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RUSH: There’s some fascinating stories about what the Democrats are scared to death of. One of them is in Politico. They’re scared to death of the economics, could happen in the third quarter leading right up to the reelection.


RUSH: Now, look, I mentioned a couple of stories that have the Democrats in abject panic, and here are two of them. Both of them are in Politico, and the first one is by Ryan Lizza and Daniel Lippman. The headline: “The General Election Scenario That Democrats Are Dreading.” They’re hoping for a second outbreak. I guarantee, if you read this — and I’m gonna read excerpts, pull quotes — they are hoping for a second outbreak.

They think that’s the only thing that’s gonna cut down and stop an economic recovery, and an economic recovery is gonna happen. Did you see all these people out over the weekend who said, “To hell with it”? And they’re not stupid. The vast majority of deaths from this coronavirus are happening in nursing homes among people of that age-group. It is stunning.

Also, the CDC is… You know, we’re learning more and more. The death/mortality rate is coming down. It’s still a little higher than the flu, but it’s nowhere near what the original predictions were. So the left, the Democrats are just hoping that there’s gonna be a second outbreak where they can then lead the charge for a second shutdown.

Heather Mac Donald has a piece — I think in American Greatness — where she prepares everybody with various points, bullet points and so forth to reject a second shutdown because you know it’s coming. “The General Election Scenario That Democrats Are Dreading” is this. Some guy named Furman, who is a former top economic adviser to Obama, is quoted in this piece as saying, “We are about to see the best economic data we’ve seen in the history of this country.”

And he’s talking about the third quarter, which starts in July. February, March… (muttering) Yep, July. July, August, September. And then the fourth quarter leading into the election. And one of the reasons they’re afraid is it can’t go anywhere. It’s bottomed out! They have taken us to Great Depression levels. It can’t do anything but rebound, and they are scared to death.

Trump’s done this once. They are scared to death that the rebound is gonna be at very rapid clip. The next Politico story… This is just… (Snort!) You tell me. The Democrats are warning that if Trump loses in November, that he’s going to take steps to undermine the results. He’s going to take steps to make sure that the election results are overturned if he loses — and this entire story does not have one mention of Russia in it.

It does not have one mention of Democrats in it. It does not have one mention of Mueller. It doesn’t have one mention of the investigation. These are the people that did it! People at Politico were willing participants. The media were willing participants, who participated in this phony investigation. I don’t even… It’s not a hoax. It was an attempted silent coup.

They attempted to overturn the election results of 2016. They’ve got a story that is written in such a way that it’s never happened. (paraphrased) “Nobody’s ever done anything like this. Trump’s gonna be the first. He’s so rotten, he’s so mean, he’s so nihilistic, he’s so selfish, he’s gonna try to overturn the election results if he loses!” We’ve just gone through four years of people trying to do that, and they’re still trying to do it.

They’re losing it.

They’re panicking.

Van Gordon Sauter. Anybody know the name Van Gordon Sauter? (interruption) Mr. Snerdley knows who he is. Van Gordon Sauter (not that this matters) was at one time (and he may still be) married to one of Jerry Brown’s sisters, Kathleen Brown, I think. Van Gordon Sauter used to run CBS News for two different periods of time, short periods of time in the eighties, both times.

And when he ran CBS News, he had a great reputation, was considered one of the hot-to-trot news executives in all of American newsdom. I have had interactions with Van Gordon Sauter. If any of you out there happen to remember the ill-fated show that I guest hosted for Pat Sajak, it was Van Gordon Sauter who produced it.

At any rate, Van Gordon Sauter is saying (summarized), “You know what? The media may just as well admit it. They lean to the left. You can’t put the genie back in the bottle. This pretense of objective, you’re never gonna pull it off. They’ve got too much money invested in anti-Trump, too much money invested in being liberal. Just go ahead and admit it,” (laughs) as though he just now realized that they “lean to the left.”

They don’t “lean” anywhere!

They are all in.

The media is the de facto leadership. The media, the professoriate (journalism professors), they are the leaders in all this. Anyway, it’s fascinating to watch these people on the left (particularly in news) try to explain their predicament, because they have just stood every journalistic principles they grew up learning and practicing on its head the last three or four years.


RUSH: Here’s Pat in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Great to have you on the program. Glad you waited. I appreciate that. Hi.

CALLER: Hi. What a miracle to talk to you. I just had to call you and say what a blessing you and President Trump and Kathryn are to our country. I’m 82 years old and in pretty good shape. I ride my bike every day. I’ve been accused of having too much common sense. So I listen to the radio. I read the paper. No TV for me. All you get is lies.

RUSH: Did you say no TV for you? You mean no TV news?

CALLER: No TV, period.

RUSH: No TV, period!


RUSH: Like you don’t even watch The Walking Dead?

CALLER: No. I don’t even know what all that stuff is, and I’ll tell you, I read the paper, the local ones — whether they’re liberal or conservative — but I got subscription to Epoch Times. And if you want the timeline on COVID-19, on Flynn, and a little bit of Conrad Black, that’s the place to look. My husband and I, when Trump first started running, the first rally in El Paso, Texas… We’re a half hour from there. We went down a little late, but the lies they told about that. There were 30,000 people for Trump, Spanish-Americans —

RUSH: Yeah. You know what? They’re trying to stop those rallies from ever resuming. That is one of the reasons for the ongoing lockdown and shutdown and why they hope there’s a second wave, and I find this fascinating too, because all during the 2016 campaign, the Democrats are out there saying of these rallies, “Ah, that doesn’t mean anything. You can’t gauge popularity or votes from crowd size at a rally,” you know, while Hillary had 200 people.

She didn’t even know where she was at her rallies. They couldn’t get her on the bus after one of her rallies. She couldn’t even go up three steps to get on the bus. Meanwhile, here’s Trump out there with 30,000, 25,000, 15,000, depending on the size of the venue, and they’re all out there saying, “That doesn’t matter. It’s just a bunch of deplorables showing up. It’s a bunch of racist, sexist, bigots, whatever.” Now? Oh, now do they know the truth! So now they’re trying to limit the rallies.

If you doubt me, don’t doubt me ’cause I’m telling you, folks: One of the reasons the Democrats and their buddies in the health and medical fields are trying to warn everybody, “Don’t go out there and start socializing! Maintain social distance,” is they do not want these Trump rallies. So you know what’s happening? The people who would normally go to Trump rallies are going to them — without Trump. A bunch of voters are doing parades are various lakes and waterways all over the country.

There was one here in Florida about three weeks ago. Trump supporters are attending rallies. The only thing is, Trump isn’t at them. But they’re not gonna be stopped. They will not be shut down or locked down. It’s an amazing thing to see. It really is. When you stop and look at this stuff seriously, intellectually — you look at all the Democrats are doing to stop Donald Trump — almost all of it requires things that are negative for the country at large as well.

That’s, to me, a sign of how overwhelming successful the Trump economic agenda has been. It would be one thing if all they had to do was stop Trump here or there. They’ve got to stop the country, because Trump is so closely tied with record low African-American unemployment, record low Hispanic unemployment, record high labor force participation rate, record high employment, record high wage gains.

Trump did all this in three years, after an eight-year administration of Obama telling us the good old days are over and that there’s a new norm now, and the new norm is to be administered by Obama. It’s a new era of decline that only we can manage, he said — and three years after Obama splits the scene, we have a roaring economy. We have the return of manufacturing jobs that Obama swore up and down could not return, and they did. So the Democrats, if they want to stop Trump, have to also stop the country or retard its progress or slow it down.

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