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RUSH: How many of you last night watched the NFL draft? Brian, you did? You watched it? I know Mr. Snerdley didn’t. Was it on in your house, Dawn? I didn’t even think to turn it on. I have read about the draft, however. No, I’ve never been much of a draft guy anyway. It’s never held the — even at the top, at the peak of my NFL Fanboy existence, the draft was always, eh, meh, no big deal to me. The vast majority of people chosen are never gonna make it so it’s just — but I know a lot of people do, a lot of people get into it.

And, apparently, ladies and gentlemen, some of the draft prospects, some of the college players last night really, really, really, really violated the lockdown order, the social distancing. The sports Drive-Bys are outraged by what they saw on TV. Not only do we have stay-at-home rules, not only do we have social distancing-in-your-house rules, we’ve got the NFL with it’s own rules on top of the federal government’s rules.

And yet, when we tuned in to watch the draft last night, despite players and agents having been read the riot act about not violating social distancing and lockdown while they’re on TV, it was clear there were people who didn’t belong in the house. It was clear there were people who were not family. It was clear that there were people that were ignoring social distancing.

The sports Drive-Bys are watching this thing like a bunch of brownshirts and now writing today, reporting on the violations.

Whoa. Has anybody ever heard of the concept of freedom? I mean, the Sports Drive-Bys are writing, “This was distracting to watch this last night, to see so many people openly in violation of the authorities’ guidelines.”

Did you hear what happened to Tom Brady? Did you hear about this? You know, Brady is renting Derek Jeter’s house in Tampa, and it’s a massive place, but the problem with it, it’s right there on like an Intracoastal Waterway or some such thing. And you can drive a boat right up to the backyard of the house, and Brady just figured that out after he moved in. So he’s got a security problem there.

Then yesterday or the day before Brady was walking in a neighborhood in Tampa and just walked into a house. He had with him a bag, like a duffel bag of stuff. And he said that he was looking for the home of the quarterback coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Byron Leftwich. But the home that he walked into was not the home of Byron Leftwich. He walked in. The owner of the house was in the house. Brady says, “You’re not Byron Leftwich.” And the owner of the house says, “You look like you’re really lost.”

So, now the sports Drive-Bys are jumping all over Brady for violating the stay-at-home order, for violating social distancing. And now they’re assuming that in Brady’s duffel bag was a bunch of footballs and that Brady was gonna break NFL rules by having a workout or a practice with his QB coach. You can’t do that. You can’t do that until the official OTAs begin. I hate acronyms. I can never remember what half of them are. Something team activities. Authorize — no — unofficial — no — optional team activities?

Anyway, Brady should not have been, he shouldn’t have had the playbook, he shouldn’t have been meeting with Leftwich, he shouldn’t have been having any footballs thrown around with Leftwich. Doesn’t matter. So the sports Drive-Bys are all about reporting players in the NFL who are violating rules and then getting mad that Brady was given like a pass. He was not cited with a violation because of course he’s Tom Brady and you’re not. And so the authorities decided to look the other way after telling Brady how to get home ’cause he apparently was lost walking alone in the neighborhood. The whole story is just hilarious.

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