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RUSH: Politico is reporting that some states have announced cuts to their Medicaid budgets because of the loss of tax revenue — which, of course, is due to the closing down of the economy.

It’s not the first time states have cut Medicaid spending. It happened during the last economic slowdown. But experts warn this time it’s gonna be worse, because under Obamacare the number of people using Medicaid skyrocketed by millions.

Now, if that isn’t bad enough, there are millions of people newly out of work. A bunch of them will seek help from Medicaid just as the money is running out.

Now, in the first coronavirus bailout legislation, Congress gave states a temporary 6% increase to cover Medicaid. But some states are crying and moaning that it isn’t enough. They need more money and they don’t want chump change. They want billions and billions more. They want hundreds of billions – and they want it now. And Democrats in Congress, of course, want them to have it.

You might be asking: Why don’t states cut their budgets in other areas, if Medicaid is such a priority? Or, you might ask: Where are these billions of dollars supposed to come from?

Well, you can ask all you want; there will never be an answer. States want more money and we’re supposed to come up with it. End of story. It’s just apparently how it works now. If you want more money? Ha ha ha! Screw you! You can’t even go back to work yet, chump.

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