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RUSH: Here’s Wade in Clearwater, Florida. You’re next on Open Line Friday. Hi.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush, and it’s a pleasure speaking with you and my prayers are going out for you, my friend.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Yes. I wanted to just talk about the left narrative of social distancing and delaying the reopening of the country. And I honestly believe that they’re trying to delay the rallies that Trump is holding, is generating such a momentum and just, you know, a big thrill with everybody, and I think they’ve just done that to slow it down ’cause they gotta do something to stop it.

RUSH: Well, I don’t think that’s the sole reason that they are keeping the country shut down in these blue states. But you could fold it into the overall reason. I mean, they want to stop Trump, period. They want Trump defeated. Their dream would be to still get Trump thrown out of office before the election. And make no mistake, that is an active, ongoing objective that if they thought they could achieve and accomplish they’d go for it, even though the election is just a few relatively short months away. But barring that, they want to beat Trump in the election in November and they’re going after the economy.

The problem is that the latest polling data says that most Americans are not blaming him for the economy. “A majority of U.S. residents do not blame Trump for the stunning loss of American jobs since the coronavirus hit,” and it’s one of their polls. It’s not one of ours. “The latest Economist/YouGov poll shows that just one-third of the country blame Trump.” Most of them are Democrats.

So they’re not gaining any ground in this at all. And Pelosi keeps coming up with these ridiculous, never gonna see the light of day panacea bailout bills. They are designed to be defeated, the way they’re promoted. Look at all the goodies the Democrats want to give you. Look at all the help and all the assistance and all the benefits the Democrats want to give you, and then mean Mr. Orange Man comes along with that reprobate Mitch McConnell, and they say, “Ain’t happening. Dead on arrival.”

That’s what they want. They want to be able to tell the American people that Trump, McConnell, the Republicans want them in pain, don’t want you to get any help. But Pelosi’s legislation’s ridiculous. It’s embarrassing. It doesn’t have a chance. In fact, it is so bad it might not even survive a vote among Democrats in the House now. That’s how bad that bill is.

But I’ll guarantee you, this latest polling data, the Democrats are gonna look at this, gonna throw their hands up in so much utter frustration. They are keeping their blue states locked down. Hell, this idiot Cuomo just announced that New York is gonna be shut down now through the middle of June. He was gonna lift some of the stay at home stuff tomorrow, well, today. Now he’s announced it’s gonna be extended another month. It’s just asinine.

These people, I don’t think they understand the damage they are doing to themselves, particularly Andrew Cuomo. Folks, I have to be very careful. We’re dealing with somebody, I don’t care, he’s just not that smart. It’s not that he’s a dyed-in-the-wool liberal Democrat. He’s just not very bright, and he is engaged in policy implementation here. If he’s not careful, he is going to destroy and wipe out the Manhattan commercial real estate market. And with that he’s gonna destroy half of the tax base of the state of New York.


RUSH: Now, let’s go to another state which hasn’t. And this would be the state of Michigan where the governor there is drunk on her newfound authoritarian powers. “Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is having a tough time with the American legal system, which does not take kindly to dictators.” This is a story in PJ Media by Megan Fox. And the headline: “Lockdown Lawsuit: Doctors Hit Gretchen Whitmer With Lawsuit Over Medical ‘Time Bomb.’

“Earlier in the week, she appeared to be losing a very public fight with 77-year-old Karl Manke, who continues to defy her orders to shut down his barbershop even after losing his license to operate without a hearing. He’s still cutting hair and the sheriff won’t stop him.” The governor has singled out a lone barber, taken away his license, ordered the sheriff and other authorities to go in and make him stop. They won’t do it, and he won’t stop.

“A judge also slapped Whitmer down when she tried to get a restraining order against Manke, ruling instead to hear him out in court.” Megan Fox writes, “I would have paid good money to have been in the room when she was served with a new lawsuit brought by doctors and one patient claiming her draconian lockdown orders have created a medical time bomb’ for patients who were awaiting elective surgeries and now cannot get them.”

And here’s the upshot of this. And let’s go to back to Georgia. Georgia has opened up, not fully, but partially. Testing has increased rapidly. They are not finding a concomitant number of increase in cases. The number of cases is remaining flat, as more and more people are tested. It’s fabulous news.
But in Michigan, “‘Medical providers are on the brink of financial ruin, facing extreme revenue shortages caused by the Governor’s order forcing the postponement or cancellation of so-called ‘non-essential’ procedures,’ said the suit filed by the Mackinac Center Legal Foundation and a private law firm, Miller Johnson. ‘Thousands of healthcare workers across Michigan have been furloughed or laid off.’

“In addition to the economic devastation, Ms. Whitmer’s order has left hospitals and patients facing a dangerous backlog on procedures that will create a public health catastrophe of its own, said Dr. Randal Baker, a general surgeon and president of Grand Health Partners, a plaintiff based in Grand Rapids. ‘This whole “elective-procedure” thing is now a time bomb. There is no good reason to have a ban on elective surgery any more. This is now a significant health problem for the people of Michigan and our patients, and I’ve had one patient attempt suicide — a very serious attempt.'”

Another pull quote from the story: “Graphics depicted that while Governor Whitmer’s administration anticipated 220,000 patients being hospitalized without social distancing efforts, there had only been 3,000 hospitalizations as of April 27.” Like all these other people, they’re out there predicting massive doom and gloom and they have been so far from being correct that it’s laughable. Less than 1.4% of the projected COVID-19 hospitalizations have occurred. Less than 1.4% of what they predicted, and still elective procedures in hospitals are prohibited by order of the governor.

I mentioned in the previous hour that if Governor Cuomo’s not careful, he’s gonna ruin the commercial real estate business in New York. You know what’s happening right now in New York? Because of the stay-at-home order being extended and because of work from home, a bunch of people — this happening in San Francisco too. The tech companies. Google, Facebook, Twitter. They’ve all shut down their primary campuses in Silicon Valley, in places like Cupertino, some of the other cities. And people are working from home.

And what these people working from home are realizing is they don’t need to pay exorbitant San Francisco rent because they don’t need to live there anymore to do their jobs. It’s been established. They haven’t been going to the office since March. The same thing’s happening in New York. People that live in Connecticut who commute to Manhattan every day are realizing they don’t have to go back to Manhattan ever to do their jobs. And if you don’t have to go back to Manhattan, you don’t have to live in Connecticut, and you don’t have to pay massive Connecticut taxes. And you don’t have to share the tax burden with New York.

And then if you’re not going into Manhattan for your job, the company doesn’t need to be renting all that commercial real estate space. If these people are not careful, these governors, they’re gonna destroy the essence of what the blue states are. They’re going to destroy these urban areas where massive blocs of Democrat voters live — and this massive bloc of Democrat voters is gonna scram.

That ain’t good news for us, ’cause we’re one of the places they’re gonna scram to. But it’s not gonna take long for all these people to realize they don’t have to commute from Connecticut to Manhattan, and the businesses to realize, “We don’t need to rent all this business office space,” and then people like the tech valley people, Silicon Valley people, employees, they don’t have to pay $3,000 a month rent in San Francisco now.

They can pack up and move to Idaho. They can pack up and they can move to Hawaii if they want, and still work for Facebook or Twitter or whatever, because it’s now been established: They don’t have to be in the office. The longer these companies… Not just tech. The longer these companies in these blue states make it clear as a bell that they can function without having a staff come into the office every day…

These governors are screwing themselves in ways they can’t even see yet — and you know why. It’s ’cause they’re typical liberal Democrats. They think whatever pain that they inflict on people, the people will take it and accept it and deal with it and still keep coming back for more — as in, tax increases. They can never get it through their heads that people will find a way around having to pay them.

And it’s the same thing that’s being set up to happen here. This guy, Cuomo, may destroy Broadway, the theater business! He may destroy the restaurant business that lives off of the Broadway theater business. All the while thinking he’s some brilliant savior of people by keeping the stay-at-home order in place.


RUSH: “The chairman of the Democratic National Committee,” Tom Perez — this is a Breitbart story — says, “blame President Donald Trump if public schools fail as they reopen in the fall. DNC Chair Tom Perez Says Blame Trump for Public School Failures in Fall.” Yep, it’ll be Trump’s fault.

“A report at Education Week noted Tom Perez condemned Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos during a virtual conference Wednesday the DNC hosted…” So this is… They blame Trump for the economy. Blame Trump for Herbert Hoover. Blame Trump. It’s like I said: The latest Economist/YouGov.poll: “A majority of U.S. residents do not blame Trump or his administration for the loss in jobs or the economy in general.”

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