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RUSH: Now, yesterday on this program… It’s amazing. I tell jokes about liberals. I characterize them or do things to make fun of them, and, within minutes, either the joke comes true or the characterization is something that they actually go out there and do, and it happened yesterday.

In reviewing Governor Cuomo’s press conference yesterday, I happened to say — I characterized it as — the “I’m Governor and You’re Not Press Conference.” You remember that? “I’m governor and you’re not.” Let’s go to the audio sound bites, because last night… In fact, this is what I said. Let’s get the exact quote.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Get this! Get this! At Governor Cuomo’s “I’m Governor and You’re Not Briefing” today… Governor Cuomo already today during the Governor Cuomo “I’m Governor and You’re Not Briefing” …

RUSH: Last night on CNN’s Fredo Prime Time, Governor Cuomo’s on with his brother, Fredo, and… Just listen. Just listen.

CUOMO: Will you please…? When I get the last word, the interview’s supposed to be over. Why do you let him keep talking?


CUOMO: (crosstalk)

FREDO: You can’t take the last word.

RUSH: He’s still talking.

CUOMO: You want the last word? I’m governor, and you’re not.

RUSH: The governor says, “I’m governor and you’re not.” — That’s why you have to shut up, Fredo. I’m governor and you’re not! — That’s how I characterized this press conference!

Cookie caught that.

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