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RUSH: While we are still dealing with the coronavirus, which came from China, we face another serious threat from Asia: “murder hornets.”

Scientists say that these deadly two-inch-long insects somehow migrated to British Columbia, Canada, last December; then crossed the northern border into Washington State. 

Scientists say they are shockingly huge for hornets and they’re very scary After they nest and multiply, they have to find food for the babies. The choice meal is other species of bees.

Now, when murder hornets are in their “slaughter phase,” they seek out and decapitate these poor little honeybees, so they can feed the bodies of the hone bees to their baby murder hornets.

Now, american honeybees are hugely important pollinators, so if they get wiped out, then the food supply will be threatened. People are also vulnerable too. Multiple stings from these murder hornets can be fatal. They can kill you! They are reportedly responsible for at least 50 human deaths a year.

So what are we supposed to do now? How can we deal with this threat? Well, scientists are now trying to find the migrant bees who crossed our borders without documentation. Not to give them sanctuary, or to deport them back to Asia. No, they want to kill them! They want to murder the murder hornets, and they want to erase their future in America.

So borders, apparently, are to be respected and protected sometimes — like when something like murder hornets cross the border and start wiping out a bunch of bees!

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