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Apr 23, 2020

  • BBC: Coronavirus: Leaving Middle Seat Empty is Idiotic, Says Ryanair
  • Daily Wire: 4.4 Million Americans File For Unemployment, Claims Top 26 Million In 5 Weeks
  • CNBC: The US Economy Has Wiped Out All the Job Gains Since the Great Recession
  • FOXNews: Dem Lawmakers Eye ‘Opportunity’ for Historic Expansion of Government Amid Coronavirus Crisis
  • The Democrats Totally Want A Depression – Kurt Schlichter
  • NewsBusters: Nets Pounce on Bogus Claim Doctor Fired for Opposing Drug Trump Pushed
  • GatewayPundit: Sweden Resisted Suicidal Economic Lockdown – Now Stockholm Expected to Reach “Herd Immunity” in Weeks
  • National Review: Ratfink America vs. You’re Not the Boss of Me! America
  • Townhall: The Weird, Politicized War Over Hydroxychloroquine
  • Breitbart: Publix Buys Excess Produce, Milk from Florida Farmers to Donate to Food Banks During Pandemic
  • LA Times: Garcetti: L.A. is ‘Under Attack’ and Will Need to Furlough Thousands of City Workers
  • Breitbart: Andrew Cuomo: You Want to Go Back to Work? Get a Job as an Essential Worker
  • New York Post: China to Make Additional $30 Million Donation to WHO After US Halts Funds
  • New York Post: Half of Europe’s Coronavirus Deaths Were in Nursing Homes, WHO Finds
  • Daily Wire: Sweden’s Chief Epidemiologist: Our Capital Should Soon Reach Herd Immunity From Virus
  • American Greatness: The Deadly Costs of Extended Shutdown Orders – Heather Mac Donald
  • CNN: Donald Trump Just Threw Georgia’s Governor Directly Under the Bus on Coronavirus
  • The Hill: California Governor Orders Autopsies Back to December to find out how long coronavirus has been in the state
  • CNBC: New York antibody study estimates 13.9% of Residents Have Had the Coronavirus, Gov. Cuomo Says
  • Breitbart: L.A. County Study: Coronavirus Outbreak Up to 55 Times More Widespread, Less Deadly than Predicted
  • Washington Examiner: Random Sampling Test Shows Coronavirus More Widespread and Less Deadly Than Previously Thought: Study
  • The Hill: The Data Is In — Stop The Panic And End The Total Isolation – Dr Scott Atlas
  • FOXNews: Coronavirus Patients to Get Nicotine Patches in French Study on Smoking’s Effects
  • National Review: Preliminary Study Suggests 13 Percent of New York State Residents Have Contracted Coronavirus
  • The Hill: Farmer Says His 61,000 Chickens Were Euthanized As Demand For Eggs During Pandemic Drops

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