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RUSH: We’re gonna go to Boston, still-shut-down Boston. This is Alex. And welcome, sir. Great to have you with us.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. God bless you, and we’re all praying for your health.

RUSH: Thank you. Thank you, sir, very much.

CALLER: Look, Rush, I support President Trump. I’m voting for him in November no matter what. But I am mad at him. I’m furious. Because he will not seriously push back at the people who are trying to destroy him. You keep talking about pushback, you keep saying this is what pushback it looks like. But the president barely’s pushing. He’s pushing with just one finger, and we need to use both hands, and we need him to put his back into it.

I can give you examples if you want them, but the bottom line is this, Rush. He’s the most powerful man in the world. But he acts like he’s just a guy with a popular Twitter account. I love his tweets. I read his tweets. I want him to keep tweeting. But we need more action. We need him to fight fire with fire.

RUSH: What are you hoping by now he would have done that he hasn’t done? And don’t infer an accusatory tone. I don’t mean that. What do you want more than the tweets? What pushback has not been satisfactory?

CALLER: No, you’re right, Rush. It’s the right question. My point is he hasn’t declassified, he hasn’t prosecuted, and now he’s letting Fauci and Birx lie about the coronavirus. And it’s tearing the country apart.

RUSH: Yeah, that last part I know a lot of people are concerned about. And how do you battle them? Fauci particularly, you’re not gonna dislodge him.

CALLER: Rush, he used his own words, all right? Dr. Fauci told 60 Minutes in March — it’s on video — that face coverings don’t work. He didn’t use these words, but essentially he said they’re public health fear. And nobody’s talking about that now. Nobody asks him. The president plays clips during his press conferences, but he won’t play that clip. We have more testing than we need right now, Rush. There are credible reports of testing sites closing because they don’t have enough patients. But we’re not talking about that.

The lockdowns don’t work. The virus has continued to spread despite the fact that every state has some kind of lockdown. Only the economy stopped, not the virus. But we don’t talk about that. And don’t get me started, Rush, on the fatality rate. This virus is on par with the flu when you consider all of the uncounted infections, all of the —

RUSH: I’m glad I stuck with this, because now I know what your real irritation is about. It’s not that Trump’s not pushing back on the Russian collusion stuff. You think that he’s being run roughshod over by these health people.


RUSH: Bill in Long Valley, New Jersey. Great to have you, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. How are you doing? Longtime listener since your ABC local two-hour show from many moons ago.

RUSH: That’s a long time ago. Thank you.

CALLER: My point on this is that as soon as the information came about that the data on the deaths was comparable to the flu in terms of age demographics, and seeing that it was the older people that were affected, that’s exactly when this order to go back to work should have occurred. It’s too late now.

RUSH: Why is it too late?

CALLER: It’s too late in terms of they’ve already missed the mark on it. You have scared people literally to death, and now no one wants to make a move. If it had been done after the initial two weeks — which myself and most people agreed on — you were dealing with something brand-new that you didn’t know.

Once you realize that the breakdown on deaths was comparable to other medical problems and the workforce was not the force that was affected, that is the time to get the working-age population — the 20 to 60 — back into the workforce. Sure, people might get sick, but they weren’t gonna be dying.

RUSH: You’re the second caller in a row who has offered the viewpoint that death rate, the mortality rate is way exaggerated, that it’s not as deadly — you don’t think as deadly — as it is being portrayed as being?

CALLER: No. I’m not saying it’s not deadly. What I’m saying is it didn’t affect people from 20 to 50. It affects people — like most diseases and illnesses — who are 75-plus. So those people aren’t in the workforce in general anyway.

RUSH: Okay, I think that’s true. I’m sitting here as you go through this. I’m wondering, what would be the result if every flu season the news coverage of the arrival of each new flu strain was exactly like this for coronavirus? What if we did everything the same?

We quarantined, we shut down, we told people they can’t go to work. We told people they’ve gotta do this or that or the other thing, warned people they could die. Of course, you can’t draw a perfect analogy ’cause we’ve got what people think are vaccines. We’ve got flu shots.


RUSH: And we don’t have something like that for this. But still, if you cover the flu every season like this you could shut down your country as easily as they’ve done here.

CALLER: Sure. Fewer people would die. But the collateral damage is staggering, absolutely staggering. You have… I’m gonna make an early prediction for 2024, the presidential election. They’re gonna say that actions taken today have reduced the death rate to the flu, and that the older people are not dying in as high numbers in four years because of actions taken today. Of course, the reason is people that might have died four years from now, maybe were killed by the coronavirus this year. So you’re gonna see flu seasons not be as dramatic in the next four to five years, and they’re gonna take credit for it as actions taken today (crosstalk).

RUSH: Oh, there’s no question about that. That’s exactly true. What do you think this hearing was about today? Laying the groundwork for taking credit for caring, for getting involved, for being an eagle eye on this thing. No, you’re absolutely right about flu deaths, ’cause they’re attaching COVID-19 to — very much — everything death they can.

By “they,” I mean the health officials in various cities and states. And Dr. Birx has even admitted that they’re doing this. If you die with COVID-19, they’re gonna put on your death certificate you died because of it, and so the number of people dying attributed to COVID-19’s gonna be skyrocketing, meaning that people who die from the flu in ensuing years is gonna appear to be way down, if that’s all dealt with honestly and aboveboard as well.


RUSH: Here is Susan, San Antonio, Texas. It’s great to have you. Hello.

CALLER: Hi. Hello, Rush. I am a retired infectious disease specialist, and I just wanted to point out that the same career bureaucrats — I’ve been watching this unfold with Fauci — the same career bureaucrats that have told us over the decades that he is brilliant and perfect and all this, are the same ones that gave us the information on Mueller, that he was a man of high integrity and character and just couldn’t be questioned.

RUSH: Yep.

CALLER: And I’m watching all this unfold, and these public health officials and these bloated bureaucracies for our public health have been completely blindsided. And I want to point out that Taiwan and Singapore were not blindsided. They saw this coming and they slammed into place the protocols that everyone had developed during the SARS epidemic immediately because they don’t trust the communist Chinese and knew better.

When they heard there was an epidemic occurring in Wuhan, they knew to shut down their flights in from there and to put into place immediately their protocols. Because we all learned from the experience in Toronto during the SARS epidemic and put protocols into place for exactly this sort of thing, it could be implemented, you know —

RUSH: They weren’t. And, I tell you what. There are a lot of people in these positions that should not be in them because of pre-demonstrated incompetence in dealing with things like SARS or AIDS or what have. Anyway, I appreciate the call, Susan. Sadly, I’m out of busy broadcast moments for this time.


RUSH: Now look at these headlines. AP: “As Trump Urges Reopening, Thousands Getting Sick on the Job.”

“Fauci Warns of ‘Suffering and Death’ if U.S. Opens Too Soon.”

“Accidental Poisonings from Bleach Spike Amid Coronavirus.”

It’s absurd what’s happening out there.


RUSH: Jack in Tampa. It’s great to have you, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. It’s Jackson from Tampa. I just wanted say that this whole quarantine business was just unnecessary, and it really is a political scandal, probably the biggest one I could ever imagine. Our immune system has specialized cells called plasma B cells that once (unintelligible) T helper cells kill the virus after infection. They carry the genetic code from that virus, the complete genetic code to these plasma B cells.

Now, you have plasma B cells and you have memory B cells. The memory B cells are what store that genetic code for at least the duration of flu season. So we’ll say eight to 12 months, okay. Those plasma B cells start producing the antibodies. And once you’re infected again, then those antibodies actually shut down that virus’ necessary metabolic pathways —

RUSH: So you’re an advocate of herd immunity. Let people get this and let them —

CALLER: Herd immunity.

RUSH: — spread the immunity to it and be done with it?

CALLER: Exactly right. That’s the only true immunity. Now, once enough people — that’s called humoral immunity. When individuals get infected and they have the immunity, that’s humoral. Once enough of the population has that immunity, it creates rather a barrier, and they’re no longer a healthy host, viable host for that virus, so that’s herd immunity. It’s like building a wall around the elderly —

RUSH: Okay. So how many deaths should people be willing to tolerate to establish herd immunity?

CALLER: Well, we have a vaccine for the flu, and over 62,000 —

RUSH: No, we don’t.

CALLER: — died last year.

RUSH: No, we don’t. We don’t have a vaccine for the flu.

CALLER: But we have a flu vaccine each year.

RUSH: No, we don’t. We do not. We do not have a flu vaccine. There isn’t somewhere where you can go and got shot up and be guaranteed you’re not gonna get the flu. We have flu shots, which may work and they may not in helping people avoid every year’s strain of the flu. There is not a flu vaccine. A polio vaccine, you go take it, you’re not gonna get polio. Smallpox vaccine, take it, you will not get smallpox. There is no such thing as a flu vaccine. So the question, I’ve had a lot of people advocate herd immunity, and it’s basically what Sweden, Switzerland. I get the two confused. Sweden did and tried.

But you’ve gotta be willing to accept, culturally as a society, you have to be willing to accept a certain number of deaths. We’re at over 80,000 now. (interruption) You mean it could be higher than that? (interruption) Oh, most people think — Dr. Fauci said that number’s 25% low. Dr. Fauci thinks over a hundred thousand deaths. He didn’t use that number, but he said he thinks 80,000 is like low by a factor of 25%.


RUSH: I need to make an observation. The calls that Mr. Snerdley has… Sometimes, folks, let me tell you what happens on this show. When Snerdley thinks I’m not talking about things the right way, he will send callers to me that will steer the program in a direction that Snerdley thinks I ought to, and it’s obvious…

It’s obvious I haven’t been spending enough time on the conspiracy aspects of this, because Snerdley… Every call today has dealt with some aspect of the conspiracy theory part of this story, that we’re being lied to (laughing) and we’re being set up. (laughing) I love it. I love it. It’s… (interruption) You haven’t given me the which calls that came in?


Oh, well, I know. Thank you for that. I knew that those would happen. We don’t want ’em.


RUSH: Joe in Stockton, California. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. Mega dittos and hoping for a speedy recovery for you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir. Are you part of the conspiracy cabal today? Just checking. There’s no wrong answer.

CALLER: No. I don’t believe that I believe in any conspiracies.

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: What I called for is I have a document that I found on the CDC website. Because I was trying to find out what the actual number of deaths for the flu is this year. Because I would think that if the number of deaths for COVID is as high as they’re saying, that you could add those two together and they would be much higher than years previous.

But I was not able to find these numbers for the flu deaths, and I could have been looking at in the wrong place. But what I did find was a document, 20-ID-01 from the Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists, and in this document on the table it states that for other criteria for reporting a COVID-19 case that all you need is an autopsy finding consistent with pneumonia or acute respiratory distress —

RUSH: That’s exactly right. If you —

CALLER: — as an identifiable cause.

RUSH: If you die with COVID-19, they’re gonna chalk it up to you dying because of it.

CALLER: No, this does not even state that you have to have COVID-19. It just states that if in an autopsy that they find pneumonia or acute respiratory distress syndrome. It does not state that you have to have COVID-19 for them to chalk it up to it. And it states that that is sufficient to report a case.

RUSH: So you think that the death toll of 80,000 — and it’s 81,571 now — you think that’s inflated, obviously?

CALLER: Well, I don’t know. I was trying to find something that would show me whether it was or not, because yes, I have a feeling that it is, but that doesn’t mean I’m accurate.

RUSH: Let me tell you what just happened at the White House press briefing. Some snarky reporter wearing a mask was asking new White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, “Why don’t you have Dr. Birx out here anymore and why don’t you have Fauci anymore?” And she said (paraphrasing), “Fauci been on television today more times than the president has. Fauci’s not denied any time. And I just had a conversation with Birx because I heard Elizabeth Warren telling a bunch of lies in the hearing today and I wanted Birx to set me straight. Here are the numbers.”

Elizabeth Warren said during her time to testify at the committee hearing today, that today alone 25,000 new cases of the coronavirus were reported. Kayleigh McEnany went and asked Birx about it, she said, “No, no, no, not even 20,000 today.” Elizabeth Warren, Fauxcahontas then said the number of new deaths today is over 2,000. Kayleigh McEnany said that Dr. Birx said, “No, no, no, no, it’s not even a thousand deaths yet today.” So Elizabeth Warren was lying about the number of cases today, the number of deaths today, according to Dr. Birx.

CALLER: Well, I believe that. That Elizabeth Warren would lie.

RUSH: And if she is, she’s not alone.

CALLER: No, she’s not.

RUSH: Somebody had to give her those numbers. So if I understand it, you are doubtful that the death toll exclusively because of coronavirus is as high as they’re saying?

CALLER: Yes, I am doubtful.

RUSH: Do you have a wild guess as to what the number actually is?

CALLER: I do not.

RUSH: And you are doubtful because you think they have an agenda in the more people dying, therefore, the more dangerous it is to venture outside, therefore, the more likely they’ll be able to persuade people not to venture outside, to stay home and stay shut down?

CALLER: Oh, I believe that there are some agendas at play here, yes. And it’s been proven to me. I can’t prove it to anyone else, but it’s been proven to me just by the way this has all played out.

RUSH: Just your common sense is telling you this.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: My instincts, which I don’t believe that they want us to use our instincts.

RUSH: No. They want you to believe Fauci.

CALLER: Oh, exactly.

RUSH: They don’t even care if you believe Birx anymore. They want you to believe Fauci.

CALLER: Instinctually when I see Fauci on the news, I don’t believe that he’s telling the complete truth about —

RUSH: But he’s got an impeccable reputation for honor and for integrity and honesty. It’s right up there with Robert Mueller’s.

CALLER: Yeah. So did Robert Mueller —

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: — until we found out about that. And so did the former FBI chief, until we find out about that.

RUSH: I mean, there isn’t a person who will in any way do anything but laud Dr. Fauci. Even when they’re gonna disagree with him they have to preface it by saying, “I have all the respect in the world for Dr. Fauci. He is the answer to every dream in health.” But nobody, nobody will go anywhere near being critical of Dr. Fauci. Not even Trump.

CALLER: I think that’s because —

RUSH: Not even Trump.

CALLER: — that’s because of fear. People fear that they don’t understand something that Fauci understands. But you have to follow your instincts in that case.

RUSH: Well, true. But look. Fauci, he wouldn’t care if you and I openly ripped him, he wouldn’t care about that.

CALLER: No, he wouldn’t.

RUSH: So if we did it, you know, no big deal because there are people like you and I who might be inclined to be a little critical. But nobody in that task force will ever, ever utter any less than laudatory words about Dr. Fauci. That includes Trump.

CALLER: I agree.

RUSH: Because the price to pay for it, the media would just jump on their throats and ram them silly. And they all know it. And they’re all saying it’s not worth the hassle. Anyway, I’m glad you called out there, Joe.


RUSH: Mr. Snerdley, let me ask you a question. You occasionally visit Twitter, Facebook and see things that are exposes or critical of Dr. Fauci. He’s been in the public realm here since the eighties with AIDS and so forth. And you’ll come across things about him that are really critical, and then the next day you go look and they’re gone. You’ve experienced that? 

So they’re sweeping this stuff away. Anything they think is disruptive or credibly critical of Dr. Fauci, the tech overlords sweep it away. You’ve seen this? Fascinating.

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