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RUSH: Who’s next? This is Dee in Des Moines, Iowa. You’re next. You’re up. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Say, mega prayers, and you have gotten me through many, many years, the presidency of Obama — I didn’t think it could get any worse — and Clinton. But now I’m really worried about this coming election. I would like to know your take. Even if Trump wins, what if he loses the Senate? What can he possibly get done? And what is your take on these close Senate races? Here in Iowa, I know Schumer’s spending a lot of money to defeat Joni Ernst. But I’ll be quiet now and listen to your response.

RUSH: Well, I’m gonna disappoint you, and I don’t want to disappoint you. But I fear what I’m gonna say is gonna disappoint you. I’m not even paying attention to it. I don’t even know what the status of the Senate is, and I’m ignoring every Drive-By Media news story about it ’cause I don’t believe it.

If the news is negative about Republicans losing the Senate, I immediately ignore it and go (raspberry) ’cause it ain’t happening. If there’s a story about Biden beating Trump by 11, I go (raspberry) ’cause it’s BS; it isn’t happening. Trump is not losing the election, and we’re not losing the Senate, and we may win the House.

All of this in the Drive-By Media is BS! Whatever Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are threatening or promising is BS. There’s not a shred of truth in the Drive-By Media. There’s not a shred of truth in all these polls. The polls can’t possibly be accurate. Ignore them! The things that are gonna the outcome of the election in November haven’t even happened yet.

I’m including the virus. I’m including the shutdown. The things that are gonna determine who wins in November have not even happened yet. It is senseless to poll anything right now, aside from the pollsters making money and giving the Drive-Bys something to talk about. It is irrelevant. We haven’t even had the conventions yet — and we may not have them.

And of course Schumer wants to defeat Joni Ernst! He’s gonna want to defeat Joni Ernst every day, the day after she wins reelection. Just because Schumer wants it doesn’t mean it’s gonna happen. Go back to May of 2016; tell me what the polls showed. I’ll guarantee you… I don’t remember, but I can guarantee what they said.

Hillary in a landslide.

What did the polls show two weeks before the election?

Hillary in a landslide.

What did the polls have to ignore to show that? They had to ignore Hillary not being able to stand up, not being able to get in the bus. They had to show her not being able to hold her own in a debate. They had to show her being unable to draw a crowd, and they still had her winning in a landslide. There was nothing real about it.

The media and the Democrats are on a high horse because they think that they have finally turned Trump’s base against him, and they think that they have turned those battleground areas of these states that Trump narrowly won, they think they’ve turned those areas against him because of the coronavirus and the economic slowdown. They think they’re gonna be able to blame him for all this when this is a Democrat blue state governor shutdown and ongoing lockdown. And they’re the ones that sound happy about it.

There’s no optimism coming from any of the blue side of the aisle about the future of the country, about anything. It’s nothing but pessimism and doom and gloom. And it may sound good now and it may make good headlines now, but it’s not the kind of thing that wins elections. Democrats aren’t offering any solutions other than massive continued socialist giveaways. It’s nice now when they’re keeping you out of your business, keeping you from your job, but believe me, long-term it’s not what the American people are about.

The American people are not ready to throw the Constitution away. They’re not ready to throw their guns away. They’re not ready to throw their churches away. They are not ready to throw away the Constitution. They’re not ready to throw away their liberty or their freedom. They’re not ready to elect Democrats in massive positions of power. Now, some states are. I mean, when I say Americans, I’m talking a majority. We still haven’t lost the country, folks, is my point to you. And I’m sorry, I don’t mean to make you mad, but I don’t think about things like what if Trump wins but loses the Senate. I don’t think about those things in May.

I’m not a political professional strategist, analyst in that regard. I don’t get caught up in polling data minutia and think tank position papers and all this ’cause nobody knows. It’s impossible to know. And the fact is and the fact remains that whatever it is that’s gonna determine who wins the election, presidential and all these local, state, and congressional races, the events that are gonna determine those outcomes have not happened yet. I humbly believe that.

“But, Rush, the virus and the shutdown, you don’t think that has long lasting –” Yeah, but something’s gonna happen between now and Election Day that’s gonna make it better or worse. It isn’t gonna stay constant like this. It never does. There is always change. And when have the Democrats ever beaten Trump? They’ve beaten Republicans, but they have not beaten Trump. They’ve beaten Republicans in the midterms, but that was not beating Trump.

And that whole 2018 midterm, why did that happen? Fifty-five Republicans quit. Well, what the hell do you think is gonna happen? Fifty-five House Republicans just gave up. They just quit ’cause they lost their chairmanships. They were term limited out of their chairmanships. I don’t know what president could overcome a 55-seat retirement. They haven’t beaten Trump yet, folks. That’s why they’re going insane trying to.

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