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RUSH: Steve in Stockbridge, Michigan. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Rush, mega Mondo dittos from the lock down communist state of Michigan.

RUSH: The lock down communist state of Michigan. Welcome, sir. Great to have you. You’re making me laugh. I like that.

CALLER: Oh, we have to laugh. The governor came out yesterday talking about a 70 day extension on this, and small businesses here are withering on the vine.

RUSH: They are. Does it bother you that certain businesses are being said to be essential and others are not so they can go to work and they get paid, but you can’t?

CALLER: I view that as a minor issue in the bigger picture personally, but I really feel the media has to take a financial burden in this panic and hysteria that they’ve created.

RUSH: Well, they are taking a financial burden. You know, the media’s asking for bailouts? No, seriously. I mean, advertisers are dropping out. Let me tell you something. In the media world out there, it is bad right now, particularly in print media. But in some places in broadcast, it is bad out there. The New York Times is even talking about needing a bailout. If you want them to suffer economically, they are. But remember most of them are owned by conglomerates, and they can actually treat them as loss leaders. ABC’s part of Disney. NBC’s part of Comcast. But you want them to suffer financially because you think that they are contributing to the decline here?

CALLER: I think they have totally created the panic, the hysteria. I think they’ve perpetrated this economic meltdown. I fault them expressly in this.

RUSH: Well, I believe that something about the media hasn’t changed. They want Donald Trump harmed. They want Donald Trump somehow out of office, even if it could be made to happen before the election, they’d do it, they’d take it. If it takes until the election, fine. And there’s no question that that’s flavoring and coloring the way they’re reporting the news. I mean, they were giddy, some of these networks were giddy today reporting 700,000 jobs lost. Some were disappointed it wasn’t more.

But the media is a constant, Steve. The media, I don’t know how far you want to go back, but let’s just go back to 2016 and the campaign. The media has been consistently filled with undisguised hatred for Donald Trump, and they have thrown every concept of journalism out the window to get him. So there’s nothing new about how the media is reacting here.

The media is behaving to type. They are hyping bad news. Do you realize the hurricane forecast came out earlier this week, and they’re all excited, four major hurricanes may hit the country during this, they’re so excited, they can barely hold their breath over the damage that might finally do to Donald Trump. They don’t care about the damage it might do to you.

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