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RUSH: I have a very fascinating point of view here in the upcoming call. This is Eric in Prescott, Arizona. Great to have you, sir. Really glad you waited through all that. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. It’s an honor to speak with you, and my family and I have sent our prayers to you.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I wanted to point out, there are so many similarities, more than I can mention here, that I find between this existential crisis with the virus and one that is climate change. In both cases we have scientists and the scientific community, as you pointed out, and the doomsayers. Whether we do something or not on climate change, it gets hotter, it gets colder. Whether we social distance or not, you have a California and you have a New York. But the one thing that we can do to face this existential crisis in both cases is fundamentally change our economy and how the country looks, and my observation is with this, although it’s much I guess quicker in its run than climate change, is isn’t this kind of like a dry run of the Green New Deal?

RUSH: That is what fascinates me because I, as you know, read a bunch of tech blogs written by a bunch of Millennial-aged left-wing know-it-alls. And they think this is great. There are stories throughout the tech blogs about how pollution levels are down and that we’re saving the planet from climate change with this. They’re praising the virus because this is what’s been necessary to save the planet. While it’s killing people, they’re praising it, because this is the kind of thing — and the fact that it’s gone on now for however long proves we can do it and that we can do it for longer periods of time.

So you are really perceptive out there, Eric, because I’m telling you, the Green New Deal crowd and the climate change crowd is gonna latch on to this, and they’re gonna say not only can this save us from runaway diseases, this is what’s necessary to stop CO2s and to save the planet from dreaded climate change. You are right on the money. And it’s gonna take a massive, concerted political effort to fight this back.

CALLER: Yeah, absolutely right. I saw the article this morning, you could finally see the Himalayas from India and, you know, the clouds are finally going away. I guess my question to you is, with that sinister — not sinister, but skeptical look at the models and predictions, are they just trying to kind of give us a taste for it? Is this the dry run intentionally? And then — because we can’t vote on this, obviously.

RUSH: Wait. Are you asking is the virus manufactured as a dry run to shut things down to save the planet for climate change? Is that what you’re asking?

CALLER: No, no. The use of the models and (unintelligible). In other words, like I said earlier, whether we do something or not millions will die — actually 60,000 will die. Obviously too many as you, you know, pointed out. But is this like an opportunity to use the models and as the scientists who are infallible — and we all kind of face the threat of being called science deniers —

RUSH: Well, look. The answer to your question is that models are the sole source of evidence for climate change for 40 years. That’s all the evidence there’s — which is not evidence. Models are just projections. We don’t have any evidence the models are right. The models make their predictions 30 and 40 years out now in climate change because that’s how you avoid accountability. Thirty, 40 years out, who will remember what the models said? The model are being used like polling is used, to shape public opinion, not reflect it.

So the models are already in use. There’s nothing they can learn from the model usage here in coronavirus. It’s the other way around. The way models are used in climate change is guiding the way they’re being used here. In addition to this, Pope Francis — are you people ready for this? Pope Francis, the pope, Il Papa, says he believes the ChiCom coronavirus pandemic is certainly nature’s response to our failure to address human induced climate change.

He was asked by a British journalist whether COVID-19 is an opportunity for ecological conversion. And Il Papa reasserted his belief, humanity has made nature mad by not responding adequately to the climate crisis, and so nature has responded by giving us coronavirus. This is the pope, the Vicar of Christ on Easter weekend. Donald Trump is doing more for Easter celebration than the pope is, for crying out loud.

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