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RUSH: The Legal Aid Society and other liberal activist groups have been demanding that convicted criminals with health problems or who happen to be older be set free to protect them from the coronavirus.

So while law-abiding citizens remain in lockdown, liberal officials have been freeing the bad guys from lockup. New York City released over 1,400 inmates, many from Rikers Island, over concerns that the virus was sweeping through the jails.

On Sunday, the New York Post reported that at least 50 of the released criminals have been re-arrested for new crimes. And then some of these re-arrested crooks were released again, to protect them.

New York’s far left mayor Bill de Blasio addressed the issue at a presser on Monday and downplayed it. He said only a small number of those released had committed new crimes. He promised that the city would “buckle down” on the released criminals and would supervise them tightly in the future. What, with drones? How’s he going to find them?

De Blasio also said it is “unconscionable just on a human level” that the criminals who were shown mercy returned to a life of crime almost immediately.

It’s unconscionable, shocking to the conscience. He can’t believe it.

Mayor, these criminals you’re talking about had a conscience, they wouldn’t be criminals in the first place! It’s a simple concept. Unless your brain has been taken over by virulent, unconscionable liberalism, which we know it has, which is the big problem. We’re so screwed. That city is anyway.

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