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RUSH: I have a funny little Joe Bite Me. This is yesterday on the Address Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Facebook page. The Democrat presumptive nominee, Joe Plugs Biden, addressed union members on the second day of the 44th constitutional convention of the union. Here’s part of what he said.

BIDEN: There’s no better friend to have than Bobby Casey. We go back a long way. We grew up in a neighborhood in Scranton that were literally four blocks away from one another. Same parish, same schools, although he went to Scranton Prep. I’d gone, I’d left by that time. I was doing a — a virtual almost the same kind of place I went to in Claymont, Delaware, a little steel town.

RUSH: Well, it sounds wonderful, yeah, I grew up with Bobby Casey, yeah, Bobby Casey grew up in the neighborhood. The problem with this is Biden moved away from this neighborhood seven years before Casey was born. He didn’t go to school with Casey. He was seven years ahead of Casey. He never lived in the same neighborhood with Bobby Casey because Bobby Casey was born seven years after Plugs fled the neighborhood. He just makes it up.

He just stands up there and (imitating Biden), “Stand up, Chuck, let ’em see you, buddy. Get up out of that wheelchair. Come on. You can do it. Oh, my God. I didn’t realize he was in a wheelchair. Oh, gee. That’s just horrible, horrible.”

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