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RUSH: The august and revered World Health Organization says there’s no need for healthy people to wear face masks days after the CDC told everybody to cover their faces. Let me tell you about this World Health Organization, folks. You know, Trump is talking about withholding money from ’em, and he ought to. They’re a worthless bunch of globalists just like the United Nations en masse is.

The guy that runs the World Health Organization was put in place by Xi Jinping of China. And that is why this guy has been singing the praises of China from the get-go. This guy has lied to the world about the contagiousness of this disease. Whatever China has said about it, he has parroted it. We are the number one contributor or donor to the World Health Organization like we are the number one contributor and donor to all of these globalist outfits.

This guy is a scourge. This guy’s a political apparatchik of the communist Chinese. He is not independent. He cannot tell the truth. We ought to defund and we ought to get the World Health Organization out of this equation. And Trump is saying this guy ought to resign and get out of the way. I totally agree.

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