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RUSH: What do I think the libs turning on Elon Musk? I think it is classic. So Elon Musk is ticked off that he can’t open his factory. He’s dying. He wants to open his factory. Some state representative tells him to go get… I almost said it. A state representative told him, F-you, Elon Musk. Elon Musk said, you know, well, screw you. I’m gonna take my factory, I’m gonna move it outta here.

So you have the left turning on a popular American hero, the guy that manufactures and sells Teslas. I think it’s a teachable moment, but I think Elon Musk didn’t need to be taught. I think he’s already figured out what an albatross around his neck liberalism is. But this, if he hadn’t figured it out, then this would be his come home event where he learns what dealing with the left really is all about. He wants his business open. He wants his factory open. Tesla wants to start making cars.

The factory’s in Fremont. And they’re telling him… I can’t tell you what they’re telling him. A state rep, not even a member of Congress. A state lackey, some irritable, angry state representative woman is telling him to go blank himself over all of this. You know, he’s out of sorts, too, because he and Gates, Richard Branson, they’ve all figured out that they’re not gonna be able to get to Mars before they die so they’re out of sorts anyway. Then add this to it.

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