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RUSH: I need to do something here I have been intending to discuss for a couple of days and it keeps getting pushed aside as stories with a higher priority continue to surface. We did a Morning Update on this earlier this week, and I think it aired on Tuesday or Wednesday. Here’s the upshot of the story. I think it is a microcosm. It is an indication of a whole lot of similar things that are taking place out there.

Elizabeth Bartholet, Elizabeth Bartholet, B-a-r-t-h-o-l-e-t — she might pronounce it Bartholet, once she’s hanging around with John Kerry. But her name is Elizabeth Bartholet. She’s a law professor at Harvard. Not only is she a law professor at Harvard, she is the faculty director of Harvard’s child advocacy program. And she is not happy. She is not happy with the stay-at-home order, but for a reason you would not figure out on your — well, you might, actually.

Professor Bartholet decided to weigh in on the coronavirus in an article for Harvard Magazine. She is worried about your children being homeschooled by you, the parents. She is worried about your children being forced into lockdown with their parents, with you all day, every day. This is unacceptable to Elizabeth Bartholet of Harvard’s child advocacy program. This is a huge, huge problem that parents have this kind of access to their children and thus have this kind of access to their education. Professor Bartholet says that the question is whether parents should have 24/7 essentially authoritarian control over their children from age 0 to 18.

I want you to try to think back to this, ask yourself if you are one of these people who have reacted very, very angrily at me over the years when I have said, postulated that one of the real reasons behind day care was to get your kids out of your house and to place them in locations where government educators would have access to them, mini-propaganda opportunities.

I remember people, “Rush, come on. That’s so over the top. People have to farm the kids out. It takes two incomes to survive today.” I mean, this goes back a long time. And I’ve said, “I’m just telling you, you need to be very, very wary of this.” Well, here comes evidence. Of all the things going on, Elizabeth Bartholet at Harvard is worried that you have authoritarian control over your own kids from the time they are born until they are 18. She says in her view that that is dangerous.

And I’m quoting here, “It’s dangerous to put powerful people in charge of the powerless. “Well, what the hell is turning ’em loose at school all about? If the teachers and the administrators are not authoritarians, and, if the students are not powerless, I don’t know what definition of power and powerless is.

But to say that is the equivalent circumstance of a family living together in their own home, that it is the powerful in charge of the powerless? She said, “It is dangerous to give those powerful people,” parents, “total authority over powerless people.”

She doesn’t see a family living in your house. She sees a Nazi mom and dad and a bunch of prisoners that are the kids. And the Nazi mom and dad are the problem, and the kids (the prisoners) have to be rescued from the “authoritarian” parents — who love their kids! I mean, of course there are exceptions.

There are exceptions to everything. But parents love their kids. What really has her worried is homeschooling. They are really worried that all of this is going to unwind and unravel the indoctrination that has been well underway in the public school system and all the way up to the upper levels of academe.

So you see, you parents — and I am not making a word of this up. This, again, is who these people are. This is a classic definition of liberalism: You’re incompetent, you’re incapable, you are power mad. There’s no check or balance. You might teach your kids something that Elizabeth Bartholet disapproves of!

You might teach your kids something that Elizabeth Bartholet will now have to try to erase from their minds. You dictator-like parents have too much power, too much unchallenged authority over your poor, powerless kids. You are dangerous. You’re more dangerous than the coronavirus.

This woman is upset at the lockdown because it’s giving parents unlimited time with their own children. Now, I’m not exaggerating any of this. This is not a satire piece. It doesn’t appear at any parody website. This is in Harvard Magazine. The value here, folks… This specific instance is what it is.

The value here is the continuation of my 30-plus-year quest to educate people about liberalism-socialism-communism, and why there is an ongoing and ever-present requirement to reject it instinctively. Liberalism needs to be rejected instinctively. If find out somebody is a liberal, and you have to conclude they are dangerous.

They’re wrong. They engage in deceit, by definition. They have to. So what’s more dangerous for America: The coronavirus (parents staying home with their children) or an esteemed, credentialed Harvard professor and child advocate worried about all the time you Nazi parents have with your prisoner kids?

I mean… (sigh) They tell us who they are if we will just stop and listen.

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