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Apr 10, 2020

  • Chicago City Wire: Roseland Hospital Phlebotomist: 30% of Those Tested Have Coronavirus Antibody
  • Patch.com: Flu Outbreak Plagues California With 16 New Deaths
  • Daily Wire: Report: Trump Pushing ‘Behind Closed Doors’ To Reopen Much Of U.S. Next Month
  • Washington Post: Fed Chair Powell Says U.S. Economy Deteriorating ‘with Alarming Speed’
  • National Review: Fed Chairman Says Economy Could Recover ‘Quickly’ but Warns of ‘False Start’
  • FOXNews: Trump Revives Call for Payroll Tax Cuts in ‘Phase Four’ Coronavirus Relief Package
  • New York Post: Trump Seeks ‘Really Big Bounce’ in Economy After Coronavirus Crisis
  • Breitbart: Australia Stayed Ahead of Pandemic by Ignoring ‘Politicised’ WHO on China Travel Ban
  • Daily Caller: Bill Barr Says Evidence From Durham Probe Is ‘Troubling,’ Report Of Investigation Is ‘Likely’
  • Federalist: Why The World Health Organization Is A Danger To Public Health
  • GatewayPundit: Victor Davis Hanson: An Accurate Coronavirus Mortality Rate Will “Lead to Greater Confidence”and Allow America to Get Back to Work
  • New York Post: Democrats Want to Drop Joe Biden for Andrew Cuomo, Poll Finds
  • CNSNews: Federal Debt Tops $24 Trillion for First Time; GAO: ‘The Current Federal Fiscal Path is Unsustainable’
  • Q13FOX: Army Field Hospital at CenturyLink Field Event Center to be Dismantled, Returned to FEMA
  • MyNorthWest: Gov. Inslee Owes US Army, Feds an Apology
  • FOXBusiness: What Saved My Life in Coronavirus: NC Elected Official. The State’s Treasurer Had an Experimental Treatment for COVID-19
  • CNSNews: Federal Debt Tops $24 Trillion for First Time; GAO: ‘The Current Federal Fiscal Path is Unsustainable’
  • FOXNews: Meet the Former NYT Reporter Who is Challenging the Coronavirus Narrative
  • Daily Wire: ‘Why Have We Shut Down The Country?’ Ex-New York Times Reporter Challenges The Dire Coronavirus Models
  • Breitbart: ‘Let the Death Angel Pass Over’ — Donald Trump Hosts White House Easter Blessing
  • New York Post: Pope Francis Says Coronavirus Could be ‘Nature’s Response’ to Climate Change
  • FOXBusiness: Oil Exploration Firm: Huge Alaska Deposit Discovered
  • FOXNews Poll: Trump Job Approval Hits New High as Voters Rally During Crisis
  • New York Times: No More Golfing in New York During Coronavirus Pandemic
  • FOXNews: AG William Barr on the Russia Investigation: ‘There’s Something Far More Troubling Here’

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