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RUSH: Sweden is not locking down. Sweden hadn’t shut down anything. It’s all voluntary. You want to keep your business open, keep it open. You want to go to that restaurant if it’s open, go ahead and go. They’re not mandating anybody shut anything down.

There’s a story here in The Spectator USA by Fredrik Erixon:”The Swedish Experiment Looks Like It’s Paying Off — As much of the world went into lockdown, Sweden opted for a different approach.” The story outlines the enormous pressure the entire world has been putting on Sweden and their public health agency to shut down to conform with the rest of the world and how their government is resisting.

The belief in Sweden is that the virus is gonna spread no matter what people do. It’s gonna spread whether you shut down, it’s gonna spread whether you destroy your economy or not, it’s gonna spread whether you kill 22 million jobs, it’s gonna spread whether you board up hundreds of thousands of businesses. It’s going to spread no matter what you do until there’s some way to stop it. And we don’t have a way to stop it so we’re just prolonging the disaster with the lockdown and shutdown.

Sweden believes that going into lockdown is simply gonna lengthen the process of building up immunities to it and dealing with it. And when you look at the curve models, not locking down got this thing over and out in half the time. We’re never told 98% of the people who get it survive. It’s a long story in The Spectator, much too long for me to read to you, but it’s chock-full of evidence by people in Sweden that their way of dealing with this, not locking down, is by far the smartest way to deal with it because there’s nothing they can do to stop the spread anyway. Nobody can right now. There isn’t a vaccine.


RUSH: Here’s a little stat for you. Can do with it what you want. Sweden and Michigan have roughly the same population. It’s close enough for comparative purposes. Michigan has an autocrat for a governor who is refusing to allow the people in that state to practically do anything. It’s locked down like you can’t believe. It’s one of the states where people are protesting the degree to which Michigan is locked down.

Michigan has 1,000 more deaths from coronavirus than Sweden, which hasn’t locked down or shut down anything. Now, you can do with those numbers what you want, including accusing me of using them out of context. I don’t think I am. It just boils down to I’ve not seen this ever work as a means of stopping, defeating a virus or, over the long term, keeping people from getting it, keeping people healthy. This is just gonna prolong the inevitable while doing damage that theoretically no president could ever get reelected having presided over, right?

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