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RUSH: Now, earlier in the week we had a bunch of people call. They were expressing the challenge of being at home with their kids and can’t go outside or can’t go outside very often, and I offered some suggestions. It’s a great opportunity to teach discipline. Lord knows not enough of us have enough. It’s a great opportunity to teach discipline. It’s a great opportunity to teach your kids about this country.

You have 24/7 access to your kids. You have an opportunity here to wrest control of whatever poison they were being taught. You know, the Constitution of this country is woefully untaught. The founding of the country is woefully untaught. The story of the real Thanksgiving is not properly taught. Even the Great Depression and how we came out of it is not properly taught.

People are not taught that the Great Depression lasted 10 years longer than necessary because FDR used it to do exactly what Gavin Newsom is talking about: Advance a “progressive,” liberal agenda to empower the Democrat Party for 50 years, by creating nothing but as many dependents as he could out of the American population.

There’s a golden opportunity for those of you homeschooling. You’re now learning about it, how to do it. It’s frightening. It’s daunting. You’re getting a new appreciation for teaching. So here’s what we have done. Many of you have become home teachers now because your kids are home from school fulltime. And who knows how long that’s gonna be the case — and what kind of summer recess is there gonna be?

What kind of summer vacation is there gonna be? So I mentioned earlier that we were working on a page at RushRevere.com and RushLimbaugh.com to make available an opportunity to get free versions of the Rush Revere series. Kathryn and I would love to help with your at-home teaching efforts by offering free Adventures of Rush Revere series books to you while our supplies last. We always hold back supplies for things like this.

Now, it’s about time since I’ve talked about the Adventures of Rush Revere series. So let me give you a little recap. Again, for those of you who know the story and have been here awhile, I beg your indulgence, ’cause every day, people listen in to this program for the first time. Some years ago, we realized that there was a real void of accurate, truthful, patriotic, engaging American history being taught to young people.

So we set out on a mission to write American history adventures that made American history fun for young people, not just a fact-based recitation of statistics and dates. We devised a system to actually take the reader back into that aspect of American history we were focusing on, have them learn it by actually being there. Instead of just memorizing boring facts for a test, we wanted young readers to really experience history up close.

And to understand the most incredible story. The founding of the United States of America is one of the most incredible stories in all of mankind, the founding of the United States. And teaching it by actually being at the events that shape the country. So how did we do it? We created the vehicle of time travel. We created the magic of time travel via an incredibly, funny, snarky, smart-aleck horse named Liberty.

We created a substitute teacher named Rush Revere who owned the horse Liberty, although Liberty didn’t feel owned. Rush Revere was a substitute teacher at a middle school. Now, Liberty could only time travel to events in American history. Liberty could not do anything other than that. Liberty could not go to the future. Liberty could only go to things in the past.

It was a lightning strike that did something to Liberty that made Liberty able to time travel. So various students from the Rush Revere middle school would be let in on the secret, and they would time travel back to various incidents in American history. And each one of these was one of the books in the series. In the first book, Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims, Rush Revere and Liberty and the crew of young readers land on the deck of the Mayflower.

They learn about the exciting voyage to the New World. They learn what it was really about, how difficult it really was, where it came from, why it happened in the first place. Liberty is, of course, cracking jokes about the poop deck. You know what the poop deck was, Snerdley? Do you even know what the poop deck is? Well, Liberty found out about it and thought it was very funny. Young readers get to meet and talk to George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Abigail Adams.

The women of our founding are prominently featured in the Rush Revere series. We’ve donated lots of copies to various schools, homeschoolers, and we’ve heard from teachers and readers all over the world sharing their stories about which adventures they like the most. Parents, more often than not, write about how thrilled they are seeing their kids reading and enjoying history for the first time.

And, folks, these books, because of the invention of time travel with Liberty and the kids being able to ride Liberty’s back back into time, they’re actually there in these events. And we don’t make anything up and we don’t lie about anything. We don’t create anything to advance an agenda. We just want kids to learn the absolute truth as they can understand it in this age-group about the founding of America.

Five books in the series, every one of them a number one New York Times best-seller. They’ve been approved by Accelerated Reader. They have received countless five-star reviews. In fact, I even once… You won’t believe this. I even won a Children’s Author of the Year award a short time back and nearly shut down the event in New York when I actually showed up to accept it.

Now, the books are geared for 8 to 12-year-olds. But we’ve heard from people much younger and much older who love the books as well. It’s amazing. There are adults who’ve read these books who have told us, “We didn’t know that,” about some event in the founding of America, which doesn’t surprise us at all. The founding of this country is something that for the longest time has not been properly taught.

There’s been a war going on in this country for the longest time to reshape it, to cast the founding as a racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobic event, that America is unjust and immoral by its virtual existence, veritable existence. That America has no moral authority because of our original sin of slavery and our denial of women the right to vote. So America has no moral authority in the world.

We’re in a constant battle, and people have not been — from the youngest ages — taught the truth, and that’s what we sought to correct. So here’s the deal. While you’re all hunkered down at home and wondering how to keep your kids engaged, let me encourage you to read or reread the Adventures of Rush Revere Series.

Now, these are free. We’re offering free versions. In order to submit a request for free books, just go to RushRevere.com and look for the Free Books icon on the home page. There’s a simple little form to fill out, 15 things. We’ve gotta get some bank information, gotta get the total number of your employees and how many…

I’m kidding. There’s very little to do here. Go to RushRevere.com; look for the Free Books icon on the home page. There’s a form to fill out that will go straight to Team Revere. Remember, it’s while supplies last, so be sure to get your entries in as soon as you can.

While you’re at RushRevere.com, be sure to check out all the other free resources that are there and available to you like Education Depot where you can see how other teachers and classrooms have used these books. It’s an entire world that has been created with the Rush Revere series and you can see how they’ve been used all over America in various schools to teach the truth of American history.

You have a golden opportunity here because you have 24/7 access to your kids. We have challenges to win special prizes. Free downloads. I’m telling you, the pictures and the videos that we received from kids dressed up as Paul Revere, Liberty, other patriots, unbelievably heartwarming.

This became its own little subset of the program. And it’s all there at RushRevere.com with the Free Books icon. While supplies last we’re sending — (interruption) no, no, no, no. We’re not selling them. This is not a sales pitch at all. Although the publisher is thinking we ought to reissue some in paperback, but we haven’t decided. What this was was a labor of love for Kathryn and me. We’re thrilled to be able to share these adventures with you. It was so much fun to write these.

And, by the way, I did the audio version of every one of these things, and it was just so much fun. It was such a delight to take a stab at the opportunity to teach 8 to 12-year-olds about the truth about the founding of America. We want everybody to love this country. We want everybody to understand how special and blessed it is. Not because we’re better people. That’s not what American exceptionalism is.

American exceptionalism is not that we are better people, that our DNA is special, that we’re brighter, that’s not what American exceptionalism is. Do you know what American exceptionalism is? Do you know what the history of the human condition in the world is, folks? I don’t know how many of you ever stopped to really think about it. The history of the human condition is misery. The vast majority, from the beginning of time, whenever that is, whenever that was, the vast majority of human beings have lived lives of poverty, they have not lived lives of plenty. They have not lived lives of what we consider creature comforts.

Most people never knew about electricity. Most people never knew about airplanes. Most people never knew about automobiles. Most people never knew about the combustible engine. Most people knew nothing but manual labor. Most people knew nothing but tyranny as their form of government. Most people had nothing. Most people had very little. Because they were not free. They were born free. The natural yearning of the human spirit as created by God is free. But there are people on this earth who want to deny that freedom and control that freedom.

The United States is exceptional because it is the first nation in the history of mankind which constructed itself around the premise that the citizen runs the show, that the citizen is intrinsically free, inalienable rights that government cannot deny because they come from God. They are part of our creation. The Constitution of this country limits what government can do. The first 10 amendments, the Bill of Rights, limit what government can do, not limit what the people can do. The first 10 amendments spell out what the people are free to do that the government cannot stop.

That had never happened in human history. That’s the exception. And that’s why everybody wants to come to America, because of the freedom, the unleashed freedom that then unleashes opportunity and potential. First time in human history. The Brits got close with the Magna Carta. Magna Carta was one of the foundational building blocks. But never has there been anywhere in the world anything like the United States of America. It’s blessed. It is special.

Your kids need to know it if they haven’t been taught the truth of it. And it’s why what’s happening now is ripping my heart out, shutting down a $22 trillion economy with stories today that the 240,000 deaths, why, we don’t know where that came from, why, the White House, those numbers, those numbers — what? The modelers gave us the numbers. The health people gave us the numbers.

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