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RUSH: Here’s David, San Diego, as we start on the phones. Great to have you, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hi there, Rush. Mega dittos.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: First-time caller. My question to you was, you know how Donald Trump’s already announced to reopen the country, let’s get this going, and he put it up to each individual governor of each state, you know, to when to get started. You know, being that most of these governors are all Democrats, is this a way for him to say, “Look, I’m ready to go, but you guys are the ones that don’t want to start it up,” kind of like putting it on them, like, you know what I mean, what I’m trying to say?

RUSH: Are you asking me if I think there’s something political in Trump’s scheming here so that he is leaving it up to the governors, many of the governors happen to be Democrat, they don’t want to open up because they don’t want to make Trump look good, and so they’re gonna be harming themselves by keeping their states shut down, and that’s Trump’s objective? Is that your theory?

CALLER: You know, not necessarily subjective, but kind of like saying, look, I threw the first pitch, you know, where’s everybody else? Kind of, you know, I guess so. I guess it is, you know, to clear his name like saying, “I’m ready to go. You’re not.”

RUSH: Okay. So you think Trump is passing the buck? He’s trying to clear his name, he’s trying to put the onus on these guys to do it, and if they don’t do it, it’s not Trump’s fault?

CALLER: Yeah, that’s what I think because —

RUSH: Okay. Look, I understand that. And I understand that many of you are thinking along those lines because you’ve been trained by me. You’ve been trained by me to see the intricate political possibilities, the chicanery and the deceit employed by Democrats. I’m gonna tell you this, I think Donald Trump has one objective: Make America Great Again. I think Donald Trump has one objective: get this country moving again. I think he wants everybody back to work as quickly as possible. I think he wants these governors to do the right thing.

That having been said, he knows he’s not an idiot. He knows that the Democrats oppose him on all of this. So if your scenario happens, I can see where Trump would understand it, but I don’t think that’s his objective in putting the onus on the governors. He believes in look like politics, knowing and having a better handle on local situations than they in Washington have. He’s not an autocrat. He’s not a dictator.

And, you know, to the extent that some Democrat governors are gonna fight him and oppose this, he knows it. And to the extent that that may end up harming them politically, fine. I don’t think that’s why he’s putting the onus on the governors. It may be a fine line. And I could be dead wrong. Trump could have turned into the biggest political animal in Washington, D.C., in the last three years. But I think his objective here is the economy. I think the objective here is the American people.

I don’t think he’s gonna rejoice in states doing well except those run by Democrat governors. He’ll have fun with it. I mean, he’s tweeting some stuff about Andrew Cuomo. He says, “Grow up, Andrew. Stop talking about your mother. Stop complaining about stuff and get to work.” I’m paraphrasing the tweet, but he’s had some really caustic things — well, Cuomo did spend 10 minutes today, maybe longer, it got to even Fox bumped out of it — talking about his mother and how they’re trying to keep her safe and how he’s been a good son and how he’s learned to be an even better son and how he cares more about his mother today than he has in many, many years. It was kind of strange, in a way, stuff that you and I — were you in your seventies before you discovered you loved your mother a whole lot?

So yeah, I’ll get the exact tweet and save it. But let me put it to you this way. Let the competition begin. Let the red state versus blue state economy competition begin. Barack Obama led the most anemic economic recovery, post-recession in our nation’s history. Trump led the most impressive surge. Now we’re gonna see which states perform better and which perform worse.

This could be a side by side, A-B comparison. You’re gonna have many Democrat governors stay shut down, locked down. Like this batty governor in Michigan is really a sight to behold. And, meanwhile, other states are gonna reopen, and we will see.

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