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RUSH: After being blocked by Democrats last week, Republicans are still working to get a $250 billion increase in the Paycheck Protection Program, to help small businesses stay afloat. Now, these businesses are getting absolutely creamed by the coronavirus economic shutdown.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell — the Turtle — and Republican House Leader Kevin McCarthy say they’ll keep trying to get a “clean bill” that focuses only on small businesses. Well, good luck with that. The Democrats are determined to load tons of spending and political payoffs into any emergency legislation.

Now, on the off-chance that you expected anything better from Democrats, my question is: Why? This is from page one of the Democrat handbook: “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

Along with their accomplices in the Drive-By Media, Democrats are already weaponizing the coronavirus crisis. They’re laying the groundwork to try to take  Trump down with yet another round of investigations.

It should be obvious, especially to you small business owners, that Democrats don’t care a whit about your hardships or your business. Not during this pandemic, or any other time.

It’s a teachable moment. I usually say, “learn it, love it, live it.” This time, don’t love it, but do learn it, because we’re all living it. The Democrats are in this for themselves, and for their far-left agenda not for you. Never forget that.

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