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RUSH: According to Politico, some Democrats are treading very carefully with their criticism of President Trump. Supposedly, they’re afraid that harsh words could reduce coronavirus relief for their states.

Illinois Democrat Senator Dick “Turban” is one who’s reportedly treading lightly. He told Politico the welfare of his state is what matters; if playing “nice cop” gets the job done, that’s the approach he’ll take.

But Minnesota Democrat Senator Tina Smith says that Democrats are worried they’ll be retaliated against if they ask tough questions. Connecticut Democrat Senator Chris Murphy says there’s even a “perception” among Democrats that distribution of emergency supplies is based on politics. He complains that blue Connecticut hasn’t gotten as much as Florida, which is a red state.

So much for treading lightly.

You want the truth? Look at the record. California. New York. Their governors are political partisans who constantly slammed Trump before this pandemic. Both of them now praise the president to the hilt and thank him for getting them whatever they need without any hint of politics.

The damage to our country has been immense, and Donald Trump is about getting this country healthy again, making America great again, and back to work.

But most of the partisan hacks in the Democrat Party refuse to let go of their Trump derangement. They’re not “treading lightly.” They’re liberals first, last, and always. Crisis or no crisis. They can’t help themselves and Trump will react accordingly.

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