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RUSH: I want to weigh in on Michelle Obama and the rumor out there that she might end up being the vice presidential running mate for Joe Biden. I just have to tell you here at the outset, I don’t see it.

Now, I could end up being way wrong. But I’m look… (interruption) You think she wants it? (interruption) Here you look at the Obamas. The Obamas are in Fat City for the first time in their lives, like the Clintons. The Clintons didn’t have a dime to rub together when they were in the White House, and now look at them. The Obamas, ditto.

Now, the Obamas got their Netflix deals and they the got whatever other underwriters. They got their massive home next to Skip Gates in Martha’s Vineyard, their massive home in Washington, their massive home in Chicago, their massive home in Hawaii — if the state ever lets ’em back in. They’ve got a quarantine.

Why would they give all of that up to be vice president?

“She wouldn’t be vice president, Rush. If she was on the ticket it would be so she would become president.” I just don’t see it. Not for her. I can see him maybe wanting it, but I just don’t see it. I don’t see her having to give all this up. All that stuff has to go in a blind trust. The Netflix stuff has to stop. And I just don’t see them giving up the… (interruption)

Yeah, the lifestyle they have — and that’s true. Remember, the whole time that Barack Hussein O was president she complained about being cooped up in the White House. It wasn’t any honor for her. No way. Slaves built that place! It was no big deal to be in that house. Ain’t no way. She wasn’t honored by it. She felt like she was being cooped up. She couldn’t get out.

She couldn’t… No. I can’t… I just can’t see it, knowing everything that we know. A lot of it assumes that the Obamas are continually power hungry and that they’re devastated by what Trump has done to the country and they desperately… This is wishful thinking on the part of a bunch of leftists who don’t know where their power comes from to charge their electric cars, sitting there and dreaming that the Obamas are offended.

The Obamas are distressed, the Obamas are horrified by what Trump has done. Right, as they count their multimillions that only multiply. If they tell Netflix it’s not enough money, Reed Hastings says, “How much more do you want? Here’s the check!” It’s wishful thinking that the Obamas are sitting out there salivating over the opportunity to get rid of Trump.

That’s what the left wants to believe, but I don’t think it is the case.

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