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Guest Host Mark Steyn

Apr 28, 2020

Topics Discussed on Today’s Guest-Hosted Excursion into Broadcast Excellence
  • SteynOnline: Getting Down to the Non-Essentials – Mark Steyn
  • The Hill: Governors tiptoe toward reopening across the country
  • NewsBusters: Reporter to Trump: Do You ‘Deserve’ Reelection Since More Died from Virus Than in Vietnam?
  • Daily Caller: Olivia Nuzzi Defends Comparing Coronavirus Death Toll To Vietnam War Body Count
  • HotAir: Is It Time To Worry About A Broken Food Supply Chain?
  • AP: The US reopening is coming, but ‘normal’ is still a ways off
  • AP: Companies seek to limit legal liability for virus infections
  • Daily Wire: Democrat Senate Candidates Outraising Republican Incumbents, Say ‘Odds Have Improved’
  • FOXNews: Barr tells federal prosecutors to ‘be on the lookout’ for overly restrictive coronavirus shutdown orders
  • FOXNews: Trump suggests schools should open for a ‘short period of time’ before academic year ends
  • Politico: Republican firefight kicks off as protesters target GOP govs over closures
  • The Hill: State funding fight underscores Schumer-McConnell war
  • New York Post: Gov. Cuomo says New York may need federal help to pay unemployment benefits
  • Washington Post: Americans support state restrictions on businesses and halt to immigration during virus outbreak, Post-U. Md. poll finds
  • FOXNews: Infectious disease expert slams study that panned hydroxychloroquine as COVID-19 treatment: ‘It’s a sham’
  • Reuters: Millions of Americans locked out of unemployment system, survey finds
  • Reuters: U.S. store visits jump to March levels as some states ease restrictions
  • Washington Post: Will a child-care shortage prevent America’s reopening?
  • Breitbart: IHME Model Increases Coronavirus Death Projections, with Biggest Jumps in States Not Yet Reopened
  • HotAir: Is Texas Unveiling A Goldilocks Model We’ve Been Waiting To See?
  • CNSNews: China Suggests WHO Could Help US Gov’t Respond to Americans’ Criticism of Trump’s Pandemic Response
  • New York Post: Kim Jong Un’s uncle emerges as possible successor in North Korea
  • Washington Free Beacon: Supreme Court Puts Government On the Hook for $12 Billion in Obamacare Payments
  • Reason: Hawaiian Brewery Under Investigation for Hand Sanitizer Giveaway. Absurd enforcement of liquor regulations harms public health efforts
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