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RUSH: I’m the guy that’s been warning everybody about who the Democrats are and the modern-day leftists, but I swear, I don’t know how much more I can take of a political party and its governors actually attempting to extend this damage, to prolong the harm that is occurring to average, ordinary people. It is amazing to watch this.

I’m asking myself, do they have no common sense? What are they gonna have left if they succeed with this? Governor Cuomo just said the most incredible thing, and I’ll bet you this is gonna be true of Illinois. Governor Cuomo at his briefing just said that the state budget of New York is totally dependent on what the federal government gives them. Stop and think about that. And I’ll bet you who’s gonna be next in line is this guy who — you know, I get the mayors and the governors in Illinois confused because the mayor of Chicago actually runs that state. J. B. Pritzker, whoever, they’re gonna be next, and both of these states have pension plans that are in big trouble and they’re gonna use federal money to bail that stuff out.

But for Cuomo to come along and say that the state budget of — and this guy’s gonna run for president? The Democrats think this is their savior nominee? Ho. So he’s sending basically the news that we’re gonna need a bailout after all of this. No wonder he’s being so nice to Trump. No wonder he’s being complimentary of Trump. No wonder Trump’s playing these audio sound bites of Cuomo complimenting him, calling Trump phenomenal. It really irritates the Drive-Bys, by the way.

Folks, I can’t tell you how this depresses me to watch this. I mean, I know that there are people in this country that don’t like it. And I know that there are people in this country who think capitalism is a mistake and so forth, but if these people succeed, there’s not gonna be anything left to govern, which maybe is the objective. Put it back together in their own dream. But we’re heading down a path of utter destruction here, and the evidence continues to mount that it has not been necessary. And that’s what I want to start with today.

How many of you have some of the news about testicles may make men more vulnerable to coronavirus. Have you seen that story? (interruption) Testicles. The coronavirus could linger in the testicles, making men prone to longer, more severe cases of the illness, according to a new study.

Okay. So we have all of these studies on chloroquine, can’t pay any attention to those, we don’t have enough anecdotal evidence. We can’t rely on that study. We can’t rely on ’em. Somebody comes along and says it may linger in testicles and man, it makes big news. If I were the Democrats I’d kind of be happy. The Democrat men, all of their testicles are in lockboxes. So they may not even have a problem with this.

It may just be Republican men and their testicles who suffer. ‘Cause Democrat men gave theirs up I can’t tell you how long ago. Just watch any Drive-By Media newscast and you can see testicle-less men all over the place, they’re all over the Democrat Party. And because they put their testicles in lockboxes back during the Hillary era, they may be inadvertently be protected here.

The obligatory Dr. Fauci headlines. “Dr. Fauci Condemns Protesters Clamoring for End to Lockdown: Premature Reopening Will ‘Backfire,'” says Dr. Fauci. But then Dr. Birx praised what’s about to go in Florida.

Grab sound bite nobody 24. This happened at the briefing yesterday at the White House. A reporter said to the Scarf Queen, “You again praise the American people for doing their bit over the past few weeks. What goes through your mind when you see photographs of crowded beaches in Florida? Is that of concern for when we start seeing some of these restrictions being lifted?”

BIRX: We go metro by metro, county by county. And so I’d have to link that with a specific county and look at their case rates. I believe the governor and the public health system that Florida has, they have some of the best county public health individuals I have ever had to deal with. They are amazing, because I had to work with them under HIV/AIDS.

RUSH: So she’s praising, hey, if they’re opening the beaches in Florida, I gotta trust the health people there, totally knocking the media guy down a peg or two. Now, you could also say that Dr. Birx, she’s not gonna run down any medical or health expert no matter where they are. Even if they’re in Tanzania, she’s not gonna run ’em down. She’s gonna stay loyal to the industry, to the business of health expertise. But it sounds to me like she knows some of these things personally. It totally messed everybody up. They thought Dr. Birx was going to savage the mayor of Jacksonville. And they thought the Scarf Queen was gonna savage the governor, Ron DeSantis, and she didn’t.

Speaking of media — which, as you know, they aren’t media, and here’s another bit of evidence. The Miami Herald, the newspaper, has a “metro columnist,” meaning she writes columns on the local scene in the Miami Herald. Her name is Fabiola Santiago. She tweeted yesterday that Florida residents on “packed beaches should work nicely to thin the ranks of” supporters of Trump and DeSantis.

She’s hoping that crowded beaches lead to more people getting COVID-19 and dying, and she’s assuming most of the people going to the beaches are gonna be Trump supporters and DeSantis supporters. So let’s just hope they spread the disease and die! That’s one… (interruption) “Was she fired?” (laughing) I don’t even think she’s reprimanded. “Santiago tweeted that ‘packed beaches should work nicely to thin the ranks of Trump/DeSantis… supporters in #Florida who value money over health.”

Somebody pointed out that Fabiola Santiago had nothing to say about the decision by three Democrat governors — Murphy, New Jersey; Cuomo, New York; Lamont, Connecticut — to reopen marinas and boatyards under social distancing rules. On Friday they said… (interruption) No, the story here has no reporting on what reaction the paper, her employer, had to this. Nothing’s gonna happen to her. They might go public that she’s been reprimanded and has to do 10 minutes of community service or some such thing.

She may have to go to the beach and stand next to a Trump supporter. Who knows? But this is who they are. See, she will never be called a hatemonger. She will never, ever be thought of as anything as other than compassionate and thoughtful and caring because she’s a liberal Democrat and a member of the media. This is just unadulterated hate. Now, she might say, “I’m just joking.” Yeah, well, we don’t get to joke about things like this.

We don’t get to joke about you people dying. If that happens, they come after us. So I just hope beyond hope that massive numbers of Americans are seeing this, because they’ve got nothing to do but spend time watching the news and the media looking for the latest updates. I hope that there are gazillions of people finally seeing some of this, some of these examples.

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