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RUSH: This Robert, Empire, Michigan. Thank you, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. How you doing?

RUSH: Fine, sir. Thank you.

CALLER: I see a lot of political strategizing going on right now. And what I’m scared of is Joe Biden picking Gretchen Whitmer to be his VP running mate. Now, we know darn well that Joe Biden is not going to be able to make it another four years, if he by a freak of nature gets elected in the presidency. So that means she moves up to that position, and that’s something we cannot afford. I mean, we can’t even go into a Walmart here in Michigan and buy a can of spray paint or go into a gardening section and buy grass seed or plant seed because it’s considered nonessential and it’s marked off with crime tape.

RUSH: Because of the governor.

CALLER: Because of the governor, because of Gretchen Whitmer.

RUSH: Right, so what you’re saying is you don’t want this babe anywhere near the White House because if she’s Biden’s VP, she’s gonna end up being president because Biden’s not gonna know where he is?

CALLER: Absolutely. And I can see her being the future Nancy Pelosi.

RUSH: I know she’s got everybody in Michigan ticked off and I know she’s got everybody paranoid. I don’t blame you. The woman is another classic Democrat governor that’s feeling all-powerful, loving this power that they’ve got, able to fall back on, “If it saves one life, it’s worth it.” Is that the standard now? If it saves one life, I’m gonna fly a drone over your house to find out if you’re social distancing. If it saves one life you’re not gonna go to the grocery store for six months. If it saves one life. Could be anything. And that seems to be one of the criteria —

CALLER: Absolutely.

RUSH: Well, I got a competing theory for you. Ain’t gonna be Gretchen Whitmer or anybody. It’s gonna be Michelle Obama.

CALLER: Yeah, that scares me, too.

RUSH: Yeah, I can imagine that it would. This is a New York Post story. It’s by Michael Walsh. “How the Obamas Could Easily Win Eight More Years in the White House.” It is convoluted. It is dark. It is depressing. But it sounds like everything in this idea could actually happen. So not enough time to get into it before the break here at the bottom of the hour.

But when I go through this, as Michael Walsh has constructed it, it will make you forget about Gretchen Whitmer being Biden’s chosen VP. It will open your eyes to something else, which many people have thought is gonna be Michelle Obama from the get-go — may even be her. This is just a way to get her in the White House. So hang on.


RUSH: Now, the Obamas in the story…

The reason why these stories are cropping up is ’cause I don’t care what you think, I don’t care what you’ve heard, Biden is dying. The polling data may not show it. Biden doesn’t have a prayer. Everybody knows she doesn’t have a prayer. Biden, they can’t even keep him standing up and making cogent statements about the coronavirus shutdown, even from his own basement.

They don’t risk letting him out there for five minutes even if it’s on a prompter. They know the guy cannot withstand a presidential campaign. They know the guy cannot participate in a debate with Donald Trump. They are fully aware of the liability. So what do they do? Well, here come all these theories like the last caller, Gretchen Whitmer.

Michael Walsh: “How the Obamas Could Easily Win Eight More Years in the White House.” Here is the progression of events: “In the next month or so, Biden would announce Michelle Obama as his running mate. With a little reverse engineering of the Obama-Biden bumper stickers of 2008 and 2012, they’re good to go.”

Michelle Obama, after being named as Biden’s running mate, “would immediately attract the undying worship of the national [media]. With the country still in lockdown, she can wave to Andrea Mitchell & Co. from the front door of her residences in Washington, D.C. … Martha’s Vineyard … or Chicago,” and fulfill every necessary photo-op requirement of a candidate.

Stand the front door and wave, observing the lockdown, being socially responsible and so forth waving to the peeps — eager to get out and join everybody on the campaign trail. “Barack Obama, who manfully supports his wife in all her endeavors,” or else, “would joke about being the First Husband and cite his familiarity with the White House as a qualification.

“Nov. 3: With the black vote and the Bernie Sanders wing of the party solidly behind them, the Biden-Obama(s) team would defeat Trump in both the popular vote and the Electoral College, flipping Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona and North Carolina and winning both houses of Congress.” This is the Democrat dream. This is not a prediction of what actually would happen.

This is the dream. So don’t get alarmed yet.

“Jan. 20, 2021: Joe Biden is inaugurated as the 46th president of the United States,” having not been seen during the campaign. “Jan. 21: On live television, Joe and Dr. Jill Biden tearfully announce that the 78-year-old president is [suddenly] ‘unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office,’ and that under the 25th Amendment, he’s resigning.

“Michelle Obama is now president of the United States and will not only fill out Biden’s term but will retain her eligibility to run again in her own right in 2024 when she will have turned 60. Jan. 22: President Obama announces her choice for vice president,” and it would be her husband, Barack Hussein Obama.

“However unlikely,” writes Mr. Walsh, “it’s the smart play. How could the Republicans ever counter it” if it happened. Well, here’s the thing that’s misunderstood about this. The thing that’s misunderstand widely by the media and the Democrat Party is Barack Obama’s popularity. He ain’t, in terms of people he endorses. Barack Obama’s endorsements more often than not doom candidates.

Ask Hillary. You go look it up. Don’t believe me if you don’t want to. Barack Obama-endorsed candidates do not win, including Hillary. “But, Rush! But, Rush! He’s not the candidate here. Michelle (My Belle) is, and she’s universally popular.” Yeah, I know that’s the conventional wisdom — and like so much of the conventional wisdom, formed by the Washington establishment, sorry, I just don’t buy it.

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