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RUSH: There’s news with Plugs and Tara Reade. Tara Reade, two stories. She has offered to testify under oath with a lie detector if Plugs will do the same. Plugs is saying that he’s not gonna do that.

There’s also this: “1996 court documents confirm that Tara Reade told her husband about the sexual harassment in Biden’s office.” Now, that’s the kind of thing that is a #MeToo movement slam dunk. If the woman tells somebody that it happened, right then and there? If the woman tells her husband, for example, that is seen as incontrovertible truth that the assault happened.

Now, some say it’s getting harder and harder for the Democrats to turn a blind eye to Tara Reade’s allegations, and that it’s getting harder and harder for Joe Biden to deny them. Mr. Snerdley, do you care about this story? Do you care about the Tara Reade story? (interruption) I’m really having trouble caring about it, because I don’t think Plugs is gonna be there. I don’t expect…

See, I don’t expect the #MeToo movement to apply to Democrats. I don’t expect them to be consistent with it. I don’t, because the #MeToo movement is not about protecting women. It’s like feminism has never really been about women’s rights. It’s been about liberalism and advancing liberalism. This is not about protecting women from Harvey Weinsteins.

This is about protecting abortion — “a woman’s right to choose” — and anti-Republican, anti-conservative. So if they were serious, then this Tara Reade babe would be immediately believed, just as Blasey Ford was, and Biden would be toast. The very fact that he’s not means that the #MeToo movement isn’t what it was portrayed to be when it began.

It never has been a movement designed to protect women against male sexual harassment. It never has been. So… (interruption) Right. I know. Exactly! (interruption) Well, but look… (interruption) Every… (interruption) Snerdley just said, “Everything that Blasey Ford didn’t have in terms of evidence and proof and that, this woman Tara Reade has.”

Right. And so Blasey Ford was unilaterally believed and this woman is being thrown overboard. She’s being ignored. Blasey Ford never had to promise to take a lie detector test. Anyway… So, you know, I don’t buy this stuff when it begins. The #MeToo movement was never something that I thought was legitimate, like nothing the left ever advances is.

Occupy Wall Street is not what it’s purported to be, for example. (sigh)

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