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RUSH: This is Elizabeth on an overpass trying to get to Lansing in Michigan. Great to have you on the program, Elizabeth. How are you doing? What’s up?

CALLER: Hey, Rush, it is awesome to talk to you. Mega, mega millions of dittos. Love you for 30 years now.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I drove to Lansing today in conjunction with thousands of other Michigan people who are fed up with our governor’s Draconian measures. She has shut down our state until the end of April, which we knew, that’s fine, everybody’s doing that. But then she added more of her ridiculous closures. For example, I can go and buy a lottery ticket and have an abortion, but I cannot buy seeds to plant food for the summer. She has closed off whole sections of Menards and Meijers where we can’t buy paint. We can’t buy flooring for our homes, but we can go and we can get marijuana at the local weed shop. So we are fed up with it. The economy in west Michigan is suffering not simply because of the COVID-19, but because of our governor shutting us down needlessly.

RUSH: I think your governor, being a Democrat, has some problems. I think Democrat governors are being coached by Nancy Pelosi and Schumer to push this harder than they might normally feel is appropriate. I think these Democrat governors are getting pressure from national Democrats to ratchet this up in hopes of making it look bad for Trump.

I also think no governor wants to have happen in their state what happened to Governor Cuomo in New York with this massive overrun, this massive number of cases. And so rather than focusing on where problems are, she’s just taking the shotgun approach. She’s just shutting down everything, making sure everything gets shut down so that what happened in New York doesn’t happen to her. It’s lack of experience combined, I think, with pressure from the Democrats.

And I think a lot of these people are getting off, frankly, on the newfound usages of power that they are discovering, including even some mayors, you know, one-way sidewalks for crying out loud.


RUSH: We have Karla and Steve, we got two people on the phone in their car outside of Lansing, Michigan. I’m glad you called. Hello.

KARLA: Rush, this is hard for us to believe. We have loved you for literally decades. I found you in the Clinton years thanks to my husband. I was home raising four babies, four Rush Babies.

RUSH: Wow.

KARLA: And literally you were my friend through those sometimes lonely years while I was raising my children. And I have to tell you, they went through liberal arts colleges, and they’re all still conservative, and it’s because of you.

RUSH: Well, thank you very much. You made my day. I really appreciate that.

KARLA: We love you deeply.

STEVE: And, Rush, you are in our family prayers every day.

KARLA: Yeah, we love you.

RUSH: Thank you.

KARLA: So we’re in a line here, Rush, and we’ve got flags out the windows, every single side street is crammed with cars and flags and honking horns and smiling faces. We aren’t your typical protesters, as you can probably figure out, but we feel like our civil liberties are worth standing up for. We feel like the peak was April 4th here in Michigan —

RUSH: Well, good for you. Have your jobs been closed on you? Have you been shut down?

KARLA: Yes. My husband, his company has been partly shut down. He’s trying to keep it going. It made it through the Obama years. It made it through wars, and we’re just praying that he can make it through this time.

RUSH: You see, one of the things I always say is that conservatives never join the protest march because they’re too busy. They’re out there working. Well not now. So now you’ve got the opportunity to go out there and join the protest march, and you’re doing it.

KARLA: We’re doing it. Our kids are home, but they are watching their parents be rebels. (giggling)

STEVE: Rush, one more comment. About four weeks ago, it was a Friday afternoon, I had just left a meeting in a city south of here, the stock market had gone up 2,000 points. You were very, very optimistic that afternoon about a revolution taking place. The Masters was not gonna be postponed, we’re gonna have World Series, we’re gonna have baseball. You said people will eventually get sick and tired of giving up their freedoms. It seems like we’ve finally gotten there in Michigan.

RUSH: Good.

KARLA: Yeah.

RUSH: Yeah, people are initially willing to cooperate. If you tell the American people there’s this evil thing out there that could wipe us out, here’s what we need to do to stop it, and this is what you need to do to protect yourself and your family, Americans are amazingly compliant when told the truth about dangers. They’re amazingly industrious when told what needs to happen to overcome them.

Well, that’s the missing component here. Americans have been told to stay at home and sit down. That goes against the grain of what most Americans, and particularly entrepreneurs and business creators, that goes against the way they spend their life, spend their day. And it was only a matter of time before this nervousness and boredom and feeling, “Wait a minute. This isn’t right” began to seep in to a lot of people. So I’m glad that you guys got through. Glad you held on. Thank you so much. And thank you again for all the prayers and the nice words.

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