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RUSH: This is Ross in Detroit. It’s great to have you, Ross. Hi.

CALLER: Good afternoon, Rush. Great to speak to you. Thirty-year listener. First-time caller.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: The purpose of my call is I think the state of Michigan is an example of what the DNC’s national policy is. I think what is going on in the state of Michigan is vote by mail. I don’t think it’s the economic destruction. I think the long-term strategy is legalization of marijuana. People won’t leave home because there’s fear; they’re going to send out ballots to voters. This is their plan to steal the election.

RUSH: Yeah, a lot of people think that this is an effort that’s underway to get mail-in balloting and so forth. You know, the thing about this, though — and I wish I had this. I don’t have it in front of me because it’s from last week or maybe even the week before, but it was a story from a specific state where some by-mail voting has already occurred and the Republican Party dwarfed the Democrat Party in this particular election that featured a huge amount of mail-in ballots.

Now, these were not just absentee. This was an attempt to do mail-in because of COVID-19, and it stunned the Democrats in the state because like pretty much everything else that they do that changes the way we vote from showing up on Election Day to early voting to now voting by mail to vote by osmosis to vote by poll. You know, that’s the next thing that’s gonna happen. Polls are gonna count as votes. That’s one of the things.

The Democrats are gonna be working on that sooner than you can whistle Dixie, and I wish I could remember. It was a… I remember the number 24, 24 million. It was something to do with the number of ballots. But the take-away was that the Republicans had far more participation in it than the Democrats did. I just think so much of the conventional wisdom… Like the latest poll shows Biden leading Trump by 11.

I’m sorry, folks. Ain’t no way. There is no way. I was watching some television show yesterday as I began the preliminary process of show prep getting ready for the today. And some commentator was on saying, “Oh, yeah! The polls are… Right now, it’s Biden’s election to lose.”

I said, “What planet are you people on?” And I’ll tell you, it’s the groupthinkers and the people of conventional wisdom from inside the Beltway and the entire Washington establishment who have concluded that Trump is just an abject idiot, has-been, and that everybody’s seeing it now.

For example, the president saying that he’s taking hydroxychloroquine. You’ve seen the reaction to that, have you not? What was your reaction when you saw that Trump said he was taking it? Because Trump is gonna win that! Hydroxychloroquine has been used for years successfully by lots of people. Malaria and lupus.

There are people that want to take it who are being denied it because — let’s face it — whether you want to call it a conspiracy theory or not, there are people who believe that hydroxychloroquine works and is not being utilized because there is no money to be made from it because it’s already been patented and it’s already out there at 20 bucks a dose. There’s nobody who’s gonna get rich prescribing it.

Nobody’s gonna get rich manufacturing it. So there’s an ongoing effort to disqualify it or impugn it. So here comes Trump saying that he’s taking it, and there’s a cacophonous reaction of hysteria. So the conventional wisdom crowd, the conformists, all say, “Ah, that’s another thing. Trump just keeps hammering nails into his own coffin.” They do not see — and it’s amazing to me.

We’re now into the fourth year of the Trump presidency and year five or even six — if you want to count when the campaign began — and they still, Trump’s opponents still have made no effort to understand how it is that he connects with people, and why that connection continues to hold.

And this hydroxychloroquine episode is a classic example of how the establishment types and the elites are 180 degrees out of phase in how people react to Trump saying that he’s taking it. They think it’s further evidence he’s losing his mind. Everybody knows it. So they see a poll showing Biden up by 11; they automatically believe it. Based on what is Biden up by anything?


RUSH: I found it here, an American Spectator story: “Mail-in Ballots No Magic Bullet for Democrats,” back on May 15th about California-25 (the Katie Hill election) and the Wisconsin-07 election. Democrats lost both even though there was mail-in voting.


RUSH: So we had a caller in the previous hour who thinks that these blue state shutdowns are not about ruining the economy, but instead about promoting mail-in voting — and, you know, expanded absentee voting and so forth — because of the opportunity it presents to cheat. So I had remembered that I saw something where it backfired on the Democrats, this mail-in voting business.

I couldn’t remember exactly where, but I found it during the break. It’s an American Spectator piece, and it’s written by David Catron. “Mail-In Ballots No Magic Bullet for Democrats.” But the reason for that is multifaceted, and the one thing, folks, that everybody has to remember — the one thing that will defeat Democrat efforts to cheat — is massive turnout by Republicans.

Massive turnout will thwart every effort they make to cheat that has been historically documented. It’s the one thing that, so far, is a magic bullet. It just overwhelms the cheating, and it’s how Trump won: Massive, massive turnout. Now, Republicans right now… The Drive-By Media doesn’t want you to know this. The polling firms don’t want you to know this.

Republicans are currently are more motivated than Democrat voters right now, but you can’t count on that holding up. It’s way early. Republicans are not monolithic, and they get really mad at their own side at the drop of a hat. Like when Barr comes out and says, “There’s no way we’re gonna be prosecuting Obama,” I can guarantee you that some Republicans say, “Well, the hell with it, then! What’s all this been about?” and stay home.

“If we’re gonna continue to let the perps go, what’s the point? They wouldn’t let us walk.” You know, things like that can suppress enthusiasm. Now, it can rebound, but our side has demonstrated that we will get mad at our own side very rapidly. So the two instances… I don’t want to spend a whole lot of time on this because we did when this happened.

The Nancy Pelosi “‘Heroes Act’ would strip the states of the power to determine how they conduct elections. It would require every state to allow ‘no excuse’ absentee voting, provide postage-paid mail-in ballots, mandate that votes are counted up to 10 days after Election Day, and eliminate voter ID laws.” Now, that bill has no prayer of passing. But even if it did… It has no prayer of passing in the Senate. Even if it did, it would not achieve its goal.

And the reason was the “special election in California’s 25th congressional district to fill the open seat vacated by Democrat Katie Hill, who resigned last year pursuant to a scandal involving her staff.” What was it, orgies? Three-way orgies and stuff? “The election featured all mail-in voting,” the special election, California-25, had all mail-in voting “in a district that Hillary Clinton won by seven points in 2016.

“Yet Republican Mike Garcia’s 12-point lead was so solid by Wednesday evening that his Democratic opponent, Christy Smith, decided to concede… In other words, the Republican candidate won in an election conducted precisely the way Speaker Pelosi proposes to run every congressional election in the country,” by mail. “There were no systemic or physical impediments to participation, no requirement that voters possess photo identification, no access issues whatever.

“As a victorious Mike Garcia pointed out on Fox & Friends Thursday morning, ‘Every registered voter had a self-addressed, stamped envelope sent to them with a ballot, so accessibility was very high.'” One of the things that happened, though, is “a lot of Democrats” didn’t send the ballot back in. The New York Times lamented, ‘Republicans are sending their ballots back at a significantly higher rate than Democrats. … 40% of registered Republicans…'”

This is in California, folks, where the Republican Party doesn’t stand a prayer of anything, and yet the enthusiasm there was dwarfing the Democrats. My only point here is that, you know, a lot of people think they know this blue state continued lockdown is to promote this kind of cheating and balloting and mail-ins. It’s about the economy! Do not doubt me on this.

There may be other things they’re trying to impact like mail-in voting because they think they can cheat there, but Republican turnout will defeat their cheating every time. And that’s not me wishful thinking; it’s history.


Here’s Lisa, Newport Beach, California. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush.


CALLER: Hi. Mega dittos and mega, mega prayers to you.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Really praying for you.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: I’m so honored to talk to you. This is my sixth time I’ve actually gotten on with you. So it’s such a privilege. I’m here in California, and our governor has declared that polling places are gonna be too unsafe, so we can’t go to a regular polling place, and you’ve been talking about mail-in ballots and such. And I think I have a perfect solution. Millions of people since this pandemic has started have been safely shopping at Costco, Walmart, marijuana dispensaries, you know, grocery stores, and I think that, you know, we can open those up for one day on November 3rd, everybody can go to a Costco, Walmart, grocery store, gas station, marijuana dispensary. And think of how many lives can be saved if Planned Parenthoods across the country opened up for a polling place one day.

RUSH: Yeah, now, I know you’re not serious. You’re making a point.

CALLER: We safely can go every single day, we go safely to markets and —

RUSH: Yeah, right. You go to Costco, you go to grocery store or whatever, everybody’s in a mask, they don’t have to shut it down. It’s been a perfectly safe place to go, and if it had been shut down no one’d be eating, and there would be real trouble. And the same thing —


RUSH: — with whatever, the Costcos and so forth, the gas stations, you very cleverly throw in the pot dispensaries there and —


RUSH: — Planned Parenthood. But you know as well as I do we can’t turn those places into ballot —

CALLER: No. But you know as well as I do that we can have polling places safely operating —

RUSH: Exactly, because all these other places you just described are open and operating safely with no mass death and no mass numbers of cases.

CALLER: That’s right.

RUSH: This is California where they don’t need to cheat. They don’t even need to cheat in California and yet they’re oriented towards it. But I think they’re bugged because the mail-in ballot in California 25, the Republicans won the district. Because why? Because Republican turnout will always defeat — do not doubt me — Republican turnout, if it’s massive, will defeat Democrat efforts at fraud and cheating.

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