for the wackiest leftist clips from the Drive-By Media, video clips.

They have all kinds of people up there introducing them, and I was keynote. This is the event where, you know, they’re all watching these video clips of all these wacko libs in the media doing and saying what they’re saying, lying through their teeth. They’re just having the biggest time and the audience laughing. I walked up there and I said, “You know, you guys, you’re laughing, but they believe this. You had better take this seriously.

“This is exactly what they believe,” and was insane. I wish I could give you examples. It was things that Chris Matthews has said or take your pick of any outrageous leftist anchor or news correspondent. Look, I’m fine with comedy and people laughing at things, and it is funny. But it’s also I cautioned, “You guys, they believe this stuff, and it means that you can laugh at ’em all day long and you’re not gonna shame them. You’re not gonna get ’em to stop.

“You’re not gonna get ’em to change the way they’re doing their jobs. You can laugh at ’em all you want, but they believe it.” Anyway, I met Kayleigh McEnany at this. She was there, and she came up to me. She was so sweet, so nice. She credited me for her conservatism and knowledge of conservatism. She was a young girl and she was driving around in her dad’s truck with her dad, and her dad had the Rush Limbaugh program on, and she absorbed it. She was really, really nice.

She’s a class act, and she’s excellent at what she’s doing in this job as press secretary.


RUSH: Okay. So early on in the program somebody asked me what I thought of Trump punching low and going down and focusing on Joe Scarborough as a murderer. I said, “Well, I wish he wouldn’t do it. I don’t know why he concerns himself with gnats, why he concerns himself with Chihuahuas yipping at his ankles. But he does.” I said, “I need you to consider something. Who is Scarborough? Scarborough is a guy who used to love and suck up to Donald Trump like you can’t believe.

“He would show up at Mar-a-Lago begging to be let in on New Year’s Eve after Trump wins election. Scarborough had Trump on his show during the campaign and made it look like he was for Trump,” and then, all of a sudden, Joe Scarborough becomes one of the lead purveyors of the Russian collusion mess. And, folks, as you all know now, there was never anything to that. There was never any evidence.

All they had was the Steele dossier. It was made up. It really is pathetic. There was not a shred. It was all made up. None of it was true. Not a single word you read in the New York Times for three years was true. Ditto, Washington Post. Not a single word you saw, not a single thing you heard on CNN was true. It’s astounding — and right in there is Joe Scarborough spreading all of it.

Now, what if you’re Donald Trump and you’re fed up with it, and this guy was alternately sucking up to you, trying to be your best buddy, showing up at your club asking to be let in, and then joining this cabal of people trying to wipe him out? I said, “What about the possibility that Trump is simply giving Scarborough a taste of his own medicine? ‘Hey, Joe, let’s see how you like being accused of murder.'”

You know, the media’s out there talking, “This is outrageous! This is silly. This is stupid. This is inexplicable what Trump is doing.” No! What’s inexplicable is three years of allegations that Trump was a traitor, that he sold out the country as a Russian agent of Vladimir Putin. There hasn’t been one apology. There hasn’t been one mea culpa. Scarborough is right in there leading the charge by putting all these New York Times and Washington Post reporters on as guests.

So Kayleigh McEnany was asked a question by Jonathan Karl today. “Trump’s president. He’s accusing somebody of murder. What’s going on, Kayleigh?”

MCENANY: Joe Scarborough. If we want to be start talking about false accusations, we have quite a few we can go through about Mika asserting —

KARL: (sputtering) I’m asking about the president’s allegations!

MCENANY: And I’m replying to you and saying this morning, as recently — I believe it was this morning or yesterday — Mika accused the president of being responsible for a hundred thousand deaths in the country. That’s incredibly irresponsible. They’ve dragged his family through the mud. They’ve made false accusations that I won’t go through, that I would not say from this podium, against the president of the United States, and they should be held to account for their falsehoods.

RUSH: Right on the money! See, my instincts are right on the money. It’s exactly what they’re thinking. You know, so these guys — and, you know, throw any name in for Scarborough you want. Pick anybody. They get to destroy Trump every day if they want. They get to try to. They get to lie and make it up and come up with some of the most outrageous charges.

Look what they do to Donald Trump Jr. Look what they did to Trump’s family, the allegations being made, the golden showers story in the Steele dossier. So it’s not surprising to me that some in the White House might be thinking, “Hey, Joe, let’s see how it feels. Let’s see how you like it, Joe, being accused of something absolutely bogus,” and we now know that Joe doesn’t like it very much.

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