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RUSH: We’re gonna start with number 6 here.

Ken Starr last night with Laura Ingraham. She said, “Why is Obama wrong about the rule of law being at risk because the…?” This has to do with… It’s jumping from the CrowdStrike story to the idea here that Obama’s out there claiming that he doesn’t know how somebody could be exonerated for perjury — and of course, Flynn was never charged with perjury.

But this CrowdStrike business, the “Russians meddled,” it all started somewhere, folks, and I believe it started with Obama. I believe it started in the Obama White House. I believe Obama — and I’ll explain this after I play these two sound bites. But let’s listen to Ken Starr, because basically he’s asking, “What did Obama do and when did he do it?”

The question: “Why is Obama wrong about the rule of law being at risk because the Department of Justice dropped criminal charges against Flynn?”

STARR: The motion to dismiss the General Flynn indictment, I think, is very, very troubling for President Obama.

RUSH: Okay.

STARR: The question emerges not just, “What did the president know and when did he know it?” I would ask the further question: “What did the president do and when did he do it? And did he know that the Department of Justice was being completely circumvented by his director of the FBI, Jim Comey, in league with James Clapper?” Huge questions.

RUSH: I’m gonna answer. This is simple. This is a simple answer. But I got one more sound bite. Brit Hume, who… A lot of things are just dawning on Brit Hume. It’s great to see. (chuckles) He was on with Bret Baier last night, and he was also reacting to Obama claiming the rule of law is at risk with the case against Flynn being dropped.

HUME: Isn’t it interesting that this statement emerges at the very time when his name — really for the first time in any real, evidentiary way — has come into the public. It appears that the president had encouraged the Justice Department and the FBI not to tell Donald Trump about what they’d been looking into with regard to Flynn, although they were happy to tell him about the preposterous pee tape that was supposedly part of that long-ago discredited dossier. So we have some more to learn about what President Obama may have done and said about all this and whether he may have directed the whole thing.

RUSH: We don’t have much to learn. It’s just the courage to acknowledge it is all it takes. Let me ask you. When you hear the question about whether Obama knew about the FBI targeting Flynn, you think about Operation Fast and Furious. You know what that was. That was Obama and Eric Holder planting guns in American gun stores, intending for them to be purchased, and then given and sold to drug lords in Mexico so that the people would be outraged.

“Oh, my God. We…” It was a ploy to get the American people to agree with stricter gun control measures, and it blew up in their face. But the point is that happened. Did that happen without Obama knowing about it? What about Lois Lerner targeting conservative fundraising groups at the IRS and denying them tax-exempt status? That happened.

Did Obama know about that? You wonder. Was James Comey exonerating Hillary Clinton from all of her crimes involving her illegal server and her emails? The FBI was targeting Flynn with phony allegations, lies and false interviews. You think Comey woke up one day and said, “Hey, I got an idea. Let’s target Flynn!”

The point is, all of these things happened. All of these targeted things happened to Republicans and conservatives. They all happened during the Obama administration. What are the odds he didn’t know about any of it? They’re very long, if you ask me.

They’re now starting to ask, “What did Obama know and when did he know it? What did Obama do and when did he do it?” And Obama has stepped in it by starting to rip Trump on this coronavirus response. It’s causing people to take a look. It could be a big, big political blunder this brilliant guy has made here.


RUSH: Again, if you’re asking, “Rush, why are you spending so much time on this Russia stuff? It’s over.” It isn’t. The people behind it, the thinking behind it, the objective behind it is still operative. It’s still going on. It’s just transferred over now to the virus. Mine is an education project. Look at it that way.


RUSH: Grab sound bite number 8. Here’s what Rudy thinks is gonna happen. Rudy was on a New York radio show Sunday and was basically asked, “How come Trump and everybody is dragging their feet on dealing with the people that tried to run him out of town?”

GIULIANI: I think they have Comey, and I think despite the fact that he got let off a couple of times — and I have no inside information — I believe that Attorney General Barr is saving it for the really a good case, the one that comes pretty close to truth. Because what they did after he was elected, I don’t say that it’s treason, but it’s as close to treason as you can get. They wanted to take out the lawfully elected president of the United States, and they wanted to do it by spying, submitting false affidavits, using phony witnesses. In other words, they wanted to do it by illegal means.

RUSH: So the bottom line is, Rudy thinks that Barr will indict Comey and will try him, that he’s waiting for the right case — and I think they’re all waiting for the right time to do this as well. Everything else is politicized in Washington. So this is gonna be as well.

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