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RUSH: Back to the firing squad we go, Rush Limbaugh, back to the phones. This is Anna in Bellevue, Washington. It’s great to have you with us. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. So my question is this. In these states that are postponing school, why don’t parents just pull their kids out of the school system entirely and homeschool them? And just kind of make it a game plan. So for the next year we don’t know what the school district’s gonna do, we don’t know if one of us is gonna have a job or both of us isn’t gonna have a job, but we take our kid home, we homeschool ’em, the school district, the taxes, the money that they get from the federal government comes to us directly.

RUSH: Ha. Ha. You think you’re gonna get tax money for educating your kids?

CALLER: I’m not saying it’s gonna happen. I’m saying it’s a possibility. And it’s something for people to think about. I think if enough people acted that way there would be a chance at least to take it to the federal government and say, “Look. We want the money. Not the school district.”

RUSH: Okay. I can see that I started your brain thinking in a way that I didn’t intend. So I gotta go back and correct. I made an observation. Dr. Fauci yesterday said that he doesn’t think we’re gonna be able to open the schools in the fall. And then Lamar, “What do you mean, you can’t open the schools?” and Fauci supposedly backtracked, “Well, I didn’t quite mean that.” But he did. Can’t open ’til we get a vaccine, can’t do sports fans in the stands until we got a vaccine, whatever else.

The practical reaction, if you tell a bunch of parents that schools are not gonna reopen, that means they can’t go back to work. I was trying to describe for you its own little self-contained conspiracy here, folks. By sending health experts out to tell you the schools aren’t gonna reopen, they’re forcing you to stay home and not go to your jobs. They’re helping keep the economy locked down.

My point is there are people attempting to ruin Donald Trump. They’re trying to get rid of him, just as during the Trump Russia collusion story, just as during the fake Ukraine impeachment story, now this is being used to get rid of Trump by destroying the U.S. economy. The last thing these people want is for you going back to work. So if they close your kids’ schools, guess what? You can’t go back to work. What does that mean? The economy stays effectively locked down. That’s why they don’t want to open the schools.

So you heard that, you say, “Oh, well, then we should all homeschool.” What have people been doing in the past two months? That’s what people have been doing. But look. It’s not something every parent, every family’s gonna do. There are some families who need schools for their kids to go to so they can leave the house during the day, to work, to go see the mistress, I don’t care what it is.

Most people are not going to homeschool. And even though it’d be a great thing and it is a great thing and I’m a big advocate of it, it was not my intended reaction that people have. If you tell people that it’s not safe to open the schools, people are gonna do whatever they have to to protect their kids. So you send the world’s foremost authority out to say, “Schools, I don’t think we can open ’em up. No, no, no, no, no.”

Well, you’re telling parents that they can’t go to work, at least one of them. They gotta stay home with the kids. Can’t leave the kids home alone. Somebody has to be there. Who’s gonna have to the money to hire a babysitter, nanny, whatever? Nobody has a job, nobody’s job’s open. This guarantees that nobody’s job will open up. It’s insidious to sit out there — we’re talking about the age-group of people least likely to acqiure the virus. Crumb crunchers, skulls full of mush. Young skulls full of mush.

And homeschooling, while it’s a wonderful thing, it’s not something most parents are inclined to do. And then the idea, I mean, it’s really great thinking that the state would happily give you the tax revenue to teach your kids, but they don’t have the money to give. You’re not working. Nobody’s paying taxes. Well, I take that back. They’re still trying to collect property taxes. I think if they prevent you from working, you ought to be able to tell them screw your taxes. How the hell can I pay you property tax when you won’t open my job?

Anyway, I’m out of time. There’s not much more I can add to that. If you want to homeschool, that’s fine. Don’t want anybody to misunderstand. I’m not criticizing it. I was trying to explain how they are subtly succeeding in continuing the lockdown here by finding ways to keep you from going to work.


RUSH: Here’s David in Medford, Oregon. You’re next, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Rush, it’s so great to talk to you, and I can’t believe how strong your voice sounds and how strong you are.

RUSH: I’m glad to hear that, really glad to hear that. Thank you.

CALLER: I’m a little younger than you. I know a lot of people what have gone through health situations like yours, and I’ll just tell you that the power and the strength that you’re demonstrating is pretty dad-gummed amazing, I’ll tell you.

RUSH: Well, thank you, sir, very much. Very, very much.

CALLER: So here’s the deal out in Oregon. I don’t know of what other blue states look like, but Oregon hasn’t been a blue state forever. It used to business friendly. A lot of people are probably looking at it going, “What the heck happened?” And you talked a lot about education. And you know that education has been, for lack of a better term, weaponized by the left.

And I’m just gonna give you an idea what that looks like in my state and why our governor, Kate Brown, really has a very practical reason for wanting to keep business shut down. So we’re a low-population state. We got about 4.2 million people. As far as COVID-19 cases, 70% of all cases in Oregon are in about five of our 36 counties.

So from a data point of view it doesn’t makes to shut down the whole state and visit that economic damage on everybody. But here’s the deal. This financial damage is not equitably distributed. There is a class of worker in the state of Oregon who is still financially healthy, and those are all the workers that receive a government paycheck.

So your teachers, your firemen — and, you know, not that they shouldn’t, not that they’re not earning it. But the reality is they are, where we have tens of thousands of people out of work. You know, we have record the unemployment claims in our state. So what does that mean? We’re in a political season, and in our state, the political left receives the majority of their funding from government unions.

This 500-pound gorilla in the Oregon legislator is the Oregon Education Association, the teachers union. That’s the 500-pound gorilla in Oregon politics. So in politics, you fight with money. So on one side, you have all the government employee unions that are still fully funded. But on the other side, you have private business that have really all been cut off from the knees.

So you have a situation where just from a practical point of view — you know, without the philosophy or anything else, just practically going into an election season — the left side still has all of their funding mechanisms almost 100% intact. But the people on the private business side, we’re lucky if we have — I’m just gonna pick a number — 40% of the funding to work with that we would normally have in an election year.

RUSH: That’s actually a very good point. Let me ask you a question: If the president of the United States were a Democrat, would your state be shut down?

CALLER: Unlikely.

RUSH: (chuckles) Unlikely?

CALLER: Unlikely.

RUSH: No chance. No chance. California would not be shut down. Oregon would not be shut down. Colorado would not be — whatever, Illinois would not be — shut down. If the president of the United States were a Democrat, it wouldn’t be shut. But that is an excellent point that you’re making, that the private sector funding mechanisms for political campaigns have been frozen with the lockdown.

And the longer it goes on, the longer that discrepancy exists. Meanwhile, the public employee unions are getting paid. They’re government employees. They’re being paid — federal, state, it doesn’t matter — and their union dues are being automatically deducted and sent to various stages of the Democrat Party. Great call.


RUSH: We just had a call from Oregon. Listen to this. This is a story from the Washington Examiner. “Washington to make reopening restaurants keep ‘daily log’ of patron names and contact information.”

A virus that is a threat to the elderly and people with underlying health issues and nursing homes in poorly run blue states is the reason being used to shut down economies. So now restaurants in Washington — who’s gonna go out and eat if you’ve gotta give your contact information? You have to give your name and whatever else the authorities want if you’re gonna go out to eat in the state of Washington.

Male waiters, male bartenders. “Hi. Can I have your number?” “Hi. Can I have your contact information? I have to collect it for the state before you can be served.” Man, oh, man, oh, man.

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