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*After my show today, I discovered this story at The Federalist by Mollie Hemingway. This is why I spent so much time on this today. This is key to understanding this whole sordid affair, folks. Talk about being on The Cutting Edge!

RUSH: I have to be honest with you, folks, I have been struggling to move on from this entire Russian collusion, Flynn story because I could have done all three hours on it today and still not finished saying everything I want to say. And there’s a reason for it. I think before everything’s said and done, every American needs to understand what happened here. And I know that’s never gonna happen. It’s not possible for every American to understand everything or anything about any story.

But, man, if there was ever anything that people should be able to get their arms around it’s this, because we’re still paying the price for these people doing what they did. We’re shut down. We have an economy shut down. We have this runaway virus. Everything that is happening that is harmful and negative to our country is being done on purpose by the same kind of people who were going after Trump on something that did not happen. Russia tampering with the election and stealing it with Donald Trump’s help, it didn’t happen.

And not only that, there was never any evidence that it happened, and not only that, there was never — please do not doubt me — there was never a valid reason to even investigate it. It is as silly and stupid as back in 1995 the Democrats accusing the Republicans of wanting to starve children. That actually became an ongoing news story that lasted for months during the budget battle of 1995, that the Republicans wanted to starve kids.

And the Republicans had to spend time explaining to people why they didn’t. And the Democrats were having little kids write letters to President Clinton saying, “Please don’t starve me. I can’t learn when I’m hungry.” And then the media would run those letters, and it was unbelievable, like this is. And this has lasted longer than the Republicans want to starve kids.

As I say, the reason I don’t want to let it go is because, A, there’s much more to learn from it. There’s much more mind-boggling stuff. But that the people behind it are still active and still prominent and still attempting to do what they were trying to do with this, and that is reverse the election result of 2016, get rid of Donald Trump, and whatever else that means. And I’m now of the opinion that it’s two separate things. Getting rid of Trump is one thing and reversing the election results are another thing. They’re linked, but I also now think they’re two separate things. I think they just can’t accept that they lost that election, that Hillary Clinton could lose.

It’s ruining our country, is what it is. These people and who they are and how they’re getting away with this is ruining the country. And I’ve always believed that the only real way this kind of stuff gets beaten and stopped is via mass public opinion rising up against it. And if people don’t know it, how can they rise up against it? And that’s why to me it’s — well, let me give you an example of what I’m talking about. Have sound bite number 11, I think, standing by.

Here is a story about the Flynn case being dropped. It’s in TheHill.com. “Comey, McCabe slams Justice for dropping Flynn case: ‘Pure politics designed to please’ Trump,” they say.

James Comey, who is as poisonously arrogant and is as big an egomaniac as I have ever encountered — and I must share with you that prior to this episode, James Comey had an impeccable reputation as a lawman, as a lawyer, as a man of distinct virtue. It just happened. He used to be the deputy attorney general for Ashcroft during the Bush administration.

And I never heard of him until then, but the image that he had successfully built was perhaps the most honest man, the most virtuous man, the most nonpartisan, the most perfect employee of the Department of Justice in Washington. Virtually everybody who talked about Comey said those kind of things about him. So that’s how I thought of James Comey when all this stuff happened. And Comey becomes the FBI director, does that July 5th press conference exonerating Hillary Clinton, I start scratching my head. I start asking people who know him, “Is this guy really this Mr. Virtue that we’ve all…”

“Oh, yeah, this guy is…” Well, then how do you explain what just happened here? He can’t legally do what he did. He’s not the attorney general. He doesn’t decide who gets charged and who doesn’t. He can’t decide whether or not Hillary Clinton’s gonna get charged for her server and their email violations. Anyway, it kept going downhill. And then I finally got the truth. The guy is simply a master manipulator and egomaniac.

He’s one of these people that has devoted his life to the crafting and the building of this reputation and image. You know people like this, probably. And now his is falling apart. And he knows it’s falling apart. It’s been falling apart. And what he’s counting on is that he’ll win every time if the comparison is between him and Trump. He thinks that Trump is a reprobate and an absolute insult to humanity walking around each and every day and in comparison, Comey cannot possibly lose, in a match of reputations and integrity and all of that.

And that’s what he’s relying on. He tweeted after the DOJ dropped the case: “The DOJ has lost its way. But, career people: please stay because America needs you. The country is hungry for honest, competent leadership.”

That’s deranged. That is devoid of reality. That is egomania on steroids. When he writes the country is hungry for honest, competent leadership, he means I wish I could go back. I wish I could go back. I wish I could ’cause I’m the guy, but you guys, you must stay.

And then McCabe, who is the personification of sleaze, he said in a statement Flynn had “high level interactions with Russian officials’ whom he ‘actively tried to influence.'” Those are outright lies, folks. McCabe said that “Flynn had lied about the substance of his talks with Russian officials.” No, he didn’t. He did not lie. And, in fact, the first two agents that interviewed Flynn said he didn’t lie to them and did not try to deceive them. And Peter Strzok had to go in and rewrite the 302, the summary of the interview, to write that he had lied. He did not lie. The agents did not think so.

So Strzok Smirk goes in it and rewrites the summary of the interview to say that he lied. It’s worse than banana republic stuff. And here McCabe knows all of this and he’s continuing to lie right to our face. And then he said in his statement, “Flynn’s lies added to our concerns about his relationship with the Russian government.” There wasn’t any relationship with the Russian government that anybody in the Trump administration had above and beyond the diplomatic relationship that every administration has with any foreign country.

And then McCabe wrote, “Today’s move by the Justice Department has nothing to do with the facts or the law — it is pure politics designed to please the president.” Everything McCabe said there is in fact a bold-faced lie. The FBI, the Obama administration, they had recordings of the phone calls between Flynn and the Russian ambassador because they were bugging the Russian ambassador.

They knew, McCabe knew, Comey knew, Clapper, Brennan, they all knew Flynn had done nothing improper. The fact that they occurred, the phone calls occurred, the fact that they reported the phone calls was to stoke the claim that Flynn may have agreed to drop sanctions that Obama had imposed on Russia. The fact that he was talking to the Russian ambassador, they said we can’t release the details but we have reason to believe that Flynn was acting against the — They made all of this up! The transcripts of the phone calls are there. Nothing untoward or illegal happened, and they all knew it.

There was no basis to ever believe that Michael Flynn would be a Russian spy. There was no basis to believe that he had committed a crime. But Comey, McCabe, Obama, they thought maybe they could nail him for violating the Logan Act. They didn’t even need to interview Flynn, folks. That was another thing that was manufactured and made up. They had phone calls. They had the transcript of the phone calls that he had made with the Russian ambassador. They did not need to ask him about them except if they wanted to set a perjury trap, which they did.

Again, the reason why I’m spending so much time on all this is that it hasn’t ended. It isn’t over. I guarantee you this. You randomly watch CNN the next couple days and you’ll see a story about Trump-Russia collusion. Even though they might report that the Flynn case was dropped, the fact that Trump colluded with Russia is still something that people in the Drive-By Media refer to and report on as though it was an event that happened and that Trump got away with it. It’s just that Mueller couldn’t find any evidence, but Trump did it, we all know Trump did it, they say. We just can’t find any evidence. That’s how they keep it alive.

And it’s the same people who are trying to destroy this country in other ways, take advantage of the arrival of this virus to do so. Let me take you back — grab sound bite number 11 and number 12. December 1st, 2017. So Trump’s been in office 11 months and this is an ABC News special report. George Stephanopoulos is speaking with the chief investigative reporter, Brian Ross, and they’re talking about Flynn. This is the day Flynn pled guilty to one count of lying to the FBI. Stephanopoulos said, “Brian, this might suggest that Michael Flynn had a fair amount of information to offer. If he’s pled guilty, it must mean he had a lot to turn over. What does it mean, Brian?”

ROSS: He’s prepared to testify, we are told by a confidant, against Trump, against members of the Trump family and others in the White House. He’s prepared to testify that President Trump as a candidate, Donald Trump, ordered him, directed him to make contact with the Russians which contradicts all that Donald Trump has said at this point.

RUSH: That is what ultimately got Brian Ross fired. That did not happen. Michael Flynn did not flip. Michael Flynn did not tell Mueller and did not agree to testify that Trump as a candidate ordered him to make contact with the Russians. It didn’t happen. It was not part of the plea deal. It was never anything Flynn pleaded guilty to. And yet there it is all over ABC News. They didn’t denounce it, they didn’t retract it. They just quietly fired Brian Ross a short time after this happened. On the same day — this was on Good Morning America — later the same day here is Maude Behar on The View.

BEHAR: Breaking news. ABC News’ Brian Ross is reporting Michael Flynn promised full cooperation to the Mueller team and is prepared to testify that as a candidate Donald Trump directed him to make contact with the Russians! Yes!

RUSH: Yes. Yes. They’re celebrating. Their audience is going crazy. Not a single syllable is true. Now, some of you might be cynical, “Rush, come on. People in Washington lie all the time.” I know they do. “Rush, this kind of stuff, this is more common than you probably understand.” No, this isn’t. Name for me any silent attempt you can recall to get rid of Barack Obama and throw him out of office, reverse the election results or George W. Bush. Well, with George W. Bush they did try.

There was not this official investigation into anything, but I’m forever now gonna be open to the possibility that they set George W. Bush up on weapons of mass destruction to embarrass him. They never were happy he won that election in 2000 after the Florida recount. You go back and look at various things that happened, you see them in a new light once you learn other things.

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